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 Alan Young Show

1 MP3 CD - 48 episodes

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"Alan Writes An Opera"
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The Alan Young Show
Situation Comedy (1944 - 49)

Alan YoungAlan Young, an English born actor, learned the craft in Canada. He suffered from asthma as a young child and listened to a lot of radio while he was stuck at home. Young's first Canadian show was called Stag Party. He was virtually the entire show, but after asking for a raise (from $15/week), he was fired, but soon broke into American radio.

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His summer replacement was "routine situation comedy" laced with "rapid-fire gags." It leads to his new show and the same year he was signed for the Jimmy Durante Show in 1948.   The Alan Young Show ran between 1944-1949, when it was canceled, Young toured the US comedy circuit with his bagpipes and jokes in hand. 

He had a hot and cold career on the radio and perhaps best known for his 1961-65 TV role of Wilbur Post, the man who talked to Mr. Ed, the talking horse.  Alan Young had a supporting role in the 1960 film The Time Machine.  Later Alan Young worked doing a voiceovers for the very Scottish Scrooge McDuck in the animated show, Duck Tales.


Fun Tonight Alan Young

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

48 shows - total playtime 24 hours 4 minutes

Alan Young 44 Alan Wants To Be AReporter
Alan Young 441212 0011 Alan Writes An Opera
Alan Young 450109 0015 Taking David To School
Alan Young 450116 0016 Alan Wants To Hire Fred Waring
Alan Young 450123 0017 Alan Wants To Propose To Betty
Alan Young 450130 0018 Becoming More Assertive
Alan Young 450206 0019 Elope With Betty
Alan Young 450213 0020 Raising Rabbits
Alan Young 450220 0021 His Life Story
Alan Young 450227 0022 Honeymoon Trail
Alan Young 450320 0025 Gold Fish
Alan Young 450403 0027 Old Love Letters
Alan Young 451030 0057 Boys Love Girls
Alan Young 460910 0001 Landscaping Rehearsal
Alan Young 460925 0002 The Letter West
Alan Young 460927 0002 The Letter East
Alan Young 461004 0003 Stolen Necklace
Alan Young 461011 0004 Cucamonga Killer
Alan Young 461018 0005 Making Betty Jealous
Alan Young 461025 0006 Alan The Movie Star
Alan Young 461101 0007 Home Available For Veterans
Alan Young 461108 0008 Watching The Baby
Alan Young 461115 0009 Dinner At Duffy s Tavern
Alan Young 461213 0010 A Great Singing Star
Alan Young 461220 0011 HoldUp Man
Alan Young 461227 0012 Rose Bowl Float
Alan Young 470103 0013 Family Tree
Alan Young 470110 0014 Alan The Playwrite
Alan Young 470117 0015 Clothes Make The Man
Alan Young 470124 0016 Bear Shot With Bow And Arrow
Alan Young 470131 0017 New Checking Account
Alan Young 470207 0018 Photo Of ABank Robber East
Alan Young 470207 0018 Photo Of ABank Robber West
Alan Young 470214 0019 The Dog
Alan Young 470221 0020 Mc Phearson Fortune
Alan Young 470228 0021 Kiss Maker East
Alan Young 470228 0021 Kiss Maker West
Alan Young 470307 0022 Charity Masquerade Ball
Alan Young 470314 0023 The Mouse
Alan Young 470328 0024 Overdue Rent
Alan Young 470404 0025 Buying Stock
Alan Young 470418 0027 Vaudeville Act
Alan Young 470502 0029 Birth Certificate Error
Alan Young 470509 0030 Typical American Mother
Alan Young 470516 0031 Big Yacht Race
Alan Young 470523 0032 Cowboy Blood
Alan Young 470530 0033 Lifeguard Contest
Alan Young AVisit From Maryanne



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