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 Aladdin Lamp

1 MP3 CD - 36 episodes


"For Me and My Gal"
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Ed McConnellIn these four and a half minute broadcasts, Smilin' Ed McConnell comes to housewives under the sponsorship of Aladdin Lamps.  Sandwiched in between some fun entertainment, the advertiser's message will leave you longing for an Aladdin Lamp.  There is no doubt of his target audience with his "Hello Honey Gal" intro. He then woos our Domestic Heroine with a "a song you don't hear everyday" before launching into his Lamp pitch. Smilin' Ed is accompanied by an organ and piano played by Irma Allen and Del Owen.

According to corporate legend, there once was a boy who read and reread Tales of the Arabian Nights over and over again by the light of a coal oil lamp. When that boy left his Nebraska farm house to go into the lighting industry it is only natural that he name his product Aladdin. Aladdin Oil Lamps are an improvement over typical oil lamps which burn from a flat wick. Burning the Aladdin circular wick heats a chemically treated mantle that incandescence with a bright white light. (This is the same principle employed by the famous Coleman Camping lantern, but the Aladdin Lamp is not pressurized and uses much safer kerosene fuel. the mantles do contain radio-active thorium, but the levels are low enough to be considered safe.)

Aladdin Lamps 1937It seems a little curious that a company which is the leader in non-electric lighting would spend so much on Radio advertising. Radios require electricity, and if the home has electricity for radio, then they will have cheaper and easier to use electric lighting.

Smilin' Ed does make a pitch for Aladdin Electric Lamps in some of the spots. He encourages housewives to come down to "our store" to see the functional and decorative lighting options, which indicates that the short shows were recorded for syndication, to be sold to individual hardware stores to play on local radio.

Aladdin LampAfter the pitch, Ed treats us to a hymn and a friendly closing. Smilin' Ed McConnell would later star as the pitchman for Buster Brown Shoes on Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Shoe Gang. The kids show would feature several fun characters, such as Froggy the Gremlin and his magic Twanger. But the big draw to both Buster Brown and Aladdin Lamp would by Smilin' Ed himself. His friendly baritone and folksy charm were a hit with audiences. Variety would write that "McConnell is probably the most humble man in America, making $100,000 or better, a year."

Smilin’ Ed is honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on the South side of Hollywood Blvd in the 6600 block.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

36 shows - total playtime 2 hours 43 minutes
Aladdin Lamp 01 For Me And My Gal
Aladdin Lamp 02 Im Forever Blowing Bubbles
Aladdin Lamp 03 Heaven Only Knows
Aladdin Lamp 04 Its A Good Day
Aladdin Lamp 05 Honey Wont You Hold Me
Aladdin Lamp 06 Theres A Light In Your Eyes Sweetheart
Aladdin Lamp 07 Painting Clouds With Sunshine
Aladdin Lamp 08 Five Foot Blue Eyes Of Blue
Aladdin Lamp 09 Mexicali Rose
Aladdin Lamp 10 If We Cant Be Sweethearts
Aladdin Lamp 11 You Are My Harbor Of Love
Aladdin Lamp 12 Dont Hang Your Dreams On A Rainbow
Aladdin Lamp 13 Your Eyes Have Told Me
Aladdin Lamp 14 Carolina In Mornin
Aladdin Lamp 15 Everyday Would Be Sunny Honey With You
Aladdin Lamp 16 Its Just A Little Street Where Old Friends Meet
Aladdin Lamp 17 Smilin Thru
Aladdin Lamp 18 Sweet Child Im Wild About You
Aladdin Lamp 19 There Goes My Heart
Aladdin Lamp 20 I Never Knew I Could Love Anybody Honey
Aladdin Lamp 21 That Old Girl Of Mine
Aladdin Lamp 22 Aint She Sweet
Aladdin Lamp 23 Tell Me Why Nights Are So Lonesome
Aladdin Lamp 24 I Miss A Little Miss
Aladdin Lamp 25 It Takes A Little Rain With Sunshine
Aladdin Lamp 26 After Youre Gone
Aladdin Lamp 27 My Best Girl
Aladdin Lamp 28 Someone Loves Me I Wonder Who
Aladdin Lamp 29 Youre Gonna Lose Your Gal
Aladdin Lamp 30 Youre A Wonderful Mother
Aladdin Lamp 31 It Looks Like Rain In Cherry Blossom Lane
Aladdin Lamp 32 Wishing Will Make It So
Aladdin Lamp 33 Tell It To Daisies
Aladdin Lamp 34 Say It Again
Aladdin Lamp 35 Someday Youll Say O K
Aladdin Lamp 36 Sweet Sue





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