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 Al Jolson Collection

2 MP3 CDs - 111 episodes

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Al Jolson

Al Jolson AdAl Jolson (1886-1950)

Al Jolson was a master entertainer and his performing career spanned 50 years. Jolson made a break in his career by deciding one evening to perform in "black face" at a San Francisco club; this soon became his trademark in show business.

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He performed for US soldiers during four separate wars: The Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, and the Korean War. He was the first person to speak in a feature film "The Jazz Singer" based on his life. His first words were the famous lines "You ain' t heard nothing yet."This is a collection of Al Jolson guest appearances and his starring role on the Kraft Music Hall radio program.

Al Jolson was a staunch Civil Rights activist and helped open opportunities for African-Americans on Broadway. For more interesting reading, see also: article on the history of Minstrel Shows and Old Time Radio.

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Volume 1 - 60 shows - total playtime 27 hours 56 minutes
Al Jolson Radio Operation Nightmare 1 Displacement
Al Jolson Radio Operation Nightmare 2 One Year Later
Al Jolson Show 430105 Monty Woolley
Al Jolson Show 430330
Al Jolson Show 490421 Jimmy Durante
Amos & Andy & Al Jolson The Cigar Stand
Bing Crosby 470402 Philco Radio Time w Al Jolson and
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 491103
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 491130
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 491222
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 491228
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 500104
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 500215
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 500503
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 510104
Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 510215
Bob Hope Show 470408
BurnsAllen 470220 15YearsOnRadioAlJolson
Chicago Land Music Fest Jolson Laurence Melchior 49-badsnd
370103 Al Jolson & Deanna Durbin
410604 Al Jolson, Dinah Shore
470306 How & Al Jolson Got Started
480108 ep16 Al Jolson
490107 Al Jolson
560000 Benny, Durante, Jolson, Garland
Groucho Marx A Baseball Team for Jolson
Guest Star Theater Al Jolson
Here's To Veterans 1446
Here's To Veterans 490100 0133 Jolson
Jimmy Durante 480121
Kate Smith 391229 Al Jolson
KMH 471002 Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy
KMH 471016 Bing Crosby
KMH 471023 Groucho Marx
KMH 471106 Humphrey Bogart
KMH 471127 Dorothy Lamour
KMH 471204 Red Skelton
KMH 471218 Jimmy Durante
KMH 471225 Boris Karloff
KMH 480101 Madeline Carroll
KMH 480115 Bing Crosby
KMH 480212 Charles Laughton
KMH 480304 Cary Grant
KMH 480325 Clifton Webb
KMH 480415 Charles Boyer
KMH 480506 Groucho Marx
KMH 480520 Henry Morgan
KMH 481021 No Guest
KMH 481104 Burns And Allen
KMH 481118 Groucho Marx
KMH 481202 Peggy Lee
KMH 481209 Dennis Day
Luckystrike Program Jack Benny & Al Jolson 1947
Luckystrike Program Jack Benny & Al Jolson
Philco 470115 Al Jolson
Philco 470305 Al Jolson
Philco 471203 Al Jolson
Philco Al Jolson & Irving Berlin
Philco xxxxxx Al Jolson
Steve Allen Show 491026 Al Jolson

Volume 2 - 51 shows - total playtime 32 hours 7 minutes

KMH 481216 Dinah Shore
KMH 481223 Kraft Choral Club
KMH 481230 Doris Day
KMH 490000 William Bendix
KMH 490106 Larry Parks
KMH 490113 Groucho Marx
KMH 490120 Victor Moore
KMH 490127 Arthur Treacher
KMH 490203 Dennis Day
KMH 490210 Peggy Lee
KMH 490217 Joan Davis
KMH 490224 The Andrews Sisters
KMH 490303 Dorothy Kirsten
KMH 490310 Jimmy Durante
KMH 490317 Roy Rogers & Dale Evans
KMH 490324 George Jessel
KMH 490407 Groucho Marx
KMH 490414 Margaret Whiting
KMH 490428 Doris Day
KMH 490505 Dennis Day
KMH 490512 Victor Moore
KMH 490519 Dorothy Kirsten
KMH 490526 Groucho Marx
KMH 491021 Jimmy Durante
Leave It To Joan 500120 Al Jolson
Let Yourself Go 450606 Berle Hosts w Al Jolson
Lux 360615 Burlesque
Lux 450402 Swannee River
Lux 470602 Jazz Singer
Lux 480216 Jolson's Story
Lux 500522 Jolson Sings Again
Marx Bros A Mink For Jolson
Marx Bros A Quiz For Jolson
Operation Dawn 490522 Al Jolson & Agnes Moorehead
Promo Al Jolson For Irving Berlins This Is Army
Shell Chateau 350624
Shell Chateau 350706
Shell Chateau 350713
Shell Chateau 350720
Shell Chateau 350727
Shell Chateau 350803
Shell Chateau 350810
Shell Chateau 350817
Shell Chateau 350824
Shell Chateau 350831
Shell Chateau 350907
Shell Chateau 350921
Shell Chateau 350928
Texico Town Follies & Jolson
Tribute hosted by Walter Winchell
Your All Time Hit Parade 440723 Al Jolson


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