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 Air Castle

1 MP3 CD - 52 episodes

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"Episode 131"
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Air Castle

Air Castle StorymenBaron Keyes, a popular staff announcer at Los Angeles radio station KPLA, created the fun old time radio children’s program Air Castle. The popular children's show debuted on station KHJ on February 13, 1928, two days after leaving KPLA.

The show, originally targeted to preschool aged children, featured a large cast of characters. Keyes wrote the dialog, wrote and performed the songs, and voiced all of the characters. Characters included Clickety-Clack the wooden man, Yip the wooden dog, Wooly the puppy, Happy Duck, Bugler Murphy, President Pip and many more.

Many of the characters did not speak actual words but made noises that Story Man or President Pip interpreted for the children. For example, Clickety-Clack made tapping sounds, Bugler Murphy's voice sounded like a tooting horn. After some dialog with the characters, the Story Man told a short story. At the end of the show, Story Man goes back to the real world anticipating his return the next day.

Air Castle PuppetsThe show originally targeted pre-schoolers and was on from 9:30 - 10:00 a.m. and was very popular. In May, the show was moved to 5:00 p.m. to reach a larger audience of children. The show was so popular that fans started asking to see the characters. Eventually, the most popular characters were turned into marionettes. Eventually, Keyes and his cast of marionette characters were performing three shows every Saturday at the Beaux Arts Theater in Los Angeles.

Air Castle is a West Coast regional show. It was produced in Los Angeles and broadcast in Los Angeles and San Francisco before NBC syndicated the show to nine stations in the western market. The show format started at 30 minutes, went to an hour and back down to 30 minutes then to 15 minutes. It also changed stations from the Don Lee network to the first version of the ABC network before going back to Don Lee.

For more charming children's adventure serials see also: Big John & Sparky, Cinnamon Bear, Magic Island, and Little Orphan Annie.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

52 recordings - total playtime 11 hours 27 minutes

Air Castle 131
Air Castle 132
Air Castle 133
Air Castle 134
Air Castle 135
Air Castle 136
Air Castle 137
Air Castle 138
Air Castle 139
Air Castle 140
Air Castle 141
Air Castle 142
Air Castle 143
Air Castle 144
Air Castle 145A
Air Castle 145B
Air Castle 146
Air Castle 147
Air Castle 148
Air Castle 149A
Air Castle 149B
Air Castle 150
Air Castle 151
Air Castle 152
Air Castle 153
Air Castle 154
Air Castle 155
Air Castle 156
Air Castle 157
Air Castle 158
Air Castle 159
Air Castle 163
Air Castle 164
Air Castle 167A
Air Castle 169
Air Castle 172
Air Castle 173
Air Castle 174
Air Castle 175
Air Castle 176
Air Castle 177
Air Castle 180
Air Castle 181
Air Castle 182
Air Castle 183
Air Castle 184
Air Castle 185
Air Castle 186
Air Castle 187
Air Castle 188
Air Castle 189
Air Castle Castle Halloween Special



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