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 Ada Jones Collection

1 MP3 CD - 109 episodes


"When Grandma Was A Girl"
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Music (early 1900s)Ada Jones

"Whether Miss Jones' impersonation be that of a darkly wench, a little German maiden, a 'fresh' saleslady, a cowboy girl, a country damsel, Mrs. Flanagan or an Irish colleen, a Bowery tough girl, a newsboy or a grandmother, it is invariably a perfect one of its kind." Thus is described Ada Jones in the Victor catalogs, at the height of Ada’s popularity from 1905 to 1912. She was known for her impersonations and ability to mimic different accents and voices. These rare recordings, many from early Edison wax cylinders, display the versatility of this little songbird and comedienne, from ballads, to "coon" songs, to ragtime, to Irish comic melodies. Mainly songs, this collection also includes a few of her vaudeville skits with Len Spencer. Ada Jones' career started with her recording in 1893, making her among the first recorded female artists.

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See also the early recordings of Cal Stewart ("Uncle Josh") and Wax Cylinder Recordings.

(Please note that many of the rare recordings in this collection may be of inferior sound quality.)

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

109 recordings - total playtime 5 hours 58 minutes

All Aboard For Blanket Bay 1911 Standard 989 19226
All She Gets From Iceman Is Ice 1908
Arab Love Song 1909 Indestructible 987
Barney Mcgee 1909 V16122
Beatrice Fairfax, Tell Me What To Do!
Beautiful Eyes 1906
Beautiful Eyes 1909 Colmbia 742 4178
Billy Murray ABC's Of USA. 1908
Billy Murray Come And Kiss Your Little Baby 1
Billy Murray Come Josephine In My Flying Machi
Billy Murray Cuddle Up A Little Closer Lovey
Billy Murray Emmaline 1910 V5761
Billy Murray Googyoo 1909 V5716
Billy Murray I Remember You 1909 V16303
Billy Murray I'll Take You Back To Italy
Billy Murray I'm Glad I'm A Boy
Billy Murray I'm Looking For A Sweetheart
Billy Murray Isn't Love A Grand Old Thing 1909
Billy Murray It's Nice To Have A Sweetheart
Billy Murray Kiss, Kiss, Kiss 1907 V5165
Billy Murray Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk
Billy Murray Love's Sentence 1907 V16975
Billy Murray Oh, You Coon 1908 V16018
Billy Murray Rainbow 1908 Edison 10049
Billy Murray Rainbow 1910
Billy Murray Settle Down In A One Horse Town 1
Billy Murray Smarty 1908 V5455
Billy Murray Snow Dear 1913 Edison 2021
Billy Murray Some Sunday Morning 1918
Billy Murray When We Are Married 1908 Vi
Billy Murray Will You Be My Teddy Bear 1907
Billy Murray, Cuddle A Little Closer 1911
Bulfrog And Coon 1907 V4873
By Light Of Silvery Moon May 1910
Cal Stewart Uncle Josh And Aunt Nancy Put Up
Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon 1910 Columbia 855 4523
Call Me Up Some Rainy Afternoon Remake
Come Over Here, It's A Wonderful Place 1917 V18288
Cross My Heart And Hope To Die 1917 Columbia 2190 47157
Don't Get Married Any More Ma 1907 V16748 5316
Don't Get Married Anymore Ma 1906 Indestructible 560
Down In Gossip Row 1912 V17056
Fraidy Cat 1910 Aretino 661 4303
Games Of Childhood Days 1909 United 766 4234
Goodbye Alexander World War I Song 1918 Edison 3612
Has Anybody Here Seen Kelly 1910 Columbia 810
Have To Sing An Irish Song 1908 V16555 5573
Have To Sing An Irish Song 1911 Columbia 1101 19579
Have You Seen My Henry Brown 1906 V4657
He Never Even Said Good Bye 1907
He's Makin's Of A Dam'd Fine Man 1916 V18100
He's Me Pal 1910 V16750
I Should Worry And Get Wrinkles 1913 V17269
I Want To Be A Merry Merry Widow 1908 V547
I'm A Woman Of Importance 1906 V4607
I'm Only Star That Twinkles On Broadway 1906 V4563
I've Got Rings On My Fingers 1910
If Man In Moon Were A Coon 1907 V5226
If That's Wonderful Time Take Me Home 1915 V17630
If They'd Only Move Old Ireland Over Here 1914 V17576
Irish Blood 1910
Is There Anything Else I Can Do 1910 Columbia 909 4830
It's Got To Be Someone I Love 1911 V16896
Just Plain Folks 1913 Edison 1771
Len Spencer Bronco Bob And His Little Cheyenne
Len Spencer Chimmie Maggie at the Hippodrome 1905
Len Spencer Courtship Of Barney And Eileen
Len Spencer Frits And Louisa 1906 V4550
Len Spencer Golden Wedding 1905 Edison 914
Len Spencer House Cleaning Time 1908 Edison 99
Len Spencer Meet Me Down At Corner 1907
Len Spencer Peaches And Cream 1906 V4720
Len Spencer Widow Dooley 1908 V16019
Mother May I Go In For A Swim 1915 Columbia1771 45679
My Carolina Lady 1905 V4430
My Irish Rose 1907
My Pony Boy 1909 V16356
Nix On Glow Worm, Lena 1910 V16558
O'brien Is Tryin' To Talk Hawaiian 1917 Edison 50402
Oh You Blondy! 1910 Edison 10384
Oh! What I Know About You 1910 Standard 800 4329
Oh, Mr Dream Man Let Me Dream Some More 1912 V17076
Oh, You Candy Kid 1909 Columbia 714
Out Of A City Of Six Million People 1916 V17911
Poor John 1907 V5029
Put On Your Slippers, You're In For Night 1911 V16788
Red Head 1909 V16360
Ring Tingaling 1912 Columbia 1138 19749
Row Row Row
She Forgot To Bring Him Back 1908 Edison 9792
So Long Mary 1906 Edison 9288
Some Boy 1913 V17313
Somebody Loves You 1913 Columbia 1421 39022
That Dublin Rag 1911 Columbia 940
They Always Pick On Me 1911 Columbia 1056 19514
Tickle Toes 1910 Columbia 905 4610
Top Of Morning bridget Mc Cue 1911 Indestructible1418
Waiting At Church my Wife Won't Let Me 1906 V4714
We've Kept Golden Rule 1911 Columbia 976 19174
When Grandma Was A Girl 1908 Edison 4m55
Whistle And I'll Wait For You 1909 V16301
Whistling Jim 1913 Edison1793
Wilhelm, Grocer 1913 V17491
Willie's Got Another Girl Now 1909
With Peerless Quartette Pussy Cat Rag 1914
Yama Yama Man 1909
You Can Look And You Can Listen 1908 Indestructible 873
You Can Tango, But Hesitate 1914 Columbia 1551 39393
Ypsilanti 1915 Columbia 1788 45789



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