54 shows - total playtime 15 hours 43 minutes
    1. Adventures Sally Hollywood Land 470603 Aud Wwoodpecker.mp3
    2. Between The Bookends 450914 The Star Spangled Banner.mp3
    3. Bolero Time Afrts138 1st Song Bolero Version Of Hava Nagila.mp3
    4. Bozo And Friends Bozo And Birds.mp3
    5. Bozo And Friends Bozo And His Rocket Ship.mp3
    6. Bozo And Friends Bozo At Dog Show.mp3
    7. Bozo And Friends Bozo At The Circus.mp3
    8. Bozo And Friends Bozo On Farm.mp3
    9. Bozo And Friends Chug Chug.mp3
    10. Bozo And Friends Dog Spells Dog.mp3
    11. Bozo And Friends Gerald Mcboing Boing.mp3
    12. Californiacaravan 471221 Howsantacametosimpsonsbar.mp3
    13. Colorscope Program 11 370705 Pencil Date Building.mp3
    14. Colorscope Program 12 370712 Colorscope Red.mp3
    15. Funtime 471106 Michael Who Was One Too Many.mp3
    16. Indiana School Of The Sky Darwin Puts It Into Words.mp3
    17. Indiana School Of The Sky Einstein Looks For A New Answer.mp3
    18. Indiana School Of The Sky Elictricity Begins To Work.mp3
    19. Indiana School Of The Sky Galileo Passes A Crucial Test.mp3
    20. Indiana School Of The Sky Greeks Honor Their Thinkers.mp3
    21. Indiana School Of The Sky The Atom Yields Power.mp3
    22. Indiana School Of The Sky What Are Men Made Of.mp3
    23. Invitation To Learning 500521 Ciceros De Oficiis Afrs 27.mp3
    24. Invitation To Learning Nature Of Things.mp3
    25. Jerry Deanboy Trooper 01.mp3
    26. Juvenile Jury 490619 Changing Ones Birthday.mp3
    27. Life At Boys Town 420913 Bad Day .mp3
    28. Lone Ranger Polka Vincent Justynski Worszawska Orchestra.mp3
    29. Malcolm Claire 380310.mp3
    30. Mystery Castle 471200 09 Trying Solve Mystery Of Packages .mp3
    31. Mystery Castle 471200 Trying To Solve Mystery Of Packages.mp3
    32. National Boys Club Week Chordettes Excerpt.mp3
    33. National Boys Club Week Jackie Gleason.mp3
    34. National Boys Club Week Joe Dimaggio Excerpt.mp3
    35. National Boys Club Week Roy Rogers And Gang Excerpt.mp3
    36. National Education Association Ep316 Threshold.mp3
    37. Nations Nightmarethe Narcotic Evilbill Downs 510719.mp3
    38. Old Blueback Speller 531128.mp3
    39. Safe At Home 5 Safety In Toys.mp3
    40. Safe At Home 8 Sharing Duties.mp3
    41. Silver Eagle 540720 Decoy For Death.mp3
    42. Sparrow Hawk 450810 Log Rolling [partial1m36s] .mp3
    43. Standard School Broadcast 550318 Ep020 Romeo And Juliet.mp3
    44. The World We Live In 540416 The Ocean Of Air.mp3
    45. The World We Live In 540423 The Age Of Dinosaurs.mp3
    46. Timmy Discovers Christmas Usaf Xmas Special William Conrad.mp3
    47. Tizzie Lish Audition Pgm 2.mp3
    48. Twilight Tales Emperors New Clothes.mp3
    49. Uncle Neds Squadron 5x.11.11 Title Unknown .mp3
    50. Wonderful World 450114.mp3
    51. Young In Heart 471204 Treasure Island Audition.mp3
    52. Youth Builders 520305 Childrens Round Table 1.3 Sanitation.mp3
    53. Youth Builders 520312 2.3 Making Democracy Work School.mp3
    54. Youth Builders 520319 3.3 Voting Rights-Responsibilities.mp3