56 shows - total playtime 22 hours 11 minutes
    1. A Womans Story 441118 Audition.mp3
    2. Afrs Basic Music Library P10 Ssl10 0Someday Sweetheart.mp3
    3. Afrs Basic Music Library P9 Ssl9 0Jumpin Jive Cabcalloway.mp3
    4. Afrts Station Library 1958 Christmas Songs Ch58 Mtl2324.mp3
    5. Amen Corner Afrts Gospel Music With Paul Kidd Jr Part1.mp3
    6. American Disco Afrts30f Love In C Minor Ru327.mp3
    7. American Forum Air 390319 Small Busines Credit Discussed Wor.mp3
    8. American Forum Air 500325 Fed Rent Control Laws Expiration.mp3
    9. American Legion Baseball 490000 Hal Newhauser.mp3
    10. American Legion Baseball 490000 Sid Gordon.mp3
    11. American Legion Baseball 490000 Stan Musial.mp3
    12. American Women 430204 Girl Sticks With War Injured Man.mp3
    13. American Women 440602 American Army Hospital In North Africa.mp3
    14. Arbogast Show 511101.mp3
    15. Arbogast Show 511102 Zany Disc Jockey Program.mp3
    16. Arbogast Show 511112 Harvest Moon Vocal Semi Finals.mp3
    17. Are You Genius 3 Eddie Mayhoff Doesnt Hurt Hair Nails Cut.mp3
    18. Are You Genius 4 Eddie Mayhoff 1stq What Is Movers Dolly.mp3
    19. Army Hour Afrts722 0New Christy Minstrels Hes Loser Ru240.mp3
    20. Army Hour Afrts747 0Dont You Quit Now Pearl Bailey Ru500.mp3
    21. Arthur Hopkins Presents 440913 Bill Divorcement Afrs64 Pt2.mp3
    22. Audrey Hepburn Roasts Gary Cooper Friars Club Roast 1961.mp3
    23. Baby Rose Marie 380314 Howdja Like To Love Me.mp3
    24. Baptist Hour Afrts 28 Dr Joel Gregory Tested Wilderness.mp3
    25. Bolero Time Afrts 138 0Bolero Version Of Hava Nagila Ru424.mp3
    26. Countdown Magazine Afrts18w Contemporary Christian Music Pt2.mp3
    27. Countdown Magazine Afrts35w Contemporary Christian Music Pt2.mp3
    28. Dick Haymes Show 480000 Audition.mp3
    29. Five Star Matinee 500000 Small Town Girl Afrts44 Af6078.mp3
    30. Five Star Matinee 50000x Victoria My Wife Afrts45.mp3
    31. Folk Music Of World Afrts112 For Singing Children Ru387 69b.mp3
    32. Gi Jive Afrs385 Coast Guard Bb36142.mp3
    33. Gi Jive Afrs386 Navy Bb36143.mp3
    34. Haven Of Rest Afrs37 Everyone Chooses Rock Or Sand Ru372.mp3
    35. Ira Cook Afrts 1793 Much Nothing Brassimpactru507.mp3
    36. Ira Cook Afrts 2746f 0Moment Of Truth Rgoulet Ru32.mp3
    37. Ira Cook Afrts 275 Think I Love You Andy Williams.mp3
    38. Ira Cook Afrts 3019w 1 Song Candy Man Sdavisjr Ru73.mp3
    39. Ira Cook Afrts 331 0Miss America Vickicarr 3311f Ru144 1tlb.mp3
    40. Ira Cook Afrts 3991f 050 Ways To Leave Your Lover Psimon.mp3
    41. Ira Cook Afrts 4137m 0Casa Forte Sergio Mendes Ru536 1a.mp3
    42. Ira Cook Afrts 481 0Old Muddy Jweatherly 3811f Ru1276.mp3
    43. Ira Cook Afrts Once In Lifetime Bdarin Ru1676 5a.mp3
    44. Jason Golden Fleece 530111 011 Frankie Johnny Trial.mp3
    45. Jason Golden Fleece 530607 031a.mp3
    46. Jason Golden Fleece Phil Pomeroy Jr Wants Fathers Respect.mp3
    47. Just Music Afrts40 Pt2 Ru26742.mp3
    48. Lucky Strike Hour 330131 Theres New Day Coming.mp3
    49. Out Of Night 471125 Dead End.mp3
    50. Radio Novels Afrts120 11th Notch Ru507.mp3
    51. Raising Husband 451122.mp3
    52. Raising Husband 451220.mp3
    53. Raising Husband 460103.mp3
    54. Ralph Slater Hypnotist 451003.mp3
    55. Raymond Scott 441103 0I Walk Alone Afrs114.mp3
    56. Raymond Scott 441106 0Just Close Your Eyes Afrs115.mp3