Volume 1 - 48 shows - total playtime 20 hours 1 minutes

  1. Christmas Seals Gene Autry Show Here Comes Santa Claus Afrs.mp3
  2. Gene Autry Show Stampede And The Rodeo.mp3
  3. Gene Autrys MR Afrs 12 Genes Guitar.mp3
  4. Gene Autrys MR Afrs 22 Counterfeit Money.mp3
  5. Gene Autrys MR Afrs 78 Rosario.mp3
  6. Gene Autrys MR Afrs 92 Art Frisco.mp3
  7. Gene Autrys MR Afrs 93 Cody Bennett.mp3
  8. Gene Autrys MR Afrs 98 Will Rogers.mp3
  9. MR 1at Singing The Cowboy Blues Dr Reardon Charged W Murder.mp3
  10. MR 400104 Show Drivin The Blues Away.mp3
  11. MR 470629 I Hate To Say Goodbye Devils Saint.mp3
  12. MR 480919 San Fernando Valley Uncle Billy Harlow.mp3
  13. MR 481221 Here Comes Santa Claus.mp3
  14. MR 4812dd Hot Diggedy Dog Diggedy Christmas Party.mp3
  15. MR 490820 On The Utah Trail The Story Of Genes Guitar.mp3
  16. MR 490917 Lonesomest Cowboy Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief.mp3
  17. MR 491029 Ive Got Spurs That Jingle Jangle Jingle.mp3
  18. MR 49mmdd I Tipped My Hat Half.mp3
  19. MR 500900 Heart As Big As Texas.mp3
  20. MR 500930 Ragtime Cowboy Joe Caleb Hooten.mp3
  21. MR 510609 Good Old Fshd Hoedown Cattlemens Assn $tolen.mp3
  22. MR 510616 Gimmie Old Time Religion Cody Bennett Dams Up Lake.mp3
  23. MR 510901 When Payday Rolls Around Buck Kate.mp3
  24. MR 521115 The Bells Are Ringing John Loves Martha.mp3
  25. MR 530920 Tweedle Otwill Church In Wilson Valley.mp3
  26. MR 53mmdd Rose Of San Antone Election For Sheriff.mp3
  27. MR 550129 Hair Of Gold Ringo Mine.mp3
  28. MR 560513 Hot Diggity Dog Diggity Last Show.mp3
  29. MR Be Honest With Me.mp3
  30. MR Bloom Is On The Sage.mp3
  31. MR Cant Buy Love $60,000 Riddle.mp3
  32. MR Cowboy Blues Clem Olson.mp3
  33. MR Dear Hearts Gentle People Hunt For Jim Snyders Killer.mp3
  34. MR Dixie Cannonball Graft In Desert Springs.mp3
  35. MR Down Yonder Helping Sheriff Dobbs.mp3
  36. MR Drivin The Blues Away Gene Works In Telegraph Office.mp3
  37. MR El Rancho Grande Lawlessness In Skeleton Pass.mp3
  38. MR For Me And My Gal.mp3
  39. MR Four Leaf Clover.mp3
  40. MR Gay Ranchero Hermits Crossing.mp3
  41. MR Gimmie That Old Time Religion Cody Bennett.mp3
  42. MR Heart As Big As Texas El Gaucho.mp3
  43. MR Honey Im In Love With You.mp3
  44. MR If You Dont Like Uncle Sammy Clem Hardings Newspaper.mp3
  45. MR Im An Old Cowhand Bill Collins Mike Hixon.mp3
  46. MR In My Adobe Hacienda Maisie Clark.mp3
  47. MR Ive Got Spurs Art Richards.mp3
  48. MR Lonesomest Cowboy Indians Accused Of Crimes.mp3

Volume 2 - 34 shows - total playtime 13 hours 8 minutes

  1. MR Murdock The Rustler.mp3
  2. MR Out On The Texas Plains Mike Carter.mp3
  3. MR Rainin Teardrops In My Eyes.mp3
  4. MR Rancho Grande.mp3
  5. MR Rebellious Preacher.mp3
  6. MR Recovered $60,000.mp3
  7. MR Red Madders Story.mp3
  8. MR Red Medders.mp3
  9. MR Ridin To Tennessee.mp3
  10. MR Robbed Shot.mp3
  11. MR Rose Of San Antone New Owner Of The Square D.mp3
  12. MR Runaway Boy Wants A Job.mp3
  13. MR San Antonio Rose 1954.mp3
  14. MR San Fernando Valley (1).mp3
  15. MR San Fernando Valley How Gene Found Champion.mp3
  16. MR Shes My Sunflower.mp3
  17. MR Silver Eagle.mp3
  18. MR Sioux City Sue Cowhand Johnny Bond.mp3
  19. MR Skeleton Pass.mp3
  20. MR Smuggling Near Mesa Vista.mp3
  21. MR Steve Larkin.mp3
  22. MR Steve Williams.mp3
  23. MR The Bells Are Ringing Concertina.mp3
  24. MR The Vanishing.mp3
  25. MR Till The End Of The World Youll Be Mine.mp3
  26. MR Valley Free Press.mp3
  27. MR When Its Roundup Time In Texas Carol Barton.mp3
  28. MR When Its Roundup Time In Texas Johnny Bond.mp3
  29. MR When My Blue Moon Turns Gold Again Mama Maria Kitchn.mp3
  30. MR When My Blue Moon Turns Gold Again Plane Crash.mp3
  31. MR When Youre Smiling Aunt Martha.mp3
  32. MR Wishing Idaho.mp3
  33. MR X25.mp3
  34. Radio Appearance 37 Radio Broadcast.mp3