23 shows - total playtime 10 hours 38 minutes
    1. EAP Black Mass The Man In The Crowdm.s. Found In A Bottle.mp3
    2. EAP Black Mass A Predicament The Telltale Heart.mp3
    3. EAP CBSRW 570728 76 Never Bet the Devil Your Head.mp3
    4. EAP EAP The Imp of the Perverse read by Vincent Price.mp3
    5. EAP Escape 471022 011 The Fall Of The House Of Usher.mp3
    6. EAP Hall Fantasy 530119 003The Cask Of Amontillado.mp3
    7. EAP Hall Fantasy 530601 The TellTale Heart.mp3
    8. EAP MT 460823 312 [MST] Two Stories.mp3
    9. EAP Mystery in the Air 470918 e7 The Black Cat.mp3
    10. EAP NBC Short Story Cask Of Amontiago.mp3
    11. EAP NBC Short Story Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe.mp3
    12. EAP NBC Short Story The TellTale Heart.mp3
    13. EAP NBCUT 480917 008 Purloined Letter.mp3
    14. EAP SUSP 430112 024 The Pit and the Pendulum.mp3
    15. EAP SUSP 531214 530 The Mystery of Marie Roget.mp3
    16. EAP Weird Circle e01 Fall Of House Of Usher.mp3
    17. EAP Weird Circle e04 Narrative Of A. Gordon Pym.mp3
    18. EAP Weird Circle e10 William Wilson.mp3
    19. EAP Weird Circle e19 Murders In Rue Morgue.mp3
    20. EAP Weird Circle e23 Tell-Tale Heart.mp3
    21. EAP Weird Circle e33 Cask Of Amontillado.mp3
    22. EAP Weird Circle e64 Oblong Box.mp3
    23. EAP Weird Circle e71 Case Of Monsieur Valdemar.mp3