Volume 1 - 110 shows - total playtime 21 hours 40 minutes

  1. BML C-170 Ormandy-New York Symphony.mp3
  2. BML C105 Ormandynbc Symphony.mp3
  3. BML C106 Ormandynbc Symphony.mp3
  4. BML C121 Artur Rodzinski New York Philharmonic.mp3
  5. BML C122 Artur Rodzinski New York Philharmonic.mp3
  6. BML C123 Artur Rodzinski New York Philharmonic.mp3
  7. BML C124 Artur Rodzinski New York Philharmonic.mp3
  8. BML C169 Ormandy-New York Symphony.mp3
  9. BML C187 Demitri Met NY Philharmonic George Shandor Piano.mp3
  10. BML C188 Demitri Met NY Philharmonic George Shandor Piano.mp3
  11. BML C207 Erich Kleiber Nbc Symphony.mp3
  12. BML C208 Erich Kleiber Nbc Symphony.mp3
  13. BML C213 Donald Voorhees.mp3
  14. BML C214 Efrem Kurtz Nbc Symphony.mp3
  15. BML C39 Toscanininbc Symphony.mp3
  16. BML C40 Toscanininbc Symphony.mp3
  17. BML C53 Artur Rodzinkskinew York Philharmonic.mp3
  18. BML C54 Artur Rodzinkskinew York Philharmonic.mp3
  19. BML C55 Artur Rodzinkskinew York Philharmonic.mp3
  20. BML C56 Artur Rodzinkskinew York Philharmonic.mp3
  21. BML C65 Artur Rubenstein Pianist.mp3
  22. BML C66 Arturo Toscanini Nbc Symphony With Artur Rubenstein.mp3
  23. BML C67 Patrice Munsel Al Goodman.mp3
  24. BML C68 Toscanininbc Symphony.mp3
  25. BML C69 Arturo Toscanini Nbc Symphony.mp3
  26. BML C70 Frank Black Nbc Symphony.mp3
  27. BML C71 Arturo Toscanini Nbc Symphony.mp3
  28. BML C72 Frank Black Nbc Symphony.mp3
  29. BML C77 Artur Rubenstein.mp3
  30. BML C78 Roth Quartet.mp3
  31. BML C79 Artur Rodzinski Ny Philharmonic.mp3
  32. BML C80 Roth Quartet.mp3
  33. BML C87 Arturo Toscanini Nbc Symphony.mp3
  34. BML C88 Artur Rodzinski New York Philharmonic.mp3
  35. BML C93 Arturo Toscanini Nbc Symphony.mp3
  36. BML C94 Arturo Toscanini Nbc Symphony.mp3
  37. BML Jumpin Jive Cab Calloway.mp3
  38. BML Misc40 Sgt Bob Mitchell Organchristmas Music.mp3
  39. BML Misc41 Sgt Bob Mitchell Organchristmas Music.mp3
  40. BML Misc42 Sgt Bob Mitchell Organchristmas Music.mp3
  41. BML Misc43 Lynn Murray Orchestra Medley Of Christmas Carols.mp3
  42. BML Misc54 Afrs Orchestra Dramatic Cue Music.mp3
  43. BML Misc55 Harry Lojewsky Piano.mp3
  44. BML Misc56 Sterling Holloway Peter And Wolf.mp3
  45. BML Misc57 Sound Effects.mp3
  46. BML P019 Woody Herman Four Of Five Times.mp3
  47. BML P020 Anita Its Always You.mp3
  48. BML P028 People Will Say We're in Love' Bing Crosby.mp3
  49. BML P053 Wat Four And Maxine Ooh Lieutenant.mp3
  50. BML P054 Joe Reichman And His Orch Johnson Rag.mp3
  51. BML P071 Bob Crosby And His Orch South Rampart St. Parade.mp3
  52. BML P072 Skinnay Ennis And His Orchestra Mexico Joe.mp3
  53. BML P075 Erskine Hawkins Dont Cry Baby [poor sound].mp3
  54. BML P076 Alvino Rey And His Orch Massachusetts [poor sound].mp3
  55. BML P115 Stan Kenton Orchestra Under Blanket Of Blue.mp3
  56. BML P116 Louis Jordon And His Orch Mad About Boy.mp3
  57. BML P1639 Tommy Dorsey.mp3
  58. BML P1640 Tommy Dorsey.mp3
  59. BML P1921 Frank Sinatra.mp3
  60. BML P1922 Elliot Lawrence College Prom.mp3
  61. BML P2097 Ziggy Elman.mp3
  62. BML P2098 Tommy Dorsey.mp3
  63. BML P2237 Glenn Miller Swing Classics 1940.mp3
  64. BML P2238 Glenn Miller Swing Classics 1940.mp3
  65. BML P2243 Glenn Miller Swing Classics 1940.mp3
  66. BML P2244 Glenn Miller Swing Classics 1940.mp3
  67. BML P2247 Glenn Miller 1940 Swing Classics.mp3
  68. BML P2248 Glenn Miller 1940 Swing Classics.mp3
  69. BML P27 Slender, Tender and Tall.mp3
  70. BML P281 Bill Gale And His Globetrotters Tit For Tat Polka.mp3
  71. BML P282 Artie Shaw And His Orchestra S Wonderful.mp3
  72. BML P345 King Cole Etta James.mp3
  73. BML P346 Elliot Lawrence Listen To Lawrence.mp3
  74. BML P349 Dinah Shore.mp3
  75. BML P350 King Cole Trio With Ida James.mp3
  76. BML P481 Count Basir.mp3
  77. BML P482 Count Basie.mp3
  78. BML P483 Frank Sinatra.mp3
  79. BML P484 Alvino Rey And Afrs Orch Its Gonna Be Great Day.mp3
  80. BML P501 Glenn Millers Army Airforces Overseas Orchestra.mp3
  81. BML P502 Glenn Millers Army Airforces Overseas Orchestra.mp3
  82. BML P505 Spike Jones.mp3
  83. BML P506 Ginny Simms.mp3
  84. BML P557 Four Little Sisters And Vernon Polk.mp3
  85. BML P558 Duke Ellington Earl Hines.mp3
  86. BML P573 Louis Jordan.mp3
  87. BML P574 Count Basie.mp3
  88. BML P577 Dinah Shore.mp3
  89. BML P578 Frank Sinatrapied Pipers.mp3
  90. BML P581 Bob Crosby.mp3
  91. BML P582 Benny Goodmancount Basie.mp3
  92. BML P583 Johnny Desmond.mp3
  93. BML P584 Slim Gaillard Trio From Kmh.mp3
  94. BML P603 Pied Pipers.mp3
  95. BML P604 Glenn Millers Army AF Overseas Orchestra.mp3
  96. BML P6085 Page Cavanaugh Trio Hilos.mp3
  97. BML P6086 Glen Grey Great Sounds Of Big Bands.mp3
  98. BML P611 Dick Haymes Helen Forrest.mp3
  99. BML P612 Kay Kyser.mp3
  100. BML P623 Harry James.mp3
  101. BML P624 Bob Crosby.mp3
  102. BML P627 Anita Ellis With Afrs Orchestra.mp3
  103. BML P628 Victor Borge.mp3
  104. BML P629 Lena Horne And Afrs Orchestra.mp3
  105. BML P630 Issy Morales And Afrs Orchestra.mp3
  106. BML P635 Lionel Barrymore Narrates Halloween Pts 1 2.mp3
  107. BML P636 Harry James.mp3
  108. BML P637 Lionel Barrymore Narrates Halloween Pts 3 4.mp3
  109. BML P638 Lou Bring Alvino Rey.mp3
  110. BML P653 Boyd Raeburn.mp3

Volume 2 - 80 shows - total playtime 14 hours 37 minutes

  1. BML P654 Dizzy Gillespie.mp3
  2. BML P681 Popular Record Favorites.mp3
  3. BML P682 Freddy Martin Charlie Spivak.mp3
  4. BML P695 Popular Record Favorites.mp3
  5. BML P696 Tommy Dorsey.mp3
  6. BML P761 Harry James.mp3
  7. BML P762 Dinah Shore With Sonny Burk Orchestra.mp3
  8. BML P823 Les Brown.mp3
  9. BML P824 Ray Noble.mp3
  10. BML R15 Christmas Music Various Artists.mp3
  11. BML R16 Christmas Music Various Artists.mp3
  12. BML R65 Carollers Christmas Music.mp3
  13. BML R66 Eleanor Steber Detroit Symphony.mp3
  14. BML R67 Carollers Christmas Hymns.mp3
  15. BML R68 Detroit Symphony And Chorus Hymns.mp3
  16. BML Se1b Jose Iturbinew York Philharmonic.mp3
  17. BML Se1d Jose Iturbinew York Philharmonic.mp3
  18. BML Someday Sweetheart.mp3
  19. BML Sp145 John Charles Thomas Minstrel Boy.mp3
  20. BML Sp146 Major Meredith Willson.mp3
  21. BML Sp15 Andre Kostalanetz Morton Gould.mp3
  22. BML Sp16 Andre Kostalanetz Percy Faith.mp3
  23. BML Sp161 Van Cleave.mp3
  24. BML Sp162 Van Cleave.mp3
  25. BML Sp163 Andre Kostelanetz And Orch Poinciana.mp3
  26. BML Sp164 Andre Kostelanetz And Orch My Heart Stood Still.mp3
  27. BML Sp177 Van Cleave.mp3
  28. BML Sp178 Paul Lavalle.mp3
  29. BML Sp185 All Goodman Orchestra And Chorus.mp3
  30. BML Sp186 All Goodman Orchestra And Chorus.mp3
  31. BML Sp19 Morton Gould.mp3
  32. BML Sp199 Al Goodman.mp3
  33. BML Sp20 Percy Faith.mp3
  34. BML Sp200 Al Goodman.mp3
  35. BML Sp203 Al Goodman.mp3
  36. BML Sp204 Al Goodman.mp3
  37. BML Sp235 David Rose.mp3
  38. BML Sp236 Meredith WillsonGeorge And Gracie FMM.mp3
  39. BML Sp237 Meklos Rosza Musical Score From Spellbound.mp3
  40. BML Sp238 Martha Mears Meredith Willson.mp3
  41. BML Sp247 Armed Forces Radio Service Orchestra.mp3
  42. BML Sp248 Ferde Grofe.mp3
  43. BML Sp249 Armed Forces Service Orchestra Kathryn Grayson.mp3
  44. BML Sp250 Ferde Grofe.mp3
  45. BML Sp261 Henri Rene.mp3
  46. BML Sp262 Carmen Cavallero.mp3
  47. BML Sp263 Armed Forces Services Orch Al Goodman.mp3
  48. BML Sp264 Dennis Day Jaques Freymario Mario Braggiott.mp3
  49. BML Sp265 Dick Liebert Organ.mp3
  50. BML Sp266 Al Goodman Orchestra And Chorus.mp3
  51. BML Sp267 Dick Liebert Russ Case Orchestra.mp3
  52. BML Sp268 Whittemore And Lowe Two Piano.mp3
  53. BML Sp273 Al Goodman.mp3
  54. BML Sp274 Freddy Martin.mp3
  55. BML Sp5 Dave Rose.mp3
  56. BML Sp51 Andre Kostelanetz And Orchestra.mp3
  57. BML Sp52 Raymond Paige And Orchestra.mp3
  58. BML Sp6 Dave Rose.mp3
  59. BML Sp67 Morton Gould.mp3
  60. BML Sp68 Rhapsody In Blue Morton Gouldalec Templeton Solo.mp3
  61. BML Sp7 Paul Whitemanbing Crosbydinah Shore.mp3
  62. BML Sp71 Ray Bloch Orchestra And Chorus.mp3
  63. BML Sp72 Al Goodman Orchestra And Chorus.mp3
  64. BML Sp8 Various Artists.mp3
  65. BML Sp83 Tommy Dorsey.mp3
  66. BML Sp84 Percy Faith Orchestra And Chorus.mp3
  67. BML W03 Pals Of Golden West Im Carefree Cowboy.mp3
  68. BML W04 Sons Of Pioneers Home Corral.mp3
  69. BML W05 Bob Nolan And Sons Of Pioneers.mp3
  70. BML W06 Bob Nolan And Sons Of Pioneers.mp3
  71. BML W13 Texas Jim Lewis Amd His Lone Star Cowboys.mp3
  72. BML W14 Cal Shrum And His Rhythm Rangers.mp3
  73. BML W25 Riders Of Purple Sage.mp3
  74. BML W26 Bob Wills And Texas Playboys.mp3
  75. BML W29 Spade Cooley And Gang Tumbleweed.mp3
  76. BML W30 Texas Bob Mcreynolds Westerners Floras Street Ray.mp3
  77. BML W31 Cowboy Songs Cimmarron Roll On Sons Of Pioneers.mp3
  78. BML W32 Bob Wills And Texas Playboys Thanks For Your Letter.mp3
  79. BML W33 Spade Cooley And Paul Taylor Chorus.mp3
  80. BML W34 Burl Ives With Paul Whiteman.mp3