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Heart Attacks
This compilation includes a variety of radio shows, Heart Attacks in old time radio will break your heart!
19 19 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Proudly We Hail
This old time radio series contains a wide variety of mediums geared to attract young potential Army recruits and the series included mystery and drama shows. Update: additional broadcasts and sound improvements Update: 2 additional recordings (vol 3)
480 480 Episodes 10 10 Volume
Add To Cart: $50.00
Margaret Sullavan
Although Margaret Sullavan only appeared in sixteen Hollywood films, the four she made with her dear friend James Stewart are considered her greatest work.
11 11 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Revenge can be sweet...and entertaining in this old time radio collection.
157 157 Episodes 3 3 Volume
Add To Cart: $15.00
Of all the evildoers and Nogoodniks who people Old Time Radio, Arsonists and Firebugs are among the most despicable.
44 44 Episodes 1 1 Volume
Add To Cart: $5.00
Air Adventures Jimmie Allen
This old time radio adventure series included the boy wonder and pilot, Jimmie Allen, his best teenage buddy, Speed Robertson, and mechanic, Flash Lewis. Update: 4 additional recordings
138 138 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00
Madeleine Carroll
A classic Hitchcock blonde who became one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, Madeleine Carroll walked away from fame after her sister was killed in the Blitz to work for the Red Cross and as an advocate for children displaced by the War.
57 57 Episodes 2 2 Volume
Add To Cart: $10.00

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