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 Quiz Kids

3 MP3 CDs - 134 episodes

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Quiz Kids

Juvenile Quiz Show (1940-1953)

Quiz Kids advertisementAs the children's version of Information, Please, Quiz Kids became one of the best known juvenile shows of its era. Bald Joe Kelly of National Barn Dance, who incidentally dropped out of school in the third grade, hosted the show. The children contestants were usually age six through sixteen. Although on occasion, a brainy four year old would make an appearance on the show. On one particularly funny show, Jackie Benny guest starred, posing as six-year-old. One of the audience favorites was little Gerard Darrow, who was recruited for the show through a lecture he gave on birds at a Chicago school. At age three, Gerard had identified 300 bird species. Ornithologist extraordinaire, Gerard was welcomed onto the show at age six.

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Quiz Kids and host, Joe KellyThe show consisted of five extremely bright kids, several of which were different from week to week. Contestants were awarded $100 savings bonds per appearance. Difficult questions were posed, questions even adults had difficulty answering. The first question on the first episode, for example, was, "I want you to tell me what I would be carrying home if I brought an antimacassar, a dinghy, a sarong and an apteryx. The children on the show were selected due to their intelligence as well as personalities and senses of humor. Answers were often very entertaining, making the show was popular with adults and youngsters alike.

For more quiz show fun, see also: The Game Show Collection, Twenty Questions, You Bet Your Life, It Pays to Be Ignorant, and Information Please. See also, the informative program, The Answer Man. For children who are concerned about manners, see also: Mind Your Manners.
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Volume 1: 50 shows - total playtime 24 hours 22 minutes

Quiz Kids 400000 Can You Spell Four Of Five Following Words Aud
Quiz Kids 400918 013 Can You Write Four Line Poem Using Timbuctu
Quiz Kids 401225 027 What Storys First Line Is Marley Was Dead
Quiz Kids 410226 036 What Is Name Of Largest Island
Quiz Kids 410407 Quiz Kids Special Broadcast From Disney Studios
Quiz Kids 410416 043 Would You Drink Aqua Fountus
Quiz Kids 410611 051 What Should I Name My Calf
Quiz Kids 411105 072 What Branch Of Service Wears Black Stockings
Quiz Kids 430124 136 Would You Be Pleased If Varicella Paid You Visit
Quiz Kids 430221 140 Would Bathtub Drain Quicker If You Stayed In It
Quiz Kids 430328 145 Name These Famous People Given Their First Names Only
Quiz Kids 460324 301 What Husband Gave His Wife Her Only Name
Quiz Kids 460616 313 Fathers Day Show
Quiz Kids 460721 318 If Brick Weighs One Pound Plus One Half Brick
Quiz Kids 470309 351 Where Would You Find Tribe Of Hope Indians
Quiz Kids 470518 361 If You Dug Hole From Denver To Sea Level
Quiz Kids 470727 371 What 3 Explorers Last Names Begin With La De And Da
Quiz Kids 470803 372 Is Member Of Royal Family In Us Government
Quiz Kids 470810 373 Who Are George Allen And Gracie Burns
Quiz Kids 470817 374 Name Two Words Starting With Su That Sound Like Sh
Quiz Kids 470824 375 If All Presidents Up To 1896 Stood In Line
Quiz Kids 470831 376 Why Didnt Words Armed Assault Disturb Police
Quiz Kids 471207 390 Can You Think Of Song Describing 1946 Xmas Seals
Quiz Kids 480321 405 Who Hopes To Whip Cream In June
Quiz Kids 480328 406 How Do You Know Eating Carrots Helps Your Eyes
Quiz Kids 480411 408 In What Field Does Detroit Hope To Be Proud Of Growth In 1948
Quiz Kids 480418 409 What Animal Has Always Had New Look
Quiz Kids 480425 410 What City Has New Jack In Box
Quiz Kids 480502 411 Where Would You Go To Find Hammus Alabalmus
Quiz Kids 480509 412 Combined Symbols For Molybdenum Thorium And Erbium
Quiz Kids 480516 413 If You Gave Party
Quiz Kids 480523 414 What Riddle Has Kept Visitors To Pittsburgh From Going Home
Quiz Kids 480530 415 Nymph With Telescope Looking At Comet
Quiz Kids 480606 416 Dessert That Combines Baseball Nicknames
Quiz Kids 480613 417 Arrange Letters
Quiz Kids 480620 418 Pennsylvania Protactinium And Third Sunday In June
Quiz Kids 480627 419 Eighth Anniversary Show
Quiz Kids 480704 420 Celebrating Independence Day
Quiz Kids 480711 421 What Combination Of Names Means Damp Rabbit
Quiz Kids 480718 422 What Popular Song Is Name Of An Explorer
Quiz Kids 480725 423 Tom Dick And Harry Were In News
Quiz Kids 480801 424 Monarch Recently Turned Indian
Quiz Kids 480808 425 What Skin Makes Best Slippers
Quiz Kids 480815 426 What Would Dewey Wear Into White House
Quiz Kids 480822 427 What Kitchen Item Works Upside Down
Quiz Kids 480829 428 Why Can People Sign Their Name For Hershey
Quiz Kids 480905 429 Who Is Most Recent Queen For Day
Quiz Kids 480912 430 How Does Great Pied Hornbill Handle Women
Quiz Kids 480919 431 Why Napoleon Might Have Felt Crowded In Exile
Quiz Kids 480926 432 If Hawaii Is Fortyninth State

Volume 2: 50 shows - total playtime 24 hours 50 minutes

Quiz Kids 481003 433 Fish And Generals Name
Quiz Kids 481010 434 What Presidents Name Is An Indian Tribe
Quiz Kids 481017 435 First Letter Of An Article We All Possess
Quiz Kids 481024 436 Ten Thousand Eyes Were On Him
Quiz Kids 481031 437 Numbers 1306 Held Before Mirror
Quiz Kids 481107 438 Mousetrap Buttonhook And Statue Of Liberty
Quiz Kids 481121 440 Thanksgiving Poem
Quiz Kids 481128 441 What Time Is It In Australia When Show Starts
Quiz Kids 481205 442 There Really Is Santa Claus
Quiz Kids 481212 443 Two Buckets Of Water At Different Temperatures
Quiz Kids 481219 444 Christmas Party
Quiz Kids 481226 445 Similar Names
Quiz Kids 490102 446 How Are Fingerprints And Snowflakes Alike
Quiz Kids 490109 447 Who Is Known As Dean Of Cabinet
Quiz Kids 490116 448 When Woman Sticks Her Hand Out Of Car Window
Quiz Kids 490123 449 Quiz Kids From Five Different States
Quiz Kids 490130 450 Symbols For Sulfur Hydrogen Molybdenum And Oxygen
Quiz Kids 490220 453 Sleep Was Under Control But Isnt Anymore
Quiz Kids 490227 454 Atomic Numbers Of Elements Are Political Slogan
Quiz Kids 490306 455 What Button Stayed In Place For Two Years
Quiz Kids 490313 456 Blind Mice Plus Dead Mans Chest
Quiz Kids 490320 457 Which Of Seven Dwarfs Dipped In River Shannon
Quiz Kids 490327 458 Barnacle Bill Big Bad Wolf And Richards Friend
Quiz Kids 490403 459 Outstanding Man Who Was Pm And Is Now An Mp
Quiz Kids 490410 460 Hackle And Ginger Quill
Quiz Kids 490417 461 Why Does Easter Rabbit Always Have Shiny Nose
Quiz Kids 490424 462 Achilles Of Baseball
Quiz Kids 490501 463 Diego Rivera Sounds Like Nice Vacation Spot
Quiz Kids 490515 465 Number Of Times Children Of Israel Marched Around Jericho
Quiz Kids 490522 466 Middle Names Of American Poets John And James
Quiz Kids 490529 467 What Class Of People In Washington Dc Rides In Carriages
Quiz Kids 500129 503 If Groundhog Sees Lamont Cranston Next Thursday
Quiz Kids 500402 512 What Is Significance Of Number 82070
Quiz Kids 500625 524 Tenth Anniversary Show
Quiz Kids 500702 525 Farm Questions
Quiz Kids 500709 526 What Sick Celebrity Had 250000 Visitors
Quiz Kids 500716 527 Kids Sub For Joe Kelly
Quiz Kids 500723 528 He Threw Out His Birdcage And Ran Past Woodpile
Quiz Kids 500730 529 Mammals Lifespan And Landing Of Pilgrims
Quiz Kids 500806 530 Voting To Music
Quiz Kids 500813 531 International Trade Fair
Quiz Kids 500820 532 Geographical Delegate
Quiz Kids 500827 533 Hiawatha And Minnehaha
Quiz Kids 500900 Prebroadcast Warmup For Sept 24 1950 Program
Quiz Kids 500903 534 Labor Day Picnic Near Gambusia Affinus
Quiz Kids 500910 535 Beauty Pack Mule Pack Or Cincpac
Quiz Kids 500917 536 Kiwanis Club And Kids Day
Quiz Kids 500924 537 Who Should Have Written Betty Mcdonalds First Book
Quiz Kids 501001 538 Tallahassee Is Capital
Quiz Kids 501008 539 Nursery Rhyme Seventh Us President And Pier

Volume 3: 34 shows - total playtime 16 hours 45 minutes

Quiz Kids 501015 540 Fraternal Order Of Eagles
Quiz Kids 501022 541 First Landing Across Atlantic
Quiz Kids 501029 542 If Ten Cows Walked In Straight Line
Quiz Kids 501105 543 If Two Men Order Ham And Eggs Which Is Soldier
Quiz Kids 501112 544 Song Suggests Which College Football Player
Quiz Kids 501119 545 Rotary International
Quiz Kids 501126 546 4 h Club
Quiz Kids 501203 547 Lions Club
Quiz Kids 501210 548 Special Music Themed Program
Quiz Kids 501217 549 Elks Club
Quiz Kids 501224 550 Christmas Questions And Visit From Santa
Quiz Kids 501231 551 Questions Kids Missed In 1950
Quiz Kids 510107 552 American Legends And Myths
Quiz Kids 510114 553 Questions About Science
Quiz Kids 510121 554 Baseball Player With Name Of Moses Fatherinlaw
Quiz Kids 510128 555 Biblical And Ancient Times
Quiz Kids 510204 556 National Dental Health Day
Quiz Kids 510211 557 What Kind Of Necktie Would Cupid Wear
Quiz Kids 510218 558 Past And Present News Events
Quiz Kids 510225 559 Twins From Syracuse
Quiz Kids 510304 560 Walker Bulldogs
Quiz Kids 510311 561 St Patricks Day And An Imitation Diamond
Quiz Kids 510318 562 American Legion Womens Auxiliary
Quiz Kids 510325 563 Live From Shamrock Hotel
Quiz Kids 510513 564 Who Was Impressed By An Irish Bob
Quiz Kids 510520 565 If Your Initials Were Roman Numerals
Quiz Kids 510527 566 How Does Emperor Penguin Protect Its Young
Quiz Kids 510603 567 What General Is Always In Shape
Quiz Kids 510610 568 Winners Of Sixth Annual Teachers Contest Announced
Quiz Kids 510617 569 Who Is Glad He Changed Color Of Socks Last Winter
Quiz Kids 510624 570 Eleventh Anniversary Program
Quiz Kids 510701 571 Most Appropriate Hairdo For July 4 th
Quiz Kids 510708 572 Newtons First Law Of Motion And Air Force
Quiz Kids 510715 573 What Would You Expect To Find In Sutton Hoo



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