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 Quack Doctors

1 MP3 CD - 23 episodes


"Dragnet: The Big Quack"
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Joke Quack Ad The scientific practice of medicine is an ancient and noble art. If we hold the nobility of doctors in such high regard, then we can understand the revulsion we feel towards Quacks.  

The title quack comes from an archaic Dutch term kwakzalver, or “hawker of salve”. During the Middle Ages “quack” meant to shout. This aggressive promotion gave rise to the “Medicine Show”, which in turn is one of the ancestors to Minstrel shows and Vaudeville.

There is no precise definition of what constitutes a quack. Some forms of alternative medicine have been called quackery, whether they are based on protoscience, experimental medicine, spirituality or religious faith, or simply some sort of con game. The most common conception of a quack is that he uses a chimera of medical knowledge to run a scam.

Jack WebbNo one is better equipped to deal with a scam than a straight shooter like Sgt Joe Friday on Dragnet. In “The Big Quack” a con man is selling phony psychiatry diplomas and seeing 'patients' on the side. The cops get involved when he begins robbing his patients' homes.

Lionel Barrymore as Dr. Gillespie and Lew Ayres as Doctor Kildare are determined to shut down a quack who makes patients believe that his electronic machine is helping them until their savings are gone! By then it is nearly too late for Kildare and Gillespie to treat them. Can he 'cure' Gillespie in disguise?

On This Is Your FBI, the agents have to track down a team of swindlers who are supplying illicit drugs to young men who are trying to avoid the draft. A pair of crooks convince the residents of a mining camp that there is an epidemic spreading so that they take over all the mining claims on Straight Arrow. Casey, Crime Photographer learns the story of a 'Doctor' who seems to be able to cure diseases at his private hospital which reputable physicians declare incurable.

The centerpiece of our Quack Collection is a few broadcasts from Doctor David Brinkley. Brinkley grew up on   a mountain farm but wanted nothing more than the be a doctor. His father had been an Appalachian country doctor and a Confederate Army medic during the Civil War. The younger Brinkley never had the time or money to study at a real medical school, but he was able to buy a diploma from a disreputable school. He settled for a while in Milford, Kansas, and had enough skill to help patients during the Influenza epidemic in 1918. Later he began experimenting with patent medicine with varying results when the AMA caught up with him and shut down his practice. He managed to obtain a license to practice in Los Angeles, and he also discovered the power of radio.

John BrinkleyBrinkley opened the first radio station in Kansas in 1923, and began marketing his therapies over the air. When his questionable practices got him shut down again, he moved his radio operations to the Texas-Mexico border. They routinely heard about Doctor Brinkley's therapy as far away as Finland! Nothing was too good for patients who were “physically able and financially able” to visit his clinic.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

23 shows - total playtime 10 hours 8 minutes

Amos and Andy 431126 Man s Best Friend
Amos and Andy 470318HospitalizationPlan
Amos and Andy 470527 143 Kingfish Runs Rest Home
Amos and Andy 471111 Sapphires Brother Leroy Strikes It R
Amos and Andy 480420SapphiresUncle
Amos and Andy 490424 206 Andy Inherits $2,000
Casey 480115 220 Miracle
Dr John Brinkley Xera 193941 [excerpts]
Dr John Brinkley Xera 390000 His Book
Dr John Brinkley Xera 390000 Kidney Test
Dr Kildare 510119 Ep52 Dr Conlon, Quack
Dragnet 501012 070 Big Quack
Jack Benny 500122 2120 I Was Betray
Jack Benny 510121 2220 Jack Goes To
Jack Benny 510304 2226 Jack Goes To
Jack Benny 510527 Jack Meets Speed Rigs At Doctors Office
Jack Benny 520309 4th Tv Show Of Season
Jack Benny 521109 Jack Goes To Doctor For Vitamin Shot
Jack Benny 541107 2607 Jack Sees Doctor
Jack Benny 541128 899 Dennis Sees Psychiatrist
Jack Benny 541226 2614 Day After Christmas, Dennis Cold
Straight Arrow 481216 33 Doctor And Quack
This Is Your Fbi 450525 008 Draft Dodgers Dr Woodbury



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