158 shows - total playtime 6 hours 44 minutes
    1. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Courtship Of Barney And Eileen.mp3
    2. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Heinie.mp3
    3. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Jimmie And Maggie At Hippodrome.mp3
    4. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Mr And Mrs Murphy.mp3
    5. Ada Jones-My Carolina Lady.mp3
    6. Ada Jones-Wouldn't You Like To Have Me For A Sweetheart.mp3
    7. Arthur Collins-Bye Bye My Eva, Bye Bye.mp3
    8. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Afloat On A Five Dollar.mp3
    9. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Anxious.mp3
    10. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Coax Me.mp3
    11. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Come Along Little Girl.mp3
    12. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-In My Merry Oldsmobile.mp3
    13. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-My Irish Molly O.mp3
    14. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Right Church But Wrong Pew.mp3
    15. Arthur Collins-My Irish Molly O.mp3
    16. Arthur Collins-Preacher And Bear.mp3
    17. Arthur Collins-What You Gonna Do Rent Comes Round.mp3
    18. Arthur Pryor-A Band Contest.mp3
    19. Bert Williams-George Walker-My Little Zulu Babe.mp3
    20. Billy Golden-Turkey In Straw.mp3
    21. Billy Murray-Bob Roberts-Won't You Fondle Me.mp3
    22. Billy Murray-Cant You See Heart Beats All For You.mp3
    23. Billy Murray-Come Take A Trip In My Airship.mp3
    24. Billy Murray-Everybody Works But Father.mp3
    25. Billy Murray-Give My Regards To Broadway.mp3
    26. Billy Murray-In My Merry Oldsmobile.mp3
    27. Billy Murray-It's Great At A Baseball Game.mp3
    28. Billy Murray-Len Spencer-Cant You See Heart Beats For You.mp3
    29. Billy Murray-My Irish Molly-O.mp3
    30. Billy Murray-Tammany.mp3
    31. Billy Murray-Whole Damm Family.mp3
    32. Billy Murray-Yankee Doodle Boy.mp3
    33. Bob Roberts-Everybody Works But Father.mp3
    34. Bob Roberts-There's A Dark Man Coming With A Bundle.mp3
    35. Byron G Harlan-Frank C Stanley-Battle Cry Of Freedom.mp3
    36. Byron G Harlan-Frank C Stanley-In Shadow Of Pines.mp3
    37. Byron G Harlan-Frank C Stanley-Soldier Boy.mp3
    38. Byron G Harlan-Longing For You.mp3
    39. Byron G Harlan-Wait Till Sun Shines Nellie.mp3
    40. Byron G Harlan-Where Morning Glories Twine Around Door.mp3
    41. Cal Stewart-Ada Jones-Uncle Josh-Aunt Nancy In Subway.mp3
    42. Cal Stewart-Uncle Josh At White House.mp3
    43. Columbia Qrtet-Kentucky Babe.mp3
    44. Corinne Morgan-Frank Stanley-Just My Style.mp3
    45. Corinne Morgan-Haydn Qrtet-Dearie.mp3
    46. Corinne Morgan-Love's Old Sweet Song.mp3
    47. Edison Military Band-Good Night Waltz.mp3
    48. Enrico Caruso-Cavalleria.mp3
    49. Enrico Caruso-Serenata Com'e Gentil.mp3
    50. George Lockwood-Riding On Top Of Car.mp3
    51. Harry MacDonough-In Valley Of Yesterday.mp3
    52. Harry MacDonough-My Cozy Corner Girl.mp3
    53. Harry MacDonough-Sweet Thoughts Of Home.mp3
    54. Haydn Qrtet-Harry MacDonough-Down Slv'ry Mohawk Flows.mp3
    55. Haydn Qrtet-Harry MacDonough-Grandfathers Clock.mp3
    56. Haydn Qrtet-Harry MacDonough-In Shade Old Apple Tree.mp3
    57. Haydn Qrtet-Holy City.mp3
    58. Haydn Qrtet-My Little Canoe.mp3
    59. Haydn Qrtet-Where Southern Rose Bloom.mp3
    60. Henry Burr-In Shade Of Old Apple Tree.mp3
    61. Irving Gillette-Girl From U S A.mp3
    62. Irving Gillette-In Shade Of Old Apple Tree.mp3
    63. John Kaiser-Casey Courting His Girl.mp3
    64. John Philip Sousa-In Good Old Summertime.mp3
    65. Len Spencer - Dr Jekyll+ Mr Hyde Transformation Scene.mp3
    66. Len Spencer-Ada Jones-Courtship Of Barney And Eileen.mp3
    67. Peerless Qrtet-Kentucky Babe.mp3
    68. Peerless Qrtet-O Come, All Ye Faithful.mp3
    69. Richard Jose-When I'm Away From You Dear.mp3
    70. Silas Leachman-When Birds Go North Again.mp3
    71. Will F Denny-Youll Have To Get Off And Walk.mp3
    72. Ada Jones-Bullfrog And Coon.mp3
    73. Ada Jones-I'm Only Star That Twinkles On Broadway.mp3
    74. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Bashful Henry And His Lovin' Lucy.mp3
    75. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Down On Farm.mp3
    76. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Fritizy And Louisa.mp3
    77. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Let Me See You Smile.mp3
    78. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Original Cohens.mp3
    79. Ada Jones-Len Spencer-Peaches And Cream.mp3
    80. Ada Jones-Moon Has His Eyes On You.mp3
    81. Ada Jones-So Long Mary.mp3
    82. Ada Jones-Waiting At Church [My Wife Won't Let Me].mp3
    83. Albert Campbell-Love Me And World Is Mine.mp3
    84. Albert Whelan-Whistling Bowery Boy.mp3
    85. Arthur Collins-Abraham Washington Jefferson.mp3
    86. Arthur Collins-Bill Simmons.mp3
    87. Arthur Collins-Brother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain.mp3
    88. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Camp Meetin' Time.mp3
    89. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-I'm Crazy 'bout It.mp3
    90. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Leader Of German Band.mp3
    91. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Out In An Automobile.mp3
    92. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Paddle Your Own Canoe.mp3
    93. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Susan Kiss Me Good And Hard.mp3
    94. Arthur Collins-Byron G Harlan-Would You Leave Happy Home.mp3
    95. Arthur Collins-Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Mo.mp3
    96. Arthur Collins-I Dont Know Where Going But I'm On My Way.mp3
    97. Arthur Collins-Parson And Turkey.mp3
    98. Arthur Pryor-Silver Heels.mp3
    99. Bert Williams-Here It Comes Again.mp3
    100. Bert Williams-Let It Alone.mp3
    101. Bert Williams-Mississippi Stoker.mp3
    102. Bert Williams-Nobody.mp3
    103. Bert Williams-Pretty Desdemone.mp3
    104. Billly Murray-45 Minutes From Broadway.mp3
    105. Billy Murray-Cheyenne.mp3
    106. Billy Murray-College Life.mp3
    107. Billy Murray-Everybody Works But Father.mp3
    108. Billy Murray-Grand Old Rag.mp3
    109. Billy Murray-In My Merry Oldsmobile.mp3
    110. Billy Murray-Is Your Mother In Molly Malone.mp3
    111. Billy Murray-Not Because Your Hair Is Curly.mp3
    112. Billy Murray-Waltz Me Around Again Willie.mp3
    113. Bob Roberts-Come Down Mcginty.mp3
    114. Byron G Harlan-Edison Military Band-Dixie Rube.mp3
    115. Byron G Harlan-Good Old U S A.mp3
    116. Byron G Harlan-Keep On Sunny Side.mp3
    117. Byron G Harlan-Wait Till Sun Shines Nellie.mp3
    118. Cal Stewart-Sunday School Picnic At Pumpkin Center.mp3
    119. Corinne Morgan-Frank Stanley-Moon Has His Eyes On You.mp3
    120. Corinne Morgan-So Long Mary.mp3
    121. Dewolf Hoppe-Casey At Bat.mp3
    122. Edison Concert Band-Chopin Funeral March.mp3
    123. Edison Military Band-Byron G Harlan-Dixie Rube.mp3
    124. Edison Symphony Orch-La Belladora.mp3
    125. Edward M Favor-Mcginty At Living Pictures.mp3
    126. Elsie Baker-Silent Night Hallowed Night.mp3
    127. Enrico Caruso-Antonio Scotti-Forza Del Destino-Solenne.mp3
    128. Enrico Caruso-La Boheme-Raccantodi Radolfo Rudolph's Recital.mp3
    129. Frank C Stanley-Harry Macdonough-Almost Persuaded.mp3
    130. Frank C Stanley-I Want What I Want When I Want It.mp3
    131. G W Kennedy-In Shade Of Old Apple Tree.mp3
    132. George Alexander-Dearie.mp3
    133. Harry MacDonough-Aint You Coming Back Old NH Molly.mp3
    134. Harry MacDonough-Elise Stevenson-Because You're You.mp3
    135. Harry MacDonough-My Old Kentucky Home.mp3
    136. Harry MacDonough-When Mocking Birds Are Singing In Wildwood.mp3
    137. Harry MacDonough-Where River Shannon Flows.mp3
    138. Harry MacDonough-Will You Love Me In Dec As You Do In May.mp3
    139. Harry Tally-On An Automobile Afternoon.mp3
    140. Harry Tally-Wait Till Sun Shines Nellie.mp3
    141. Haydn Qrtet-Billy Murray-Waltz Me Around Again Willie.mp3
    142. Haydn Qrtet-In Dear Old Georgia.mp3
    143. Haydn Qrtet-When Roll Is Called Up Yonder.mp3
    144. Haydn Qrtet-Will You Love Me In December.mp3
    145. Helen Trix-Bird On Nellie's Hat.mp3
    146. Henry Burr-Good Night Little Girl Good Night.mp3
    147. Henry Burr-Irving Gillette-Won't You Come Over To My House.mp3
    148. Henry Burr-Love Me And World Is Mine.mp3
    149. J W Myers-Good Old U S A.mp3
    150. John Mccormack-Trottin' To Fair.mp3
    151. John Philip Sousa-Moonlight.mp3
    152. Julian Rose-Hebrew Vaudeville Speciality.mp3
    153. Len Spencer-First Promotional Message On Phonograph.mp3
    154. Len Spencer-Steve Porter-Flanagan's Night Off.mp3
    155. Richard Jose-Nearer My God To Thee.mp3
    156. Vess L Ossman-Buffalo Rag.mp3
    157. Victor Orchestra-Glow Worm.mp3
    158. Will F Denny-Nothing Like That In Our Family.mp3