1104 shows - total playtime 11 hours 54 minutes
    1. Intro A Date w Judy 460409.mp3
    2. Intro A Salute to the Law 380701.mp3
    3. Intro ABC Mystery Time.mp3
    4. Intro Abe Burrows Show 471021.mp3
    5. Intro Abies Irish Rose 430113.mp3
    6. Intro Abroad With the Lockharts.mp3
    7. Intro Academy Award 460807.mp3
    8. Intro Adv Ellery Queen 470305.mp3
    9. Intro Adv In Research George Westinghouse.mp3
    10. Intro Adventure Ahead 440805.mp3
    11. Intro Adventures Abbotts.mp3
    12. Intro Adventures by Morse 441216.mp3
    13. Intro Adventures Champion 490805.mp3
    14. Intro Adventures Of Zorro 57xxxx .mp3
    15. Intro Afvn ''Cool, Clear Water''.mp3
    16. Intro Against the Storm 410602.mp3
    17. Intro Air Stories Of World War 320209.mp3
    18. Intro Al Jolson Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 491130.mp3
    19. Intro Al Pearce 400306.mp3
    20. Intro Alan Freed's Rock 'n' Roll Dance Party #12.mp3
    21. Intro Alan Young 441212 .mp3
    22. Intro Aldrich Family 521102.mp3
    23. Intro Alka Seltzer Time 531021 .mp3
    24. Intro All American Sports Show 530724.mp3
    25. Intro All Star Parade Bands 560521.mp3
    26. Intro All Star Western Theater 460929.mp3
    27. Intro Amazing Mr Malone 480828.mp3
    28. Intro Ambassadors Of Melodyland 1931.mp3
    29. Intro America Salutes Presidents Birthday 440129.mp3
    30. Intro America Town Hall Meeting 381208.mp3
    31. Intro American Adventure 551020.mp3
    32. Intro American Album of Familiar Music.mp3
    33. Intro American Family Robinson 38.mp3
    34. Intro American Heritage Man Who Sat On Apple Barrel.mp3
    35. Intro American in England 420824.mp3
    36. Intro American Novels 470919.mp3
    37. Intro American Portraits 510807.mp3
    38. Intro American Trail.mp3
    39. Intro American Weekly 331228.mp3
    40. Intro Americana 531107.mp3
    41. Intro Americas Popular Music Artie Shaw 381939.mp3
    42. Intro Amos Andy Cat Burglar 531101.mp3
    43. Intro Amos Andy Music Hall 540913 Jack Benny and Liberace.mp3
    44. Intro An American Gallery Ep08 A Day To Test, A Day To Learn.mp3
    45. Intro Anderson Family Cowboy Boots.mp3
    46. Intro Andre Kostelanetz Show 460110 Guest Ginny Simms.mp3
    47. Intro Ann Sothern Lux 411124.mp3
    48. Intro Anne Of The Airlanes 1930s.mp3
    49. Intro Annie 360000.mp3
    50. Intro Answer Man 441123.mp3
    51. Intro Anthology 550529.mp3
    52. Intro Any Bonds Today 420204.mp3
    53. Intro Appointment with Fear 430918.mp3
    54. Intro Arch Obolers Plays 391125.mp3
    55. Intro Archie Andrews 480612.mp3
    56. Intro Are these Our Children 48092.mp3
    57. Intro Are You A Genius 421223.mp3
    58. Intro Arthur Godfrey 490418.mp3
    59. Intro Arthur Smiths Corner Store 531120.mp3
    60. Intro Artie Shaw 470819.mp3
    61. Intro At Ease.mp3
    62. Intro Atlantic Spotlight 441021.mp3
    63. Intro Aunt Jemima Happy Time.mp3
    64. Intro Aunt Mary 420000.mp3
    65. Intro Author Meets Critics 450228.mp3
    66. Intro Authors Playhouse 440714.mp3
    67. Intro Avalon Hour 390812.mp3
    68. Intro B A Rolfe And His Orchestra 340626.mp3
    69. Intro Babe Ruth 340416.mp3
    70. Intro Bachelors Children 390124.mp3
    71. Intro Bailes Brothers First Song White Dove.mp3
    72. Intro Bakers Theater Of Stars 530301 .mp3
    73. Intro Band Of Aaf Training Command 440212.mp3
    74. Intro Barrel Of Fun 411225.mp3
    75. Intro Barrie Craig 511205.mp3
    76. Intro Barry Gray 491014.mp3
    77. Intro Barry Wood Show 1946.mp3
    78. Intro Batman Mystery Club 500905 .mp3
    79. Intro Battle Stations 430812.mp3
    80. Intro Beat Band 400407.mp3
    81. Intro Beat The Band 400407.mp3
    82. Intro Behind Mike 400915.mp3
    83. Intro Behind The Scenes 47 12.mp3
    84. Intro Bell Telephone Encores.mp3
    85. Intro Bell Telephone Hour 40XxXx.mp3
    86. Intro Benny Goodman.mp3
    87. Intro Best Of All 540712.mp3
    88. Intro Best Plays 520706.mp3
    89. Intro Better Half 460402.mp3
    90. Intro Better Living Radio Theater.mp3
    91. Intro Betty and Bob 470616 .mp3
    92. Intro Betty Crocker Magazine 450810.mp3
    93. Intro Beulah 570000.mp3
    94. Intro Beyond Midnight Under The Hau Tree.mp3
    95. Intro Beyond Tomorrow 500405.mp3
    96. Intro Big Jon Sparkie.mp3
    97. Intro Big Moments Sports 550624.mp3
    98. Intro Big Show 501203.mp3
    99. Intro Big Sister 440607.mp3
    100. Intro Big Story 471126.mp3
    101. Intro Big Town 481019.mp3
    102. Intro Biggest Heart 501020.mp3
    103. Intro Bill Kemp Show.mp3
    104. Intro Bill Ring Show.mp3
    105. Intro Bill Stern 491028.mp3
    106. Intro Billie Burke Show 460427.mp3
    107. Intro Bing Crosby 431230 with Cass Daley.mp3
    108. Intro Bing Crosby Chesterfield Show 510404.mp3
    109. Intro Bing Crosby Rosemary Clooney 620504.mp3
    110. Intro Binnie Mike 461118.mp3
    111. Intro Biography In Sound 550816.mp3
    112. Intro Birds Eye Open House 450517.mp3
    113. Intro Black Book 520217.mp3
    114. Intro Black Castle 421216.mp3
    115. Intro Black Flame of the Amazon 1938.mp3
    116. Intro Black Museum Bedsheet.mp3
    117. Intro Black Stone Magic Detective 481121.mp3
    118. Intro Blondie 440619.mp3
    119. Intro Blue Beetle 400710.mp3
    120. Intro Blue Coal Minstrels 310000.mp3
    121. Intro Blue Ribbon Town 440129 Vera Vague.mp3
    122. Intro Bob Burns Show 430218.mp3
    123. Intro Bob Elson 471204 .mp3
    124. Intro Bob Hope.mp3
    125. Intro Bob Ray 491212.mp3
    126. Intro Bob Wills Roundup 460128.mp3
    127. Intro Bobby Benson 500527.mp3
    128. Intro Bold Venture 500616.mp3
    129. Intro Border Patrol.mp3
    130. Intro Boston Blackie 470903.mp3
    131. Intro Box 13 481107.mp3
    132. Intro Break The Bank 491005.mp3
    133. Intro Breakfast Club 430000.mp3
    134. Intro Breakfast In Blue Ridge.mp3
    135. Intro Breakfast In Hollywood 461204.mp3
    136. Intro Bride And Groom 460312.mp3
    137. Intro Bright Horizon 441207.mp3
    138. Intro Bright Star 530312.mp3
    139. Intro Brighterday 481011.mp3
    140. Intro Broadway In Review 1950.mp3
    141. Intro Broadway Is My Beat 500724.mp3
    142. Intro Brownstone Theater 450314.mp3
    143. Intro Buck Jones 1937 Hoofbeats.mp3
    144. Intro Buckrogers 380404.mp3
    145. Intro Buddy Starcher Sunway Vitamins.mp3
    146. Intro Bulldog Drummond 2.mp3
    147. Intro Bulldog Drummond 470117.mp3
    148. Intro Cabin B-13 480705.mp3
    149. Intro California Melodies 410125.mp3
    150. Intro Call For Music 480213.mp3
    151. Intro Call the Police 470617.mp3
    152. Intro Calling All Cars 018 340328.mp3
    153. Intro Calling All Detectives 480614.mp3
    154. Intro Camel Caravan 391004.mp3
    155. Intro Camel Rock Roll Dance Party 560331.mp3
    156. Intro Campbell Playhouse 390324.mp3
    157. Intro Can You Imagine That.mp3
    158. Intro Can You Top This 420421.mp3
    159. Intro Candid Microphone 470831.mp3
    160. Intro Candy Matson 490404.mp3
    161. Intro Captain Midnight 391123.mp3
    162. Intro Captain Stubby Buccaneers.mp3
    163. Intro Captains Of Industry George Eastman.mp3
    164. Intro Career Of Alice Blair 470700.mp3
    165. Intro Carnation Contented Hour 490900 .mp3
    166. Intro Carter Sisters.mp3
    167. Intro Case Dismissed 540403.mp3
    168. Intro Case For Dr Morelle 570521.mp3
    169. Intro Cases Of Mr Ace 470625.mp3
    170. Intro Casey 470424.mp3
    171. Intro Cavalcade Of America 480927.mp3
    172. Intro Cavalcade Of Kings 51.mp3
    173. Intro Cavalcade Of Music 370804.mp3
    174. Intro Cbs Specials 380803.mp3
    175. Intro CBS World News Today 421101.mp3
    176. Intro CBSRW 560127.mp3
    177. Intro Ceiling Unlimited 440000.mp3
    178. Intro Chamber Music 400804.mp3
    179. Intro Chandu the Magician 481208.mp3
    180. Intro Charles Dickens 421224.mp3
    181. Intro Charlie Chan 451.mp3
    182. Intro Charlotte Greenwood 450722.mp3
    183. Intro Chase And Sanborn Hour 370509.mp3
    184. Intro Chase Sanborn 311213.mp3
    185. Intro Checkerboard Fun Fest.mp3
    186. Intro Chesterfield 471211.mp3
    187. Intro Chesterfield Show 400613.mp3
    188. Intro Chesterfield Supper Club 490630.mp3
    189. Intro Chesterfield Time 371203.mp3
    190. Intro Chicago Theater Of The Air 490730.mp3
    191. Intro Choose A Song 400000.mp3
    192. Intro Christmas On The Blue Network 441225.mp3
    193. Intro Christmas on the Moon 381129.mp3
    194. Intro Christmas Seals 510000.mp3
    195. Intro Christopher London 500529.mp3
    196. Intro Chrylser 46.mp3
    197. Intro Chrysler Showroom 08 June.mp3
    198. Intro Chuck Wagon Jamboree.mp3
    199. Intro Cinnamon Bear.mp3
    200. Intro Cisco Kid 530714.mp3
    201. Intro Cities Service Band of America Karl King Freedom March.mp3
    202. Intro Civil Defense If the Bomb Falls.mp3
    203. Intro Clara Lu Em 350701.mp3
    204. Intro Clark Gable on Lux 381114.mp3
    205. Intro Claudia 471222.mp3
    206. Intro Cliff Edwards Show 440000.mp3
    207. Intro Cloak Dagger 500618.mp3
    208. Intro Cloud Nine 500314.mp3
    209. Intro Club Car Special 340000.mp3
    210. Intro Club Fifteen 471114.mp3
    211. Intro Clutching Hand 1936.mp3
    212. Intro Clyde Beatty.mp3
    213. Intro Coast To Coast On Bus 390409.mp3
    214. Intro Coke Time 540704.mp3
    215. Intro College Quiz Bowl 550305.mp3
    216. Intro Columbia Presents 440607 Harry James Orch..mp3
    217. Intro Columbia Presents 440607.mp3
    218. Intro Columbia Presents Shakespeare 370726.mp3
    219. Intro Columbia Workshop 461019.mp3
    220. Intro Comedy Coll Durante 471203.mp3
    221. Intro Comic Parade 450703.mp3
    222. Intro Comic Weekly Man 510325.mp3
    223. Intro Command Performance 421224.mp3
    224. Intro Commercials For Movies Big Broadcast Of 1938.mp3
    225. Intro Complete Broadcast Day 440606.mp3
    226. Intro Concert Hall 420602.mp3
    227. Intro Continental Celebrity Club 460112.mp3
    228. Intro Corns A Poppin.mp3
    229. Intro Corsican Bros.mp3
    230. Intro Corwin 440704.mp3
    231. Intro Corwin 450513.mp3
    232. Intro Count of Monte Cristo.mp3
    233. Intro Counter Spy 420914.mp3
    234. Intro Country Hoedown.mp3
    235. Intro Country Music Time.mp3
    236. Intro Country Style USA.mp3
    237. Intro Cousin Willie 530617.mp3
    238. Intro Cowboy Church Of The Air 530510.mp3
    239. Intro Cowboy Slim Reinhart.mp3
    240. Intro Crazy Water Crystal Program.mp3
    241. Intro Creeps By Night 440711.mp3
    242. Intro Cresta Blanca Carnival 440524.mp3
    243. Intro Cresta Blanca Hollywood Players 461001.mp3
    244. Intro Crime Classics 530629.mp3
    245. Intro Crime Club 461202.mp3
    246. Intro Crime Doctor 450429.mp3
    247. Intro Crime Does Not Pay 500529.mp3
    248. Intro Crime Files Of Flamond 440418.mp3
    249. Intro Crime Peter Chambers 540420.mp3
    250. Intro Cruise of the Poll Parrot 370925.mp3
    251. Intro Curtain Time 480710.mp3
    252. Intro Damon Runyan 490612.mp3
    253. Intro Dan Dunn.mp3
    254. Intro Danger Dr Danfield 460929.mp3
    255. Intro Danger with Granger.mp3
    256. Intro Dangerous Assignment 500424.mp3
    257. Intro Dangerously Yours 440820.mp3
    258. Intro Danny Kaye 450217.mp3
    259. Intro Daredevils Hollywood 380429.mp3
    260. Intro Dark Fantasy 411128.mp3
    261. Intro Dark Venture 461119.mp3
    262. Intro Date With Duke 450512.mp3
    263. Intro Dave Garroway Show 500109.mp3
    264. Intro Dear Adolf 420621.mp3
    265. Intro Dear John Book04 Letter.mp3
    266. Intro Death Valley Days 360827.mp3
    267. Intro December Bride 520615.mp3
    268. Intro Defense Attorney 520410.mp3
    269. Intro Democracy in America 620117.mp3
    270. Intro Dennis Day 470423.mp3
    271. Intro Destination Freedom 480905.mp3
    272. Intro Detective Black and Blue.mp3
    273. Intro Detective Nick Harris 390530.mp3
    274. Intro Devil and Mr O 710917.mp3
    275. Intro Diary Of Fate 480330.mp3
    276. Intro Dick Cole.mp3
    277. Intro Dick Tracy 380415.mp3
    278. Intro Dimension X.mp3
    279. Intro Dimes for Invasion 431002.mp3
    280. Intro Dinah Shore Birdseye 460314.mp3
    281. Intro Dinner Bell Roundup Time 480107.mp3
    282. Intro Dizzy Dean 480703.mp3
    283. Intro Doctor Fights 450619.mp3
    284. Intro Doctor Kildare 501208.mp3
    285. Intro Doctors Wife 530925.mp3
    286. Intro Don Winslow.mp3
    287. Intro Doris Day Show 520425.mp3
    288. Intro Dorothy Kilgallens Diary.mp3
    289. Intro Double Or Nothing 420911.mp3
    290. Intro Double Play.mp3
    291. Intro Douglas Of World 530000.mp3
    292. Intro Down Our Way 14 New School Teacher.mp3
    293. Intro Downbeat.mp3
    294. Intro Dr Christian 371114.mp3
    295. Intro Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.mp3
    296. Intro Dr Six Gun 541031.mp3
    297. Intro Dr Tim.mp3
    298. Intro Dr. Paul 451105.mp3
    299. Intro Dragnet 501221.mp3
    300. Intro Drama International Sa Respect Your Elders.mp3
    301. Intro DreadfulJohnAtMidnight.mp3
    302. Intro Duffys Tavern 440307.mp3
    303. Intro Duke Ellington 451000.mp3
    304. Intro Dunninger The Mentalist 440726.mp3
    305. Intro Easy Aces.mp3
    306. Intro Easy Money 541003.mp3
    307. Intro Eb and Zeb 320513.mp3
    308. Intro Ed Wynn 350222.mp3
    309. Intro Ed Wynn.mp3
    310. Intro Eddie Bracken Show 450128.mp3
    311. Intro Eddie Condons Jazz Concert 441111.mp3
    312. Intro Eddy Arnold Country Hoedown.mp3
    313. Intro Eddy Arnold Social Security Show 650000.mp3
    314. Intro Eddy Duchin Show.mp3
    315. Intro Edgar Bergan Charlie McCarthy 461117.mp3
    316. Intro EdgarAllenPoe-Escape 471022.mp3
    317. Intro Eleventh Hour.mp3
    318. Intro Elgin Holiday Specials 481125.mp3
    319. Intro Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries.mp3
    320. Intro Elmer Davis and the News 391003.mp3
    321. Intro Empire Builders 301111.mp3
    322. Intro Enchanted Hr 491023.mp3
    323. Intro Encore Theater 460806.mp3
    324. Intro Epic Casebook Inspector Carr 691002.mp3
    325. Intro Errol Flynn Lux370607 136 British Agent.mp3
    326. Intro Escape 500505.mp3
    327. Intro Eternal Light 441015.mp3
    328. Intro Europe Confidential.mp3
    329. Intro Everymans Theater 401018.mp3
    330. Intro Everything For The Boys 440411.mp3
    331. Intro Exploring Tomorrow.mp3
    332. Intro Eyes Aloft 421123.mp3
    333. Intro Eyes on the Ball (1947-48).mp3
    334. Intro Fabulous Dr. Tweedy 460112.mp3
    335. Intro Faces In Window 530124.mp3
    336. Intro Falcon Curious Cop.mp3
    337. Intro Falstaffs Fables.mp3
    338. Intro Family Doctor 32.mp3
    339. Intro Famous Escapes 1945.mp3
    340. Intro Fat Man.mp3
    341. Intro Father Coughlin 381204.mp3
    342. Intro Father Flanagans Boys Town 410316.mp3
    343. Intro Father Knows Best 530115.mp3
    344. Intro Faultless Starch Time 521109.mp3
    345. Intro Favorite Story 480522.mp3
    346. Intro FBI Peace War 520807.mp3
    347. Intro Federal Agent.mp3
    348. Intro Fibber Christmas 531222.mp3
    349. Intro Fibber McGee 411230.mp3
    350. Intro Fifth Horseman 460704.mp3
    351. Intro Fighting AAf 450712.mp3
    352. Intro FireFighters.mp3
    353. Intro First Nighter 391013.mp3
    354. Intro Fitch Bandwagon 461229.mp3
    355. Intro Five After Hour 450523.mp3
    356. Intro Five Min Mystery.mp3
    357. Intro Flash Gordon 351019.mp3
    358. Intro Fleischmann 330126.mp3
    359. Intro Forbidden Cargo 550207.mp3
    360. Intro Ford Show 461016.mp3
    361. Intro Ford Theater 480111.mp3
    362. Intro Forecast 400715.mp3
    363. Intro Forever Tops 460603.mp3
    364. Intro Fort Laramie 560205.mp3
    365. Intro Fountain Of Fun 421011.mp3
    366. Intro Four for the Fifth 440617.mp3
    367. Intro Four Star Playhouse 490814.mp3
    368. Intro Frakenstein.mp3
    369. Intro Francis Langford 470821.mp3
    370. Intro Frank Farrell 1940.mp3
    371. Intro Frank Merriwell 480612.mp3
    372. Intro Frank Race.mp3
    373. Intro Frank Watanabe 340703.mp3
    374. Intro Fred Allen 480425.mp3
    375. Intro Fred Astaire on Packard Hour 361103.mp3
    376. Intro Fred Waring 470923.mp3
    377. Intro Free Company 410427.mp3
    378. Intro Freedom USA.mp3
    379. Intro Freedoms People 410900.mp3
    380. Intro Friendly Five Footnotes 301002.mp3
    381. Intro From Bookshelf Of World 400000 043 Kidnapped.mp3
    382. Intro Front And Center 470817.mp3
    383. Intro Front Page Drama 401122 Case Of The Devils Derringer.mp3
    384. Intro Front Page Farrell 490620 Fatal Smile.mp3
    385. Intro Frontier Fighters 1935.mp3
    386. Intro Frontier Gentleman 580615.mp3
    387. Intro Frontier Town 521010.mp3
    388. Intro Fu Manchu 390508.mp3
    389. Intro Fun With Revuers 400929.mp3
    390. Intro Gallant American Women 391107.mp3
    391. Intro Gangbusters Quincy Killers.mp3
    392. Intro Gary Cooper on Lux Radio 400923.mp3
    393. Intro Gasoline Alley 481029.mp3
    394. Intro Gene Autry Melody Ranch.mp3
    395. Intro General Electric Theater 530910.mp3
    396. Intro Gerald Mohr On The Whistler 480602.mp3
    397. Intro Ghost Corp.mp3
    398. Intro GI JIVE AFRS.mp3
    399. Intro GI Journal 441015.mp3
    400. Intro Gildersleeve 431031.mp3
    401. Intro Ginger Rogers on Lux 410505.mp3
    402. Intro Globe Theater 440821.mp3
    403. Intro Gone Fishing Fibber 460611.mp3
    404. Intro Good News 380414.mp3
    405. Intro Gordon MacRae-Texaco 480519.mp3
    406. Intro Grand Central Station.mp3
    407. Intro Grand Marquee 460709.mp3
    408. Intro Grand Ole Opry 391111.mp3
    409. Intro Grandby's Green Acre's 500710.mp3
    410. Intro Grantland Rice 441125.mp3
    411. Intro Grantland Rice Story 550000.mp3
    412. Intro Great Plays 410427.mp3
    413. Intro Great Scenes From Great Plays 481217.mp3
    414. Intro Greatest Sports Thrill 1956.mp3
    415. Intro Greatest Story ever Told 481031.mp3
    416. Intro Green Hornet 421114.mp3
    417. Intro Green Lama 490605.mp3
    418. Intro Green Valley Line 1934.mp3
    419. Intro Gregory Hood 460715.mp3
    420. Intro Gregory Peck on Lux 480920.mp3
    421. Intro Guard Session.mp3
    422. Intro Guess Who 470823.mp3
    423. Intro Guest Star.mp3
    424. Intro Guiding Light.mp3
    425. Intro Gulf Spray Show 470520.mp3
    426. Intro Gunsmoke.mp3
    427. Intro Hall of Fame 441217.mp3
    428. Intro Hall of Fantasy 530601.mp3
    429. Intro Hallmark Hall Of Fame 530329.mp3
    430. Intro Hallmark Playhouse 491027.mp3
    431. Intro Halls Of Ivy 490622.mp3
    432. Intro Hank Williams Mother's Best Flour.mp3
    433. Intro Happy Gang.mp3
    434. Intro Hardy Family.mp3
    435. Intro Harry James Show Marines.mp3
    436. Intro Harry Lime.mp3
    437. Intro Harry Richman Its Floridas Treat.mp3
    438. Intro Hashknife Harley 1950.mp3
    439. Intro Haunting Hour.mp3
    440. Intro Have Gun Will Travel 590222.mp3
    441. Intro Hawk Larabee 470522.mp3
    442. Intro Heart To Heart Hour 351222.mp3
    443. Intro Heartbeat Theatre 580824.mp3
    444. Intro Heartbeats In Sports Headlines 500000.mp3
    445. Intro Hearthstone Death Squad 511213.mp3
    446. Intro Hearts In Harmony 460714.mp3
    447. Intro Hedda Hopper's Hollywd 401203.mp3
    448. Intro Helen Trent.mp3
    449. Intro Hello Americans 421115.mp3
    450. Intro Hello Sucker 520301.mp3
    451. Intro Henry Morgan 470507.mp3
    452. Intro Herbert Armstrong.mp3
    453. Intro Hercule Poirot 451116.mp3
    454. Intro Heres To Veterans Spike Jones Orch.mp3
    455. Intro Hermit's Cave.mp3
    456. Intro Heroes Merchant Marine 460124.mp3
    457. Intro High Adventure 500924.mp3
    458. Intro High Moment 560208.mp3
    459. Intro Hildegardes Radio 450515.mp3
    460. Intro Hillbilly Review 1948.mp3
    461. Intro HilltopHouse 531029.mp3
    462. Intro Hobby Lobby 1935.mp3
    463. Intro Hollywood Barn Dance 461130.mp3
    464. Intro Hollywood Bowl 460714.mp3
    465. Intro Hollywood Byline 500208.mp3
    466. Intro Hollywood Is On The Air [36] 1936.mp3
    467. Intro Hollywood Radio Theater Birds.mp3
    468. Intro Hollywood Sound Stage 511227.mp3
    469. Intro Hollywood Spotlight 350000.mp3
    470. Intro Hollywood Star Playhouse 510920.mp3
    471. Intro Hollywood Star Time 440901.mp3
    472. Intro Hollywoods Open House 480108.mp3
    473. Intro Home Front 1938 1939.mp3
    474. Intro Honest Harold 510328.mp3
    475. Intro Honor The Law 380125.mp3
    476. Intro Hootnavy.mp3
    477. Intro Hop Harrigan 440127.mp3
    478. Intro Horation Hornblower 521017.mp3
    479. Intro Horizons West.mp3
    480. Intro Hour Of Charm 441108.mp3
    481. Intro Hour Of St Francis 510520 Fifty Days.mp3
    482. Intro House Of Mystery 450508.mp3
    483. Intro Houseboat Hanna 390616.mp3
    484. Intro Howard Miller Show 550808.mp3
    485. Intro Howdy Doody Time 520816.mp3
    486. Intro Howie Wing Saga Of Aviation 1938Intro.mp3
    487. Intro Hr Decision Billy Graham 580112.mp3
    488. Intro Human Adventure 460301.mp3
    489. Intro Hv Kaltenborn Edits News 410527.mp3
    490. Intro I Deal In Crime 460121.mp3
    491. Intro I Devise And Bequeath.mp3
    492. Intro I Love a Mystery 491031.mp3
    493. Intro I Love Adventure 480530 .mp3
    494. Intro I Sustain The Wings 440318.mp3
    495. Intro I Was a Communist for the FBI 520507.mp3
    496. Intro I Was There 400519.mp3
    497. Intro If Freedom Fails 01 1951.mp3
    498. Intro Ignorant 441013 Married Men Live Longer.mp3
    499. Intro In Person Dinah Shore 420619.mp3
    500. Intro In Review 400101 1939.mp3
    501. Intro In the Name of the Law 360705.mp3
    502. Intro Incredible But True.mp3
    503. Intro Indian Trails 370000.mp3
    504. Intro Indiana School of the Sky.mp3
    505. Intro Indictment 50000.mp3
    506. Intro Information Please 430122.mp3
    507. Intro Inheritance 540411.mp3
    508. Intro Inner Sanctum 490925.mp3
    509. Intro Inside Track 510000.mp3
    510. Intro Inspector Thorne 510720.mp3
    511. Intro Intrigue 460821.mp3
    512. Intro Ira Cook.mp3
    513. Intro Island Venture 460117.mp3
    514. Intro It Pays to Be Married 540308.mp3
    515. Intro It'S A Crime Mr Collins.mp3
    516. Intro ITMA 440217.mp3
    517. Intro Its Higgins, Sir 510724.mp3
    518. Intro Its Maritime 450710.mp3
    519. Intro Its Time To Smile 421223.mp3
    520. Intro Jack Armstrong 401014.mp3
    521. Intro Jack Benny 480201.mp3
    522. Intro Jack Berch 510510.mp3
    523. Intro Jack Carson Show 470115.mp3
    524. Intro Jack Haley 381028.mp3
    525. Intro Jack Kirkwood Show 530501.mp3
    526. Intro Jack Paar Show 470817.mp3
    527. Intro Jack Smith Show Guest Dinah Shore Circa 1940.mp3
    528. Intro Jackie Gleason Les Tremayne Show 440813.mp3
    529. Intro Jason and the Golden Fleece.mp3
    530. Intro Jazz Club USA 41 520000.mp3
    531. Intro Jeff Regan 480814.mp3
    532. Intro Jerry At Fair Oaks.mp3
    533. Intro Jerry of Circus.mp3
    534. Intro Jill Corey Sings 1957.mp3
    535. Intro Jills All Time Juke Box.mp3
    536. Intro Jimmie Fidler Hollywood Show Biz News.mp3
    537. Intro Jimmy Durante 481217.mp3
    538. Intro Jimmy Durante Garry Moore 450126.mp3
    539. Intro Joan Crawford on Suspense 490602.mp3
    540. Intro Joan Davis Show 451203.mp3
    541. Intro Joe DiMaggio Show 490000.mp3
    542. Intro Joe Garagiola Show 550000.mp3
    543. Intro Joe Penner 361213.mp3
    544. Intro John Charles Thomas 440611.mp3
    545. Intro John Steele, Adventurer 500418.mp3
    546. Intro Johnnie Lee Wills.mp3
    547. Intro Johnny Dollar 590329.mp3
    548. Intro Johnny Madero 470626.mp3
    549. Intro Johnny Mercer 440711.mp3
    550. Intro Join Navy.mp3
    551. Intro Journey into Space 541006.mp3
    552. Intro Joyce Jordan 471027.mp3
    553. Intro Jr Gmen 360605.mp3
    554. Intro Jubilee 421009.mp3
    555. Intro Judy Canova 470426.mp3
    556. Intro Jump Jump Ice Queen 481122.mp3
    557. Intro Jungle Jim 380903.mp3
    558. Intro Junior Miss 530106.mp3
    559. Intro Just Entertainment 570124.mp3
    560. Intro Just Plain Bill.mp3
    561. Intro Kate Smith Show 440421.mp3
    562. Intro Kay Fairchild 410401.mp3
    563. Intro Kay Kysers Kollege of Musical Knowledge.mp3
    564. Intro Keep Em Rolling 420517.mp3
    565. Intro Kelvinator Country Club 36.mp3
    566. Intro Keys To The Capitol 540811.mp3
    567. Intro Kings Jesters 1930.mp3
    568. Intro Kingsmen 490703.mp3
    569. Intro Kitty Keene 390408.mp3
    570. Intro Korean Magic Carpet.mp3
    571. Intro Kraft Music Hall 460228.mp3
    572. Intro Kraft Music Hall 471127.mp3
    573. Intro Land Of The Lost 451230.mp3
    574. Intro Lands Of The Free 420824.mp3
    575. Intro Last Nighter.mp3
    576. Intro Laurel Hardy Mr Slaters Poultry Market 1944.mp3
    577. Intro Lauritz Melchoir 480513.mp3
    578. Intro Leather Stocking Tales.mp3
    579. Intro Leave It To The Girls.mp3
    580. Intro Leo Is On The Air 1937.mp3
    581. Intro Leonidas Witherall 441008.mp3
    582. Intro Les Brown Show.mp3
    583. Intro Les Miserables 370726.mp3
    584. Intro Les Paul 500526.mp3
    585. Intro Lest We Forget.mp3
    586. Intro Let George Do It 471003.mp3
    587. Intro Lets Go To Opera 461005.mp3
    588. Intro Lets Go To Town.mp3
    589. Intro Lets Go With Music.mp3
    590. Intro Lets Pretend 470823.mp3
    591. Intro Life In Your Hands 500525.mp3
    592. Intro Life Of Mary Southern.mp3
    593. Intro Life of Riley 480103.mp3
    594. Intro Life With Luigi 500103 Pietro Needs An Overcoat.mp3
    595. Intro Lifebuoy Show Al Jolson 370928.mp3
    596. Intro Light Crust Doughboys 1948.mp3
    597. Intro Light Up Time 500208.mp3
    598. Intro Lightning Jim.mp3
    599. Intro Lights Out 380330.mp3
    600. Intro Lindas First Love 490519.mp3
    601. Intro Lineup 521022.mp3
    602. Intro Little Jack Little 301006.mp3
    603. Intro Little Jack Little 301016.mp3
    604. Intro Little Orphan Annie 36 1019.mp3
    605. Intro Live from Birdland 530101.mp3
    606. Intro Live, Mark Hopkins Hotel 320224.mp3
    607. Intro Living Fiction 540424.mp3
    608. Intro Login Cabin Jamobree 380122.mp3
    609. Intro London Studio Concerts 461211.mp3
    610. Intro Lone Indian 370000.mp3
    611. Intro Lone Ranger 381207.mp3
    612. Intro Lonesome Gal 510302.mp3
    613. Intro Lora Lawton 471026.mp3
    614. Intro Lorenzo Jones 390000.mp3
    615. Intro Loretta Young on Lux Radio 401125.mp3
    616. Intro Lou Holtz Laugh Club.mp3
    617. Intro Louella Parsons 481109.mp3
    618. Intro Love Story 371024.mp3
    619. Intro Luke Slaughter 580303.mp3
    620. Intro Lux Radio Theater 470310.mp3
    621. Intro Lux SA 671113.mp3
    622. Intro Lyndon B. Johnson 631127.mp3
    623. Intro Ma Perkins 038.mp3
    624. Intro Macabre 611113.mp3
    625. Intro Magic Key 360112.mp3
    626. Intro Magnificent Montague 501201.mp3
    627. Intro Mail Call 440823.mp3
    628. Intro Maisie 500119.mp3
    629. Intro Majestics Master Of Mystery 340127.mp3
    630. Intro Major Bowes Original Amateur Hour 390921.mp3
    631. Intro Man Behind The Gun 440129.mp3
    632. Intro Man Called X 470619.mp3
    633. Intro Man From Homicide 510716.mp3
    634. Intro Man In Black 511121.mp3
    635. Intro Man in the Iron Mask.mp3
    636. Intro Manhattan Melodies.mp3
    637. Intro Manhattan Merry Go Round 430000.mp3
    638. Intro Manhunt.mp3
    639. Intro March Of Dimes 1953 Summer Concert.mp3
    640. Intro March Of Time 390303.mp3
    641. Intro Marine Story 480300.mp3
    642. Intro Mark Trail 500306.mp3
    643. Intro Marlene Dietrich Burns Allen 490317.mp3
    644. Intro Marriage 531115.mp3
    645. Intro Martha Meade Society Program 330516.mp3
    646. Intro Martin Kane Private Detective 531029.mp3
    647. Intro Martin Lewis 490403.mp3
    648. Intro Mary Foster Editors Daughter.mp3
    649. Intro Mary Lee Taylor 481030.mp3
    650. Intro Mary Margaret Mcbride 450112.mp3
    651. Intro Mary Noble Backstage Wife.mp3
    652. Intro Masters Of Melody.mp3
    653. Intro Matthew Slade.mp3
    654. Intro Mayor 421224.mp3
    655. Intro Mcgarry And His Mouse 460626.mp3
    656. Intro Medical File.mp3
    657. Intro Medicine Usa 520329.mp3
    658. Intro Meet Corliss Archer 470406.mp3
    659. Intro Meet Me At Parkys 450617.mp3
    660. Intro Meet Millie.mp3
    661. Intro Meet Mr McNutley 540422.mp3
    662. Intro Meet the Meeks 471220.mp3
    663. Intro Mel Blanc 461119.mp3
    664. Intro Melody Ranch 490917.mp3
    665. Intro Melody Ranch 530920.mp3
    666. Intro Melody Roundup.mp3
    667. Intro Memories Of Hawaii.mp3
    668. Intro Men At Sea 430801.mp3
    669. Intro Men Of Vision 370802.mp3
    670. Intro Meredith Willson's Music Review 400723.mp3
    671. Intro Merry Go Round Melodies 470521.mp3
    672. Intro Metropolitan Opera 530309.mp3
    673. Intro Mgm Theatre 491209.mp3
    674. Intro Michael Shayne 490115.mp3
    675. Intro Mickey Rooney BA 490519.mp3
    676. Intro Milton Berle 471021.mp3
    677. Intro Mind Your Manners 490108.mp3
    678. Intro Mirth Parade 330000.mp3
    679. Intro Mitch Miller Show 610715.mp3
    680. Intro MMT 460823.mp3
    681. Intro Modern Romances 1944.mp3
    682. Intro Monitor Beacon 1955.mp3
    683. Intro Monticello Party Line 380427.mp3
    684. Intro Moon Over Africa 350316.mp3
    685. Intro Mothers Best Flour 510000.mp3
    686. Intro Mr Ace and Jane 480214.mp3
    687. Intro Mr and Mrs North 531006.mp3
    688. Intro Mr District Attorney.mp3
    689. Intro Mr Keene 500601.mp3
    690. Intro Mr Moto.mp3
    691. Intro Mr Mrs Blandings 510428.mp3
    692. Intro Mr President 480328.mp3
    693. Intro Mrs Eleanor Roosevelts Own Program 400430.mp3
    694. Intro MSA Old Tales and New 500816.mp3
    695. Intro MT 381030.mp3
    696. Intro Much About Dolittle 500323.mp3
    697. Intro Murder At Midnight 470106.mp3
    698. Intro Murder By Experts 490702.mp3
    699. Intro Murder Clinic 421006.mp3
    700. Intro Murder Will Out 460508.mp3
    701. Intro Music America Loves Best 440812.mp3
    702. Intro Music Depreciation 441231.mp3
    703. Intro Music For Millions 450622.mp3
    704. Intro Music The Muse 500319.mp3
    705. Intro My Favorite Husband 480820.mp3
    706. Intro My Friend Irma 470721.mp3
    707. Intro My Little Margie.mp3
    708. Intro My Name Is Adam Kane All Money In World.mp3
    709. Intro My Son Jeep 530426.mp3
    710. Intro Myrt Marge 460403.mp3
    711. Intro Mysterious Traveler 511106.mp3
    712. Intro Mystery House.mp3
    713. Intro Mystery in the Air (Peter Lorre) 470807.mp3
    714. Intro Mystery is my Hobby.mp3
    715. Intro Name of the Law 360628.mp3
    716. Intro Nash Kelvinator Musical Showroom 450902.mp3
    717. Intro National Barn Dance 421212.mp3
    718. Intro National Boys Club Week Roy Rogers And Gang Excerpt.mp3
    719. Intro National Hour 460127.mp3
    720. Intro NBC Bandstand 560830.mp3
    721. Intro NBC Short Story 510525.mp3
    722. Intro NBC Star Playhouse 540103.mp3
    723. Intro NBCUT 490508.mp3
    724. Intro Nebbs 451007.mp3
    725. Intro Nehi Program 1935.mp3
    726. Intro Nelson Eddy Electric Hour 441018.mp3
    727. Intro Nelson Olmsteds Short Stories 400807.mp3
    728. Intro Nero Wolfe 501020.mp3
    729. Intro New National Guard Show.mp3
    730. Intro New Orleans Jazz Band.mp3
    731. Intro New Theater 510708.mp3
    732. Intro New World A Coming 440312.mp3
    733. Intro News 390901.mp3
    734. Intro News 420225.mp3
    735. Intro News 431224.mp3
    736. Intro News 460421.mp3
    737. Intro News 480403.mp3
    738. Intro Nick Carter 430706.mp3
    739. Intro Night Editor.mp3
    740. Intro Nightbeat.mp3
    741. Intro Nona From Nowhere 500207.mp3
    742. Intro Nonsense And Melody 300000.mp3
    743. Intro Nora Drake 471209.mp3
    744. Intro Notes From Your Soldiers Notebook 450414.mp3
    745. Intro Now Hear This 510624.mp3
    746. Intro Obsession.mp3
    747. Intro Official Detective 561101.mp3
    748. Intro Old Corral 410000 033 Out West To Texas(0).mp3
    749. Intro Old Corral 410000.mp3
    750. Intro Old Fashioned Revival Hour 520406.mp3
    751. Intro Old Gold Comedy 450107.mp3
    752. Intro Oldsmobile Program 340216.mp3
    753. Intro Omar Wizard Of Persia Ep1 1931.mp3
    754. Intro On Stage 530402.mp3
    755. Intro One Mans Family.mp3
    756. Intro One Night Stand 431201.mp3
    757. Intro One World Flight 47011401.mp3
    758. Intro Order In Court 530226.mp3
    759. Intro Origin Of Superstition 35.mp3
    760. Intro Orson Welles Almanac 440126.mp3
    761. Intro Our Gal Sunday 440607.mp3
    762. Intro Our Land Be Bright 480000.mp3
    763. Intro Our Miss Brooks 490109.mp3
    764. Intro Out Of The Deep 460209.mp3
    765. Intro Over Here 421226.mp3
    766. Intro Ozzie Harriet.mp3
    767. Intro Pabst 471127.mp3
    768. Intro Pabst Blue Ribbon Bouts 560912.mp3
    769. Intro Pacific Powerland.mp3
    770. Intro Pacific Story 460630.mp3
    771. Intro Palmolive Beauty Box Theater 370210.mp3
    772. Intro Passing Parade.mp3
    773. Intro Passport To Romance 460322.mp3
    774. Intro Pat Novak 490327.mp3
    775. Intro Pat Novak For Hire (Jack Webb) 490423.mp3
    776. Intro Pat ODaniel Hillbilly Boys 0091939.mp3
    777. Intro Paul Whiteman 430620.mp3
    778. Intro Paul Winchell Jerry Mahoney Show 440710.mp3
    779. Intro Penn Keystone Democracy.mp3
    780. Intro People Act 510217.mp3
    781. Intro People Are Funny 500207.mp3
    782. Intro People Under Communism.mp3
    783. Intro Pepper Young's Family.mp3
    784. Intro Peril The Ultimate.mp3
    785. Intro Perry Como Guard Session.mp3
    786. Intro Personal Album 0701.mp3
    787. Intro Pet Milk Show 481009.mp3
    788. Intro Pete Kelley Blues 510912.mp3
    789. Intro Phil Baker CPUSA 470511.mp3
    790. Intro Phil Harris Alice Faye 491225.mp3
    791. Intro Phil Rizzuto Sports Caravan 1954.mp3
    792. Intro Philco Radio Time 471112.mp3
    793. Intro Philco Summer Hour 440604.mp3
    794. Intro Philip Marlowe 470617.mp3
    795. Intro Philip Morris Playhouse 490225.mp3
    796. Intro Philo Vance 490215.mp3
    797. Intro Phyl Coe.mp3
    798. Intro Pick And Pat 370531.mp3
    799. Intro Pillsbury House Party.mp3
    800. Intro Pinto Pete In Arizona.mp3
    801. Intro Pinto Pete King Of The Rangers.mp3
    802. Intro Pipes Of Scotland 480216.mp3
    803. Intro Pipes Scotland 471206.mp3
    804. Intro Pirates Escape 480321.mp3
    805. Intro Planet Man.mp3
    806. Intro Plantation Party 430000.mp3
    807. Intro Player 480000.mp3
    808. Intro Plays For Americans 420621.mp3
    809. Intro Point Sublime 471208.mp3
    810. Intro Police HQ.mp3
    811. Intro Police Report.mp3
    812. Intro Polka Party 600129.mp3
    813. Intro Portia Faces Life 450810.mp3
    814. Intro Presenting Charles Boyer 500928.mp3
    815. Intro Price Of Liberty 02 1950.mp3
    816. Intro Proudly We Hail 560715.mp3
    817. Intro Pursuit 491110.mp3
    818. Intro Quaker Party 381001.mp3
    819. Intro Queen For A Day 500213.mp3
    820. Intro Quick And Dead 500706.mp3
    821. Intro Quick as a Flash 470323.mp3
    822. Intro Quiet Please 480202.mp3
    823. Intro Quiz Kids 410416.mp3
    824. Intro Quiz Kids What will Dewey wear in the White House 1948.mp3
    825. Intro Radio Guild 390514.mp3
    826. Intro Radiocityplayhouse 490425.mp3
    827. Intro Raffles 421104.mp3
    828. Intro Rail Road Hour 500123.mp3
    829. Intro Raleigh Kool Program 370118.mp3
    830. Intro Random Rarities Hollywood Fights Back 471026.mp3
    831. Intro RandomRarities2 MartinKane,PrivateDetective531022.mp3
    832. Intro Rare Captain-Captain Starr Of Space.mp3
    833. Intro Rare Detecives-Bishop Gargoyle 400714.mp3
    834. Intro Rarities 1930s Fred Astaire Show 361103 .mp3
    835. Intro Ray Bolger Show 450824.mp3
    836. Intro RayBradbury X 1 550508.mp3
    837. Intro Readers Digest 470724.mp3
    838. Intro Real Mccoys 570910.mp3
    839. Intro Recollections At 30 561024.mp3
    840. Intro Red Foley Show.mp3
    841. Intro Red Horse Ranch.mp3
    842. Intro Red Ryder 420319.mp3
    843. Intro Red Skeleton 460205.mp3
    844. Intro Redbook Dramas 320811.mp3
    845. Intro Reefer Madness Whisperer 510708.mp3
    846. Intro Refreshment Club 361201.mp3
    847. Intro Religious Coll Revival Hour 400310.mp3
    848. Intro Remember.mp3
    849. Intro Renfrew Of The Mounted 390204.mp3
    850. Intro Renfro Valley Gathering.mp3
    851. Intro Request Performance 451007.mp3
    852. Intro Results Inc 441216.mp3
    853. Intro Rex Saunders 510509.mp3
    854. Intro Richard Diamond 490515.mp3
    855. Intro Riding High 370401.mp3
    856. Intro Right To Happiness 420521.mp3
    857. Intro Rin Tin Tin 551127.mp3
    858. Intro Ripley One Minute Shorts.mp3
    859. Intro Road Of Life 471218.mp3
    860. Intro Robert Arden News Commentary 400520.mp3
    861. Intro Robots 2000Plus.mp3
    862. Intro Rocky Fortune 531222.mp3
    863. Intro Rocky Jordan 490814.mp3
    864. Intro Rogers Of The Gazette 530923.mp3
    865. Intro Rogues Gallery 460131.mp3
    866. Intro Romance 440125.mp3
    867. Intro Romance Ranchos 411231.mp3
    868. Intro Rosemary 460722.mp3
    869. Intro Roy Acuff Show.mp3
    870. Intro Roy Rogers 450508.mp3
    871. Intro Royal Hawaiian Hotel 1934.mp3
    872. Intro Rudy Vallee 370617.mp3
    873. Intro Rudy Vallee Royal Gelatin Hour 380505.mp3
    874. Intro Sad Sack 460612.mp3
    875. Intro Sagebrush Roundup Roll Along Jordan.mp3
    876. Intro Saint 500806.mp3
    877. Intro Salute To Song.mp3
    878. Intro Sam Spade 501208.mp3
    879. Intro Sammy Kaye 066 440910.mp3
    880. Intro Scarlet Pimperial.mp3
    881. Intro Scarlet Queen 471203.mp3
    882. Intro Scattergood Baines 490224.mp3
    883. Intro Sciencemagazineoftheair.mp3
    884. Intro Scout About Town 470701.mp3
    885. Intro Screen Directors 490501.mp3
    886. Intro Screen Guild Theater 500709.mp3
    887. Intro Sea Hound 440309.mp3
    888. Intro Sealed Book Design For Death.mp3
    889. Intro Sealedtest Variety 481118.mp3
    890. Intro Search.mp3
    891. Intro Second Chance 530622.mp3
    892. Intro Secret Agent K7 Returns 1939.mp3
    893. Intro Secret Missions 490306.mp3
    894. Intro Serenade In Blue.mp3
    895. Intro Sf68 680322.mp3
    896. Intro Sgt Preston of the Yukon 431030.mp3
    897. Intro Shakespeare Susp Othello.mp3
    898. Intro Shell Chateau 351012.mp3
    899. Intro Sherlock Holmes 450430.mp3
    900. Intro Shorty Bell, Cub Reporter 480613.mp3
    901. Intro Show Stoppers 460609.mp3
    902. Intro Showtime W Helen Forrest.mp3
    903. Intro Si and Elmer.mp3
    904. Intro Silent Men 511223.mp3
    905. Intro Silver Eagle 541130.mp3
    906. Intro Silver Theater 390326.mp3
    907. Intro Singin Sam Refreshing Time 391009.mp3
    908. Intro Six Shooter 18 540117.mp3
    909. Intro Skippy Hollywood Theatre.mp3
    910. Intro Sky Blazers 400106.mp3
    911. Intro Sky King 510412.mp3
    912. Intro Sleep No More 561219.mp3
    913. Intro Smilin Eds Buster Brown Gang 490226.mp3
    914. Intro Smilin' Jack 1939.mp3
    915. Intro Smiths Hollywood 470117.mp3
    916. Intro So Story Goes 038 Neblett Alice Wonderland 1944.mp3
    917. Intro Somebody Knows 500713.mp3
    918. Intro Something For Girls.mp3
    919. Intro Son of Porthos.mp3
    920. Intro Sonny and Buddy 360726.mp3
    921. Intro Sound Of War.mp3
    922. Intro Sound Off.mp3
    923. Intro Southland Echoes 1949.mp3
    924. Intro Space Patrol 530425.mp3
    925. Intro Speaking Of Liberty 410724.mp3
    926. Intro Speed Gibson 390121.mp3
    927. Intro Sports Answer Man.mp3
    928. Intro Sportsmens Club 431211.mp3
    929. Intro Spotlight Bands 431108.mp3
    930. Intro Spotlight Revue 480402.mp3
    931. Intro Squad Cars.mp3
    932. Intro Squibb Show 431215.mp3
    933. Intro St Patricks Day-Fibber 470513.mp3
    934. Intro Stan Kenton 530623.mp3
    935. Intro Stand By For Adventure.mp3
    936. Intro Starr of Space 530000.mp3
    937. Intro Stars For Defense.mp3
    938. Intro Stars In The Air 520301.mp3
    939. Intro Stars Of Jazz 580000.mp3
    940. Intro Stars On Parade.mp3
    941. Intro Stars Over Hollywood 520711.mp3
    942. Intro Stella Dallas.mp3
    943. Intro Stoopnagle Bud 350315.mp3
    944. Intro Stop The Music 510101.mp3
    945. Intro Story Behind Headlines 380217.mp3
    946. Intro Story Behind the Song 1930.mp3
    947. Intro Story Of Empire County 1949.mp3
    948. Intro Straightarrow 480506.mp3
    949. Intro Strange 1955.mp3
    950. Intro Strange Adventure.mp3
    951. Intro Strange As It Seems.mp3
    952. Intro Strange Dr Weird 421212.mp3
    953. Intro Strange Wills 460608.mp3
    954. Intro Streamlined Shakespeare 370726.mp3
    955. Intro Stroke of Fate 531206.mp3
    956. Intro Strollin Tom 480822.mp3
    957. Intro Studio One 470000.mp3
    958. Intro Sunday Down South 491106.mp3
    959. Intro Sunny Valley 370214.mp3
    960. Intro Superman 410210.mp3
    961. Intro Suspense 561111.mp3
    962. Intro Suspicion 1935.mp3
    963. Intro Tailspin Tommy 410905.mp3
    964. Intro Take It Or Leave It 470713.mp3
    965. Intro Tales From The Diamond K 1951.mp3
    966. Intro Tales Of Fatima 490521.mp3
    967. Intro Tales Of The Foreign Service 460830.mp3
    968. Intro Tales Of Tomorrow 530101.mp3
    969. Intro Tall Tales 540928.mp3
    970. Intro Tarzan 511220.mp3
    971. Intro Taxi 691221.mp3
    972. Intro Tell It Again 480613.mp3
    973. Intro Tennesse Jed 460111.mp3
    974. Intro Tenth Man 471017.mp3
    975. Intro Terry The Pirates 470115.mp3
    976. Intro Texaco 390913.mp3
    977. Intro Texaco Town 360920.mp3
    978. Intro Texas Rangers 520120.mp3
    979. Intro That Brewster Boy 410000.mp3
    980. Intro That Hammer Guy 530407.mp3
    981. Intro That Strong Guy.mp3
    982. Intro That was the Year 370614.mp3
    983. Intro Thats Rich 531121.mp3
    984. Intro The Adventurers Club 470208.mp3
    985. Intro The Air Castle.mp3
    986. Intro The Big Guy 500507.mp3
    987. Intro The Chase 530503.mp3
    988. Intro The Navy Swings.mp3
    989. Intro The World In Music.mp3
    990. Intro Theat Of Rom 460219.mp3
    991. Intro Theater Guild OTA 470413.mp3
    992. Intro Theater Of Hits 54.mp3
    993. Intro Theatre Royal.mp3
    994. Intro These Are Our Men 450210.mp3
    995. Intro Thin Man 441006.mp3
    996. Intro Thirty Minutes In Hollywood 380227.mp3
    997. Intro This Is Civil Defense 560000.mp3
    998. Intro This Is Jazz 600506.mp3
    999. Intro This Is My Best 450313.mp3
    1000. Intro This Is My Story 430000.mp3
    1001. Intro This Is Our Enemy 420726.mp3
    1002. Intro This Is Paris 490811.mp3
    1003. Intro This Is Story.mp3
    1004. Intro This is your FBI 520208.mp3
    1005. Intro This Is Your Life 500308.mp3
    1006. Intro This Life Is Mine 430729.mp3
    1007. Intro Tide Show 510827.mp3
    1008. Intro Time Out 451015.mp3
    1009. Intro Tman 500429.mp3
    1010. Intro To Be Perfectly Frank 540126.mp3
    1011. Intro To Have And To Hold.mp3
    1012. Intro To Your Good Health 440324.mp3
    1013. Intro Tom Corbett 520115.mp3
    1014. Intro Tom Mix 1945.mp3
    1015. Intro Tommy Dorsey with Frank Sinatra.mp3
    1016. Intro Tonight At Nine Thirty 460202.mp3
    1017. Intro Tonight On Broadway 440426.mp3
    1018. Intro Top Secret 500625.mp3
    1019. Intro Topper 450000.mp3
    1020. Intro Tops In Sports.mp3
    1021. Intro Town And Country Time.mp3
    1022. Intro Town Hall Tonight 360219.mp3
    1023. Intro Transatlantic Call 440921.mp3
    1024. Intro Travels Mary Ward 370305.mp3
    1025. Intro Treasury Salute 440710.mp3
    1026. Intro Treasury Star Parade.mp3
    1027. Intro True Detective Mystery 571014.mp3
    1028. Intro Truth Or Consequences 471025.mp3
    1029. Intro Turn Back Clock 580704.mp3
    1030. Intro Twenty Questions 500211.mp3
    1031. Intro Two Thousand Plus.mp3
    1032. Intro Uncle Ezra Show 440000.mp3
    1033. Intro Uncle Jimmy.mp3
    1034. Intro Unexpected.mp3
    1035. Intro Unit 99.mp3
    1036. Intro United Nations Radio 530000.mp3
    1037. Intro University of Chicago 481205.mp3
    1038. Intro Unsolved Mysteries.mp3
    1039. Intro Up For Parole 500901.mp3
    1040. Intro Upper Room 1947.mp3
    1041. Intro US Navy Shows.mp3
    1042. Intro US Steel Hour Of Mystery Journey Into Fear 1946.mp3
    1043. Intro Valiant Lady .mp3
    1044. Intro Vallee Varieties 410116.mp3
    1045. Intro Vicks Romantic Bachelor 330222.mp3
    1046. Intro Vicsade 440124.mp3
    1047. Intro Victor Borge 450703.mp3
    1048. Intro Victory Front.mp3
    1049. Intro Voice Of Firestone 510611.mp3
    1050. Intro Voice of the Army.mp3
    1051. Intro Voxpop 440717.mp3
    1052. Intro Voyage Scarlet Queen 471210.mp3
    1053. Intro Wake Up Ranch 490226.mp3
    1054. Intro Walter Winchell hosts tribute.mp3
    1055. Intro Waltz Time 410530.mp3
    1056. Intro Wanted 500701.mp3
    1057. Intro War Telescope 440129.mp3
    1058. Intro Warner Brothers Academy Theatre 380424.mp3
    1059. Intro Ways Of Mankind 521214.mp3
    1060. Intro Wayside Theater 390205.mp3
    1061. Intro We Came This Way 441229.mp3
    1062. Intro We People 370418.mp3
    1063. Intro Wed With You 450905.mp3
    1064. Intro What Are We Fighting For 420402 1.mp3
    1065. Intro Whats My Line.mp3
    1066. Intro When A Girl Marries.mp3
    1067. Intro Which is Which 441206.mp3
    1068. Intro Whisperer 510708.mp3
    1069. Intro Whispering Streets.mp3
    1070. Intro Whistler 500507.mp3
    1071. Intro Wild Bill Hickock.mp3
    1072. Intro Willson-Nesbitt Summer Show 420922.mp3
    1073. Intro Wings To Victory 430415.mp3
    1074. Intro Witch Tale 330306.mp3
    1075. Intro Witness.mp3
    1076. Intro Word Detective.mp3
    1077. Intro Words At War 431123.mp3
    1078. Intro Words at War 440627.mp3
    1079. Intro World Adventurers Club.mp3
    1080. Intro World In Music.mp3
    1081. Intro World Is Yours, The 371219.mp3
    1082. Intro World Security Workshop 470102.mp3
    1083. Intro Worlds Great Novels 470103.mp3
    1084. Intro Worlds Greatest Short Stories 400930.mp3
    1085. Intro Wormwood Forest 490108.mp3
    1086. Intro WPA 1939.mp3
    1087. Intro WWII Soldiers of the Press.mp3
    1088. Intro X Minus One 550508.mp3
    1089. Intro Yankee Yarns 470929.mp3
    1090. Intro You Are The Jury.mp3
    1091. Intro You Are There 471106.mp3
    1092. Intro You Bet Your Life 491001.mp3
    1093. Intro You Cant Do Business Hitler-Intro.mp3
    1094. Intro Young Dr Malone.mp3
    1095. Intro Young Love 490509.mp3
    1096. Intro Young Widder Brows.mp3
    1097. Intro Your Aaf 450906.mp3
    1098. Intro Your Hit Parade 440715.mp3
    1099. Intro Your Movietown Radio Theater 480000.mp3
    1100. Intro Your Playhouse Of Favorites 480514.mp3
    1101. Intro Your Rhythm Revue 530000.mp3
    1102. Intro Your Story Parade.mp3
    1103. Intro Ziegfeld Follies Of The Air 320410.mp3
    1104. Lets Go To Opera 461005 Intro.mp3