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01.Sam Spade
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1 MP3 CD - 110 episodes

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RadioAdventures Ahead with the new OTRCAT Sampler #8!  Choose a Song or better yet to pick the Music America Loves Best like Ziegfeld Follies and NBC Bandstand.  He'd say that I Was There with Jack Smith, Our Gal Sunday, Nelson Eddy, Johnny Mercer, and Pat Novak.

OTRCAT.com Sampler #8 will Keep Em Rolling until it's Light-up Time in Sunny Valley.  It's an Obessession with the Better Half of OTRCAT.com's latest collections and compilations.  Can You Imagine That? 

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

110 shows - total playtime 41 hours 15 minutes

Abroad With the Lockharts - 02 Sailing Day
Adventure Ahead 440805 01 Two Years Before Mast
Appointment with Fear 430918 Pit and the Pendulum
Arthur Godfrey 491128 White Guard-Bill Bloxom
Aunt Mary 420000 237 Driving Back To Chicago
B A Rolfe And His Orchestra 340626
Barry Gray 491014 Milton Berle
Better Half 460402
Better Living Radio Theater 04 Milk For Millions
Betty and Bob 470616 Returned To Their Home Town
Bride And Groom 460312
Can You Imagine That 01 Aunt Marys New Tooth
Cbs News Of The World Am Edition 420601
CBS World News Today 421101 Eleanor Roosevelt
Cbsewn 400805 Uk Invasion Near Norway
Cecil Sally 0076 Confession Magazine Rejects Cecil's Story
Chesterfield Show 400613 Moonlight Serenade
Choose A Song 400000 02 Stairway To Stars
Christmas On The Blue Network 441225 Part 1
Chrysler Showroom 08 June Is Busting Out
Claudia 471222 61 Pipe Shopping
College Quiz Bowl 550305 Mt. Holyoke College V Colgate U
Complete Broadcast Day 440606 Nbc 2215 Bobhope
Continental Celebrity Club 460112 0006 Anne Rutherford
Crazy Water Crystal Program Goosebird In Haystackno End
Democracy in America 620117 Where Could I Be Better Off
Down Our Way 14 New School Teacher
Enchanted Hr 491023 Handels Water Music Suite Highlight
Eyes Aloft 421123 Santa Maria Idea
Father Flanagans Boys Town 410316 Tragic Family
Federal Agent Killing In London
Fibber Christmas 531222 Haggling Over A Christmas Tree
Fitch Bandwagon 461229 Cassanova Rides Again
Fountain Of Fun 421011 Retouching Photograph
Frank Watanabe 340703 026 Cleopatra Martin Visits
Gabriel Heatter 430418 Latest Nazi Claims
General Electric Theater 530910 Ep 10 State Fair
Great Plays 410427 085 Pride And Prejudice
Heartbeat Theatre 580824 130 Friends and Brothers
Hearthstone Death Squad 511213 Marriage Annulment
Hearts In Harmony 460714 1380
Honor The Law 380125 012 The Sullivan Diamond
Hoofers 34 episode 11
House Of Mystery 450508 Monster In Lake
I Devise And Bequeath 01 Mad Concerto
I Was There 400519 Wilson Vs Hughes Election
In Review 400101 1939 In Review
Indictment 50000 Witness Who Wasnt
Inspector Thorne 510720 001 Fabulous Divorce Payoff
Its Time To Smile 421223 55 Guest Ida Lupino
Jack Smith Show Guest Dinah Shore Circa 1940 S
Johnny Mercer 440711 Is You Is Or Is You Aint My Baby
Keep Em Rolling 420517 28 I Am An American
Kelvinator Country Club 36 04 Figalino, from Top Hat
Kentucky Derby Call 1938
Keys To The Capitol 540811 American Attitude Toward Comm
Korn Kobblers 1941 237 Sunny
Land Of The Lost 451230 Ralph Royster The Oyster
Les Brown Show - How about You
Light Up Time 500208 The Best Things in Life Are Free
Man In Black 511121 Aud Perfect Murder
Manhunt - 21 Murder Maestro
Mary Foster Editors Daughter Episode 2196
Mind Your Manners 490108 Should Teenagers Play Kissing Games
Monitor Beacon 1955 Weaver
Mr Ace and Jane 480214 01 Loan Company
Music America Loves Best 440812
My Son Jeep 530426 Checking Account
Nash Kelvinator Musical Showroom 450902 Penns Polka
National Hour 460127 11 Fight To Protect Money
NBC Bandstand 560830 Ralph Flanagan
Nebbs 451007 World Series Game
Nelson Eddy Electric Hour 441018 005 Drums In My Heart
Obsession 13 North Wind Jane Wyatt
Official Detective 561101 Drunk Accused Of Murder
Old Fashioned Revival Hour 520406 Satan
One World Flight 47011401 Introduction To One World Flight
Order In Court 530226 06 Three Musketeers
Our Gal Sunday 440607 Ambrose Black Swan Hall Until Heals
Pacific Story 460630 154 Atomic Bomb Bikini Atoll
Pat Novak 490327 007 Joe Candono Blackmail
Pinto Pete King Of The Rangers
Plays For Americans 420621 20 Adolf and Mrs Runyon
Rare Detecives-Bishop & Gargoyle 400714 Jennifer Botts Case
Renfro Valley Gathering Ep 51 Going Back To Texas
Scattergood Baines 490224 Sweet Charity
Show Stoppers 460609 17 Boris Karloff
Strollin Tom 480822 06 Pine Trees And Pine Cones
Sunny Valley 370214 Valentines Day Show
Tonight At Nine Thirty 460202 04 Devil Is A Woman
Uncle Jimmy Episode 044
University of Chicago 481205 Race Problems and World Peace
Upper Room 1947 Those Whom God Hath Joined Together
Voice of the Army 213 Names on the List (Helen Hayes)
Voxpop 440717 Fort Ord Monterey Bay CA
Wanted 500701 00 Aud William Willie
War Telescope 440129 800 Planes Attack Frankfort
Wayside Theater 390205 Lily Brown Leaves
We Came This Way 441229 13 The French Revolution
We People 370418 Dinosaur Tracks
Wed With You 450905 Love Letters-Gershwin Summertime
Whats My Line Crosby Brothers
Words with Music with Poetry
Worlds Great Novels 470103 Moby Dick 14
Worlds Greatest Short Stories 400930 Tell Tale Heart
You Are The Jury - 01 - People Vs Professor Grim
Your Movietown Radio Theater 480000 Sunday Punch
Your Rhythm Revue 530000 Come Ona My House
Ziegfeld Follies Of The Air 320410


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