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 OTRCAT SAMPLER 06 (Purchase an extra copy)

1 MP3 CD - 100 episodes


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Radio ImagesThrilling Sampler #6 is now available. Dear John, won't you listen to Big Stories with a Big Guy in the Author's Collection, Shakespeare collection, and Ray Bradbury. Start searching with sleuths Kitty Keen, It's a Crime Mr. Collins, Cases of Mr. Ace, and Martin Kane. Music favorites include Meredith Wilson's Music Review, Squibb Show, and lazy hazy Moon River ready to sweep you away to dreamville. If you don't like the music, you can Beat the Band. Sampler Six features samples from the newest collections and is a great way to experience the latest shows from OTRCAT.

Better yet, this disk is included free-of-charge when you add it to your shopping cart at checkout.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

100 shows - total playtime 43 hours 9 minutes

Abe Burrows Show 471021
Abies Irish Rose 430113 Abie Buys New Jersey Store
Amazing Mr Malone 480828 Cleanliness Is Next To Godlines
American Portraits 510807 Ep5 Stepping Stones
American Weekly 331228 The Book And Coin
An American Gallery Ep08 A Day To Test, A Day To Learn
Aunt Jemima Happy Time
Author Collection Charlesdickens Lights Out The Signal Man
B Stanwyck Collection lux500109 SorryWrgNo
Battle Stations 430812 02 The Eastern Sea Frontier
Beat The Band 400407
Bela Lugosi Collection Fred Allen 430425 418
Bell Telephone Encores ep38 Gregor Piatogorsky
Big Story 471126 Unfinished Love Song
Billie Burke Show 460427 The Tramp
Black Flame of the Amazon 1938 Episode 37
Boo Broadcasts Saint 500917 Ghost That Giggled
Break The Bank 491005 The Blains
Brighterday 481011 E0001
Brownstone Theater 450314 Cinderella Man
Burl Ives Collection Spike Jones 480507
Candid Microphone 470831 W Allen Funtstorage Company
Cary Grant Collection KMH 480304
Cases Of Mr Ace 470625 Aud Lost Package
Chesterfield 471211 The Best Things In Life Are Free
Civil Defense - If the Bomb Falls 61
Comedy Coll Durante 471203 w Charles Boyer
Commercials For Movies Big Broadcast Of 1938
Dear John Book04 Letter 048(40's)
Dimes for Invasion 431002 Morton Downey
EdgarAllenPoe-Escape 471022 Fall Of House Of Usher
Errol Flynn Lux370607 136 British Agent
Eternal Light 441015 02 Emannuel God with Us
Fathers Day Collection LOR 460615 New Suit for Fathers Day
Fighting AAf 450712 Interview With A Bomb
Forecast 400715 03 When You Were
Fred Waring 470923 stanley Steamer
Freedom USA 26 Foreign Aid Trip
Gone Fishing Fibber 460611 Two Week Fishing Trip
Grantland Rice 441125 dive, brother, dive
Horizons West 10 Decision at Traveler's Rest
I Deal In Crime 460121 01 Laura Shields Case
It'S A Crime Mr Collins Chrome Yellow Death
Its Maritime 450710 Whaling Ships
Jack Kirkwood Show 530501
Jack Paar Show 470817 12 Jack Benny
John Dehner-Escape 530726 193 The Notebook
Johnny Madero 470626 Fatal Action
Johnson Family 15 Peewee Wants To Turn Plates Over
Kay Fairchild 410401 Kay Angryat Newspaper
Kitty Keene 390408 Kitty Speaks to Grand Jury
Kraft Music Hall 460228 Martha Tilton
Leather Stocking Tales 32 14 Last Of The Mohicans 01o13
Leave It To The Girls Mckinny Tx
Les Miserables 370726 1 The Bishop
Les Paul 500526 W Les Paul & Mary Ford
Lest We Forget 01 Youth Marches
Login Cabin Jamobree 380122 Jack Haley
Macabre 611113 01 Final Resting Place
Marlene Dietrich Burns & Allen 490317 Gracie In Pageant
Martin Kane Private Detective 531029
Meredith Willson's Music Review 400723 04
Metropolitan Opera 530309 Jeanne Grant, Richard Cassilly
Mgm Theatre 491209 09 Anna Karenina
Mickey Rooney B&A 490519 Gracie Adopts Mickey Rooney
Miriam Wolfe Collection WitchsTale 370122 Suicide
Moon River 17 Verses For Margaret
Over Here 421226 Jack Benny, Mary Livingston
Peril The Ultimate
Phil Baker CPUSA 470511 273 Guest Phil Baker
Pirates Escape 480321 Misfortune Isle
Quaker Party 381001 Tommy Riggs & Betty Lou
Queen For A Day 500213
Railroad Collection Ytjd 500706 Bello Horizonte Railroad
RandomRarities2 MartinKane,PrivateDetective531022 Part 1
Rare Captain-Captain Starr Of Space Queen Nilo Incident
Rarities 1930s Fred Astaire Show 361103 09 The Dentist
RayBradbury X 1 550508 003 Mars Is Heaven
Robots 2000Plus The Robot Killer
Sagebrush Roundup Roll Along Jordan
Shakespeare Susp Othello, Part 1
Showtime W Helen Forrest 1st 'this Can't Be Love'
Skippy Hollywood Theatre 218 Murder Deferred
Sound Off 315 Johnny Mercer Nodaway Road
Squibb Show 431215 W Betty Mulliner
St Patricks Day-Fibber 470513 Smuggled Irish Tweed
Stars Over Hollywood 520711 86 I Give You Maggie
Steve Allen Show 500604 01 W Eve Arden, Benny, Groucho
Stoopnagle & Bud 350315 Gloomchasers
Tailspin Tommy 410905 01 Hidden Mine
Take It Or Leave It 470713 Popular Broadway Songs
Tales Of Fatima 490521 20 A Much Expected Murder
The Big Guy 500507 01 Case Of The Unheard Voice
The Chase 530503 48 Circumstantial Evidence
Thrills Highway Patrol 026
Unit 99 Episode 1
Up For Parole 500901 Ep26 Clinton Foster
Words At War 431123 24 Escape From The Balkins
Wormwood Forest 490108
Yankee Yarns 470929 Bare Hermit



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