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1 MP3 CD - 120 episodes

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Old Time RadioWhether you enjoy an evening in pigtails and calico with Judy Canova, halirious bloopy bloopers with people stumbling over their own words, sports galore, or French Revolutionary tales by Scarlet Pimpernel, you will enjoy this mighty fine sampler. Comedy, drama, farce, and bloopers.

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

120 shows - total playtime 47 hours 23 minutes

Academy Award 460807 Watch On The Rhine
Adventures by Morse 441216 50 Its Dismal To Die 1o3
Alan Young 441212 Alan Writes An Opera
Aldrich Family 521102 Overdue Library Book
All Star Western Theater 460929 The Cowboy Dentist
Archie Andrews 480612 Archie Fights A Cold
Beulah 570000 Honorary Santa
Big Jon Sparkie Over The Falls In An Airplane
Blondie 440619 Dagwood Has A Dream
Blooper Looks like the Mail man
Blue Beetle 400710 Saved By A Hair
Bob Hope 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
Bob Ray 491212 Boston Mary Cries Terrence Mccaffigen
Bobby Benson 500527 Den Of Thieves
Buckrogers 380404 Origin Story
Bulldog Drummond Death Loops The Loop
Candy Matson 490404 Donna Dunham Case
Childrens Collection Sleepy Joe 11 Brer Rabbitbear Big Snow
Cinnamon Bear 005 Weasley, The Wailing Whale
Cloak Dagger 500618 Kachlinstory
Clyde Beatty 039 Flying Politos
Counter Spy 420914 Spy Submarine Logansport
Crime Classics 530629 Sudden Death Of James Fisk J
Crime Club 461202 Death Blew Out The Match
Cruise of the Poll Parrot 370925 Ep 1
Damon Runyan 490612 Broadway Complex
Danger Dr Danfield 460929 Harriet Miller
Dennis Day 470423 Anderson Writes For True Story Magazine
Destination Freedom 480905 James Weldon Johnson
Dick Cole 01 Thieves
Dinah Shore Birdseye 460314 Groucho Marx Hypochondriac
Dizzy Dean 480703 01 Lefty Gomez
Doctor Kildare 501208 A Morgan
Dr Tim 003 Guest In Number Two
Duffys Tavern 440307 Tax Advice From Cnl Stoopnagle
Edgar Bergan Charlie McCarthy 461117 Tallulah Bankhead
Ellery Queen Minute Mysteries Curious Gangland Killing
Encore Theater 460806 A Man To Remember
Family Doctor 32 01 False Witness
Father Knows Best 530115 The Boy Next Door
Fifth Horseman 460704 Rehersal
First Nighter 391013 59 Symphony with your Spagettii
Flash Gordon 351019 025 Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkoff Cr
Frakenstein Pt1
Fred Allen 480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets
Frontier Town 521010 Tod Ford
Gangbusters Quincy Killers
Ghost Corp 01 Knives of el Malek 1
GI JIVE AFRS 509 Rhum Boogie
Goldbergs 105x 411014 Jake Is Upset
Green Valley Line 1934 Ep12 Foul Play
Halls Of Ivy 490622 Dr Halls Reappointment
Haunting Hour 13 Uptown Express
Henry Morgan 471030
Hermit's Cave 00 Spirits Of Vengence
Honest Harold 510328 First Day Of School
Hop Harrigan 440127 Nazi Threat
I Love Adventure 480530 06 Finishing School Kidnapping
Ignorant 441013 Married Men Live Longer
Information Please 430122 Alfred Hitchcock
Jerry At Fair Oaks Ep 19 Paul Rides Splendor
Jimmy Durante 481217 Alan Young
Judy Canova 470426 Going To An Opera Masquerade
Jungle Jim 380903 Karnak The Killer
Lets Pretend 470823 Mell A Lot
Life With Luigi 500103 Pietro Needs An Overcoat
Ma Perkins 038 e4434 Sylvester tricked Willie
Magic Island 1936 e001
Man Called X 470619 Silver Scarab
Mark Trail 500306 Vampires From The Deep
Mary Noble Backstage Wife Mars Pregnant
Mayor 421224 213 A Christmas Carol
Michael Shayne 490115 Tahlans Tears
Milton Berle 471021 33 Good Health
MMT 460823 2046 St. Louis Lady
Moon Over Africa 350316 Talkinghead
Mr And Mrs North Opera Murder
Mr Keene 500601 Quicksand Murder Case
Mr President 480328 George Washington
MSA Old Tales and New 500816 Three Billy Goats Gruff
Murder At Midnight 470106 Ace Of Death
My Friend Irma 470721 e015 Piano Lessons For Junior
Mystery is my Hobby Stolen Rembrandts
Name of the Law 360628 July Fourth Picnic
Nightwatch 540925 e23 Motel Sheets and Lock Out
Omar Wizard Of Persia Ep1 1931
One Mans Family Epb77 C11
Phil Harris Alice Faye 491225 Jack Benny As Santa
Police HQ 20 Infiltrating the Mob
Quiz Kids What will Dewey wear in the White House 1948
Radiocityplayhouse 490425 Witness For The Prosecution
Red Skeleton 460205 Hospital Capers
Rocky Jordan 490814 Cairo Vendetta
Rogues Gallery 460131 Fake Will
Roy Rogers 450508 025 Legend Of Pecos Bill
SamnHenry 260420 At the Dentist
Scarlet Pimperial Ep 01 Madame Susan
Scarlet Queen 471203 Green Tourist
Screen Directors 490501 Trouble with Women
Sealedtest Variety 481118 10 Cavalcade Gild
Secret Agent K7 Returns 1939 Bombing Planes
Silent Men 511223 Souvenirs of War
Sky King 510412 Lady Sheriff
Son of Porthos 1
Speed Gibson 390121 Davis Shot By Octopusgang
Sports Baseball 340920 Yankees V D.tigers P1
Straightarrow 480506 Stage To Calvaydos
Strange Dr Weird 421212 Themanwhotalkedwithdeath
Terry The Pirates 470115 Abduction Of Ginger Lee
Top Secret 500625 0003 A Package In Tangiers
Vic Sade 390102 Lodge Regalia Out On Loan
Whisperer 510708 Tea Time For Teenagers
Witch Tale 330306 Graveyard Mansion
Words at War 440627 52 Fair Stood the Winds of France
World Adventurers Club 01 Papua Escape
You Are There 471106 Thelisteningyears
Young Widder Brows Ellen talks to Sister
Your Hit Parade 440715 Ill Be Seeing You


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