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Old Time Radio Testimonials


Old Time Radio Testimonials

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thanks i have purchased many old time radio shows from you just to let you know how much i appreacte your service


Jon You Are The BEST!!! I got the order right away, but I just had a chance to open it yesterday... Thank You Sooooooo Much for the OTRSampler, but you also send me Tax Time unexpectedly, and being an Accountant it put a Huge Smile on my face... So far I had only heard the Jack Benny's entitled IRS men or IRS visit or somn like that, but that CD was Awesome!!! I'm getting together my next order and will email u soon! Thanx A Million! OTRCAT fan for life, Teddy

I use OTR free downloads with my Alzheimer's Patients. I am the director of a 24 bed facility, and they all love it! I am working on a way to pipe it into the dining room during meal times. Thanks for the free downloads, and the music offered! Music is a great thing for them, and I enjoy bringing "their era" to them!

Thank you for all you do. Those of us who appreciate the nostalgic connection to radio broadcasts long gone, can only offer our delight to find a avenue to the past. You are our hero. Radio is a pure art form we have lost to time. You have restored this medium to us and we will always be in your debt.

I discovered CBS Radio Mystery Theater by accident one night on the radio when I was 16 years old and couldn't sleep one night. I have been hooked ever since though for years I could no longer find programs on the radio itself. I happily discovered your website some years ago. Even my children will listen to The Aldrige Family, Cinnamon Bear or Father Knows Best on long car trips. I put all of my old time radio programs on my iPod and listen happily while knitting. I don't knit as successfully if I am trying to watch tv (and my husband tends to monopolize the tv anyway) but old time radio is perfect entertainment for knitting as well as driving.
I am "only" 48 but a long time fan. Before he died my dad enjoyed listening to Fibber Mcgee and Molly with me and reminiscing. If you can ever get a hold of the CBS Radio Mystery Theater I would be thrilled. Also I used to listen to a program with the host Tammy Grimes but have never found it since. I would be thrilled if you found that one as well. Keep up your good work!

OTR, Reminds me when i was a small boy, My Grandfather would tell me how they used to sit around the radio, and listen to the majic of radio. When i listen to these radio shows it takes me back to a beautiful time in my childhood, sitting with my grandfather, I love and miss him very much. With the ever so changing world. I sit and listen to OTR, it always takes me back to a simpler time in my life. thanks ; Paul

I received my latest order several days ago, and Im enthralled. Whether Im cooking, cleaning, or just playing with my dogs, my headphones make work fun when Fibber, Miss Brooks or Amos and Andy are right there with me. We live in the country and our electricity goes out a lot, but these old radio shows keep me from getting bored. Your shipping time is amazing and Im so thankful for you every time I put those headphones on!

Judy Peck

I find your logo with the Sterling diesel truck very interesting.
It is very similar to the Logo from the 30s and 40s used by a company from Seattle. Lee & Eastes Auto Frfeight
Both my dad & i worked for them years ago.
How did you come by the idea.
You are congradulated for your good taste. No problem just enjoyed seeing something from my early years

Were so happy to have found you! We used to buy Fibber & Molly and other old radio classics on cassette when we could find them, but your selection is wonderful and I so appreciate being able to have them on my MP3 player when I work around the house. We also listen to them when we take road trips and your prices are fantastic.


Judy & Steve

I was first interested in old time radio shows when I was about eleven because my older sister liked them. She found radio shows and recorded them onto cassette tapes. Then I started to listen to them and enjoyed them too. Now we have audio CDs and even better, MP3 CDs, which are so much easier. Now that I'm older, I understand things that people are saying so much better. I appreciate the fact that old time radio shows are clean and suitable for any age. Anyone can laugh at Junior, the Mean Widdle Kid, or scoot to the edge of a seat in anticipation during Suspense. Sometimes I find myself saying, "I knew that would happen!" I enjoy listening to old time radio while doing various things, from exercise and working outside in the garden to cleaning windows and knitting. Listening to a good show makes me forget the utter boredom associated with scrubbing glass and pulling weeds. Many a happy hour have I spent in the sun, happily working and laughing at Chester A. Riley. Listening and knitting is a good way to pass time. I love the detectives who go through all sorts of things and always solve the mystery in the end, like Richard Diamond and George Valentine. This catalog has the most old time radio shows that I've seen anywhere. They're really quite affordable and the service is great. We have so many MP3 disks in the house it's hilarious, but I'm not finished yet. I love old time radio! Thank you, Jon!

Thanks so much! These atomic radio recordings are for my husband's birthday. He wants to have a 'disaster weekend' where we listen to OTR watch cold war movies, and live off the cabinets. No spam in sweden though, he doesn't know what he's missing! LOL

My wife and I have ordered several sets of your MP3s (Dragnet, Amos & Andy, My Favorite Husband, Suspense, and just today Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar and Nightwatch) and these OTRs are an important part of our relationship. We listen to these shows together and enjoy them more than any TV show. These have all been excellent CDs and we will be ordering more. Thanks so much for the great radio shows.

Great new look!!!!! Thanks for the great shows you bring us! Please keep up the good work!

I've purchased a great many OTR mp3 discs from OTR Cat and have always been nothing more than completely satisfied with both the service and the quality of the product ... I can almost guarantee you will not find the same level of quality and professionalism as you do here. Order without fear and prepare to enjoy some truly great audio theater from yesteryear!

Hi Jon, just a thank you to you and everybody there for having a site like this its truley unique. I am a voulnteer dj for our local radio station and I just purchased a cd which will be great for my comedy hour I do, and the sampler cd that will be used at the station during the old time radio hour by another dj. Many thanks again for you site, and I am sure that the station will be getting more cd's of you in the future.

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