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 News Recordings 1941

2 MP3 CDs - 202 episodes

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"Library of Congress Interview of Men on Street after Pearl Harbor"
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FDR 1941
As 1941 begins, the United States is coming to terms with the fact that Europe is at War. In his State of the Union Address on Jan 6, President Roosevelt introduces the concept of the “Four Freedoms” which the Allied Nations are fighting to defend, and he salutes the efforts of those who stand up to aggression to keep War out of our hemisphere. (Incidentally, on this day the keel of the battleship USS Missouri was laid.)

TobrukOn the 21 and 22 of January, Elmer Davis reports on the British Victory Tobruk in North Africa. As part of Operation Compass, the battle was part of the first major Allied operation in Western Africa and a complete success. The Lend-Lease Act had been introduced before Congress on Jan 10, and on Jan 23, Elmer Davis reported Charles Lindberg's opposition to it.

On Feb 9, Winston Churchill speaks over the radio in a world-wide broadcast where he tells the American people “give us the tools, and we will finish the job”, speaking about the fight against Fascism.

On Mar 9, Edward R. Murrow reports on the coming of spring to England after a winter which included the Blitz. The report comes on the day after the Lend-Lease Act was passed by Congress, but Murrow is cautious with his optimism.

On May 3,  we hear Whirlaway winning the Kentucky Derby, and at March Field in California, Bob Hope performs his first show for the USO.

From the sinking of the HMS Hood on May 24 until the end of the month we hear reports on the battleship Bismarck until it is sunk by the Royal Navy. On June 22, the Nazi's launch what would be considered their biggest mistake of the War, Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia. In our collection, we hear the initial reports from Prime Minister Churchill.

Charles LindbergIn August, Roosevelt and Churchill met secretly aboard ship off Newfoundland to draft the Atlantic Charter, the agreement which would eventually shape the post-war world. Churchill reported on the Conference over the BBC on August 24.

On August 31, The Great Gildersleeve, starring Howard Peary, debuts.

On September 11, Charles Lindberg speaks at the America First Rally in Des Moines and accuses “the British, the Jewish and the Roosevelt Administration” of leading America towards war. Popular support for Lindberg begins to evaporate almost immediately.

As War swirls throughout the world, it becomes increasingly obvious that America will become involved. The Oct 19 edition of Jergen's Journal, with Walter Winchell, tells of Nazi tanks approaching Moscow and reports the names of 10 American Sailors who are missing after the USS Kearny was torpedoed by a U-boat off Reykjavik. They were the first American military casualties of the war. Winchell ends the broadcast by admonishing Americans that we must first defeat the defeatists at home.

On Nov 11, NBC News reported the sinking of the British aircraft carrier, the HMS Ark Royal.

For most of us, the defining event of 1941 comes near the end of the tumultuous year, the Dec 7 attack on Pearl Harbor. Attack on Pearl HarborOn Dec 5, we hear Senator Tom Connelly of Texas warning Japan against aggression. The CBS World News Today, for Dec 6, reports London's reaction to the apparent breakdown of relations between the US and the Empire of Japan. The Chinese ambassador encourages the free nations to react should Japan “pounce” on another and Britain reacts with amusement over Japanese anger that their proposals to President Roosevelt are published in the newspapers. In the same broadcast,  there is a report from Manila, which is “the center of a circle of tension extending 1500 miles”. In Washington, a diplomatic waiting game continues.

Our December 7 coverage includes some of the first programs to be interrupted by news bulletins of the attack through the West Coast blackout warning from KIRO in Seattle through the declaration of war, the Day of Infamy speech, in congress on Dec 8.

The War will dominate the radio news for the next few years.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volumne 1: 119 shows - total playtime 22 hours 35 minutes

News 410101 KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary New Year War News
News 410102 NBC Kaltenborn Edits The News New Session Of Congress Begins Tomorrow
News 410105 BBC Bruce Belfrage With The News
News 410106 FDR Four Freedoms
News 410110 BBC Alan Howland On German Air Attacks
News 410121 CBS Elmer Davis The News British Attack Tobruk Italy
News 410122 CBS Elmer Davis The News British Take Tobruk
News 410123 CBS Elmer Davis The News Charles Lindbergh Opposes Lend lease
News 410131 NBC War News
News 4101xx NBC Alf Landon
News 410209 BBC Winston Churchill Give Us The Tools
News 410209 NBC Sunday News Roundup
News 410224 NBC Kaltenborn Edits The News Convoy issue Dominant Tonight
News 410224 NBC War News
News 410308 NBC News Of The World
News 410309 CBS Edward R Murrow Spring
News 410322 NBC World News Roundup John MacVane
News 4103xx RSH Lord Haw Haw La Tribuna Denies German Aims In Balkans
News 410403 NBC News Of The World
News 410405 NBC World News Roundup Earl Godwin
News 410418 NBC News Of The World
News 410425 BBC Sir Walter Monckton Director General Of The Ministry Of Information
News 410425 NBC News Roundup John MacVane
News 410427 BBC Winston Churchill Westward Look The Land Is Bright
News 410502 NBC Story Behind The Headlines The Riddle Of The Straits
News 410503 WHAS 1941 Kentucky Derby Clem McCarthy
News 410506 NBC Kaltenborn Edits The News President Conferred With Defense Advisers Today
News 410509 MBS Raymond Gram Swing The Monitor And The Merrimac
News 410509 MBS WTHT Cedric Foster News Commentary Largest British Plane Squadron Strikes Germany
News 410516 KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary President Roosevelt Comments
News 410517 CBS The World Today
News 410518 NBC Walter Winchell
News 410524 RRG German Announcment Sinking of HMS Hood
News 410527 MBS Fireside Chat On Pan American Unity FDR
News 410527 NBCR HV Kaltenborn Edits The News Comments On The Sinking Of The Battleship Bismark
News 410531 BBC First Sea Lord A V Alexander On Sinking Of Bismark
News 410531 BBC Workers Playtime Signature Tune
News 410601 BBC Clothes Rationing Announcement
News 410601 CBS Elmer Davis The News Comments On Columbias War Coverage
News 410608 CBS I Was There The Duke Of Windsor
News 410612 BBC Winston Churchill Until Victory Is Won
News 410616 BBC Winston Churchill Broadcast To America
News 410622 BBC Winston Churchill Germany Invades Russia
News 410622 PCPT Russian Radio reports on German Invasion
News 410627 BBC Douglas Ritchie AKA Colonel Britton On The V Campaign
News 410628 BBCD Erkennungsmelodie
News 410703 PCPT Josef Stalin Addresses Nation
News 410703 PCPT Josef Stalin On Peroration
News 410709 RRG PG Wodehouse Second Broadcast clip
News 410713 BBC Anglo Soviet Agreement
News 410714 BBC Fighter Pilot Richard Hillary Shot Down
News 410714 BBC General DeGaulle Urges America To Join The Allies
News 410714 BBC Winston Churchill Do Your Worst Well Do Our Best
News 410714 MBS News And Views By John B Hughes
News 410723 Wendell Wilkie Calls For End Of US Isolationism
News 410729 BBC Winston Churchill War Production
News 410730 CBS Millions For Defense
News 410812 NBC News Roundup
News 410824 BBC Winston Churchill Meeting With President Roosevelt
News 410829 BBC Winston Churchill These Are Great Days
News 4108xx MBS Wise Williams On Fighting In Russia
News 410901 KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary Labor Day
News 410905 BBC Frank Phillips
News 410908 BBC Alvar Lidell Air Raid On Berlin
News 410909 BBC Winston Churchill Still Masters Of Our Fate
News 410911 Lindberghs America First Committee Speech in Des Moines Iowa
News 410912 KFWB Robert Arden News Commentary FDR Warning to the Axis Powers
News 410916 PCPT Dmitri Shostakovich Seige Of Leningrad Radio Speech
News 410927 BBC Ivan Mikhailovich Maisky
News 411007 NBC News Alex Dreier
News 411019 NBCB Jergens Journal Walter WInchell
News 411022 BBCD Hugh Carleton Green No Peace With Hitler
News 411024 NBCB United Press News Ted Steele
News 411027 CBS I Was There 1941 Austria 1934
News 411028 NBC News Of The World
News 411102 NBC Story Behind The Headlines Hitlers Crimean War
News 411106 NBC Bulletin On Capture of Blockade Runner Odenwald In Atlantic
News 411107 BBC Winston Churchill The Resolution Of The People
News 411109 NBCB News Of The World
News 411110 NBC News Alex Dreier
News 411111 BBC Irving Swanson Reads President US War
News 411111 BBC Robert Dougall With A Convoy In Atlantic
News 411111 NBC News
News 411115 CBS The World Today HMS Ark Royal Sunk
News 411120 CBS The March Of Time
News 411129 BBC Winston Churchill Address To Harrow School
News 411205 Senator Connally Warns Japan
News 411206 CBS World News Today
News 411207 1400 NBCR Sammy Kaye Sunday Serenade
News 411207 1428 NBCR First Bulletin On Pearl Harbor
News 411207 1430 CBS World Today John Daly Reads Bulletin
News 411207 1430 NBCR Univ Of Chicago Roundtable Canada At War
News 411207 1432 NBCB Bulletin On Pearl Harbor Attack
News 411207 1437 CBS Albert Warner Speculates On FDRs Next Steps
News 411207 1437 CBS Bob Trout On British Reaction
News 411207 1439 NBCR Manila Bombed
News 411207 1449 CBS Ford Wilkins In Manilla Cut Off By US Censors
News 411207 1452 NBCB Burma Bombed
News 411207 1500 CBS NY Philharmonic Concert Interrupted
News 411207 1515 NBCR H V Kaltenborn
News 411207 1530 NBCR Listen America
News 411207 1600 NBCB National Vespers
News 411207 1600 NBCR Sylvia Marlowe and Richard Dyer
News 411207 1609 NBCR KGU Honolulu Report
News 411207 1615 WCAE Bulletins About Pearl Harbor
News 411207 1630 KDKA Pearl Harbor
News 411207 1630 NBCR News
News 411207 1700 NBCR Metropolitan Opera
News 411207 1745 WJAS Sabatoge Bulletin
News 411207 1800 NBCR Catholic Hour With Rev James Gillis
News 411207 1830 NBCB Drew Pearson and Robert S Allen
News 411207 1845 NBCB Eleanor Roosevelt Pan American Coffee Bureau Series ep11 snippet
News 411207 1845 NBCB Pan American Coffee Bureau Series episode 11 Eleanor Roosevelt
News 411207 1900 KIRO Blackout Bulletin
News 4112xx CarsonRobison WereGonnaHaveToSlapTheDirtyLittleJap
News 41xxxx ABC Sybil Irving Australian Womens Army Service
News 41xxxx BBC Battle Of Britain A Radio Dramatisation
News 41xxxx California Governor Olson On Japanese Residents
News 41xxxx Charles Lindbergh On US Non Intervention

Volumne 2: 83 shows - total playtime 25 hours 11 minutes

News 411207 1900 NBCB News Roundup
News 411207 1900 NBCR Jack Benny Show
News 411207 1930 NBCR Fitch Bandwagon
News 411207 2000 NBCB Bible Week
News 411207 2000 NBCR Chase And Sanborn Program
News 411207 2030 NBCB Inner Sanctum Island Of Death
News 411207 2030 NBCR One Mans Family
News 411207 2100 NBCB Jergens Journal
News 411207 2100 NBCR Manhattan Merry Go Round
News 411207 2115 NBCB Parker Family
News 411207 2130 NBCB Dear John
News 411207 2130 NBCR American Album Of Familiar Music
News 411207 2145 NBCB Dinah Shore
News 411207 2200 NBCB Goodwill Hour
News 411207 2200 NBCR Hour Of Charm
News 411207 2230 NBCR Sherlock Holmes
News 411207 2300 NBCR News Robert St John John W Vandercook
News 411207 2330 NBCR Round Table Discussion
News 411207 BBC Alvar Liddell Japanese Attacks In The Pacific
News 411207 BBC Washington Reaction To Pearl Harbor Attack
News 411207 CBS Analysis Of Attack On Pearl Harbor And Manilla
News 411207 CBS Attempts To Call Honolulu
News 411207 CBS Football Broadcast War Bulletin
News 411207 CBS Gulf Screen Guild Theater Norman Corwin Between Americans
News 411207 CBS John Charles Daly Reports Pearl Harbor Attack
News 411207 CBS NY Philharmonic Concert War Bulletins
News 411207 CBS Pearl Harbor and Manila December 7 and 8 1941 from podcast
News 411207 KGU News Pearl Harbor
News 411207 MBS Bulletin Interrupts Football Game
News 411207 MBS Flash UPI Bulletin Reports Attack On Pearl Harbor
News 411207 MBS Interrupts Brooklyn Dodgers NY Giants Game
News 411207 NBC American Legion Special Defense Message
News 411207 NBC Kaltenborn Edits The News Comments Just After The Attack On Pearl Harbor
News 411207 NBC News Bulletins
News 411207 NBC News George Putnam and Interruptions
News 411207 NBC The Great Gildersleeve ep015 Cousin Octavia Visits
News 411207 NBCR December 11 NBCR MBS Radio Compilation
News 411207 NHK Gen Hideki Tojo Declares War On The Allies
News 411207 WCCO News
News 411207 WNYC Fiorello La Guardia
News 411208 0009 NBCB Bert Silen Reports Manila Bomb
News 411208 0100 NBCR News and Music
News 411208 0900 NBCR Don McNeills Breakfast Club
News 411208 1045 NBCB Familar Melodies
News 411208 1100 NBCR Story Of Mary Marlin
News 411208 1150 CBS Joint Congress Session Declaration Of War Proceedings
News 411208 1240 NBCR Coverage After FDR Speech To Congress
News 411208 1330 NBCR Irving Miller Lets Sing And Swing
News 411208 1345 NBCR News Bert Silen And Upton Close
News 411208 1400 NBCB Vincent Lopez and His Orchestra
News 411208 2130 NBCB Latest News From the Far Eastern War Zone Bert Silen
News 411208 BBC Wilfred Pickles On Far East Attacks
News 411208 BBC Winston Churchill War With Japan
News 411208 CBS Ford Wilkins In Manila
News 411208 CBS News
News 411208 FDRs Speech To Joint Session Of Congress
News 411208 Introduction Then FDRs Day Of Infamy Speech
News 411208 LOC American Talkers The Day After Pearl Harbor
News 411208 NBC News and Music of Reminiscence
News 411208 NBCR News With John W Vandercook
News 411209 CBS World News Today
News 411209 FDR Fireside Chat
News 411210 CBS John Daly Bulletin On Japanese Attacks In Phillipines
News 411210 CBS Three Front War Summary
News 411211 CBS Congress Declares War On Germany
News 411211 CBS The March Of Time
News 411211 EIAR Benito Mussolini Discorso
News 411211 EIAR Dichiarazione di Guerra agli USA
News 411211 NBC March of Time Pearl Harbor
News 411215 CBS Columbia Workshop Norman Corwin We Hold These Truths Special Broadcast
News 411215 NBCB News
News 411216 Kate Smith They Started Something
News 411216 Teddy Powell his Orchestra Good Bye Mama Im Off To Yokohama
News 411217 NBC WJZ News of the World Glenn Riggs
News 411217 Sammy Kaye Remember Pearl Harbor
News 411223 Fall Of Wake Island
News 411224 BBC Winston Churchill The White House Christmas Tree
News 411224 FDR Christmas Broadcast
News 411224 MBS White House Christmas Tree Ceremony
News 411226 Churchhill to Congress
News 411228 RSH Lord Haw Haw Germany Calling Part 1
News 411228 RSH Lord Haw Haw Germany Calling Part 2
News 411230 CBC Winston Churchill Preparation Liberation Assault



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