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 Missing Masters

1 MP3 CD - 59 episodes


"Action Eighty Audition Show"
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Small Old Radio This collection includes radio show ideas were only made into audition shows or pilots and never made it to the airwaves.  

Some old time radio shows never make it to the radio waves. This collection includes episodes of popular shows that were never aired as well as unsuccessful pilot shows that were never made again. Very rare, this collection will delight collectors looking for special old time radio shows to add to their collections.

This collection includes radio show ideas were only made into audition shows or pilots and never made it to the airwaves.  One of the things that makes Radio production distinct from Television is how relatively inexpensive it can be to bring a production to the air. It is interesting to consider how the decisions of the sponsors and the networks effect what the audience is eventually allowed to enjoy.

The concept of the show has to be sold to the network and the sponsor if the audience is ever going to get to see it. In television, a very necessary step is the pilot, which not only gives the sponsors something to see, but everyone gets to see what the actual production could look like

Old Time RadioThe same sort of thing happened with radio audition programs. Some sources estimate that network exec's would receive at least 500 "elevator pitches" every summer. An elevator pitch is a proposal for a new show that the writer or producer would compress into the space of an elevator ride with the exec (who would be a captive audience in the elevator). It the elevator pitch was good enough, maybe 70 out of the 500, the go-ahead would be given to develop a script, and from these scripts maybe 20 would be authorized to be made into an audition show.

The audition show was no guarantee that a show would make it to the air. Some times the audition would be a pretty close approximation of how the show would actually come out. Some auditions were made without a specific sponsor, other times a sponsor may be interested enough to pay for an audition, but the concept would be later sold to another.

Sometimes a sponsor may like the concept, but not a particular actor or character trait. In a few cases the actor in the audition had other commitments and a replacement would need to be found for the actual production.

Of course there are a number of audition shows for shows that never made it to the air, for what ever reason. These can be among the most fun to listen to, and make us wonder what would have become of the shows if they had been given a "green light".

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

59 episodes - total playtime 28 hours 24 minutes

Action 44115 High Explosives Audition Show
Action Eighty 52326 Audition Show
Adventure of the Scarlet Cloak 50215 Audition Show
Bob Burns 471125 Audition Show
Boston Blackie 451119 Foreman Shot On the 20th Floor
Bunco Squad 50415 Book Worm Rehearsal
Christopher London 1950 The Price of Sugar (rare episode)
Clyde Beatty Show 1940 The Devil Cat Premier
Crime Classics 52123 Bathsheba Spooner Audition Show
Crime Correspondent 491021 The Chair for Dino Auditio
Duffys Tavern 4327 Rare Episode
Emotion 4976Jetatura Audition Show
Escape 44918 From Autumn
Fantasy 47823 Entity from the Void Audition Show
Father Knows Best 481220 Audition Show
Fibber McGee 44125 First Beulah Appearance
Great Caesars Ghost 4638 Audition Show
Half Hour To Kill 461029 Audition Show
Harry Lime 1950 Ticket To Tangiers Audition
Here Comes McBride 49519 Premier
Humphrey Bogart Theatre 49917 Deadman Audition Show
I Cover the Waterfront 55829 AuditionShow
I Deal In Crime 46121 Audition Show
Junes My Girl 48104 Employment Office Audition Show
Let George Do It 46514 Audition Show
Life with Luigi 48921 Premier
Martin and Lewis 481221 Premier
Martin Kane Private Detective 531029 Only Existing Show
Meet Corliss Archer 4746 BeautyContest
Meet Miss Sherlock 46912 Wilmer and the Widow

Mulligans Travels 4968 Audition Show
Murder By Experts 491226 The Missing Mind (rare episode)
My Friend Irma 47613 TheFurCoatPremier
My Mothers Husband 5054 Audition Show
Once Upon a Midnight 45511 Malice Aforethought Auditi
Operation Danger 50625 Audition Show
Out of the Deep 51110 Dress Rehearsal (rare episode)
Private Practice of Dr Dana 471221 Sophia Howard Case (
Rocky Jordan 51328 Man from Damascus Audition Show
Safari 1950The Bull Elephant (rare episode)
Smiths of Hollywood 1947 Rare Show
Stand By for Adventure 1950s The Knife
Straight Arrow 4856 Premier
Suspense 4538 Loves Lovely Counterfeit
T Man 49429 Case of the Bleeding Gold Audition Show
Tarzan 52322 Siren of Omdur Mara Premier
Thats Rich 531121 Audition Show
The Case of Mr Ace 47625 Premier
The Fat Man 46121 19th Pearl Premier
The Green Lama 49517 Man Who Never Existed Audition Show
The Judge 52213 Death of a Playboy Audition Show
The Life of Riley 491111 Jackie Gleason Subs
LR 4149 Homesteaders Ruse
The Man from Homicide 50916 Audition Show
The McCoy 51424 Three Wayward Girls Audition Show
The Notorious Tariq 47816 Audition Show
Three for Adventure 1940 Audition Show
Voyage of the Scarlet Queen 4722 Audition Show
Yours Truly Johnny Dollar48126 Audition Show



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