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 Marriages in Disaster

5 MP3 CDs - 213 episodes

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Marriages in Disaster (DISK 3 ONLY)
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The joining of man and woman in the institution of Marriage is common to most cultures. The most wonderful part of marriage is the love and support the partners lend each other. However, weddings do not always lead to bliss, sometimes they run the other way.

Joe FridayIn cultures that do not regularly practice arranged marriage, whom to marry is one of the most important decisions in a person's life. When the decision is the right one, the couple will support one another through a lifetime of happiness and trials. However, the heart is sometimes blind. This is the situation when Sgt Joe Friday comes across when he investigates the “wedding game” in “The Big Honeymoon” on Dragnet.

Marriage is such an important part of life that there is little wonder that a number of superstitions have grown up around the institution. The Origin Of Superstition explores three of them in our collection: “Something Old, Something New”, “Bad Luck For Losing A Wedding Ring”, and “Itchy Palms”.

Engagements can be nearly as stressful as being married. Just ask The Great Gildersleeve two weeks before his wedding to the Widow Ransom. Getting ready for married life means being ready for changes, and Gildy needs to get his affairs in order, not to mention planning a honeymoon. What does the Gildy think he and Leila will be doing with all that camping and fishing gear?

The honeymoon is supposed to be the big payoff for the stress of the wedding, and a harbinger of how life will be for the happy couple. Maybe it is for Peg and Chester on The Life of Riley. How many times can Riley get on the wrong train on the way to Niagara Falls?

It is a quiet time in Dodge City when Wedding Bells begin to ring, but somehow it is not a happy sound. In Gunsmoke, Matt Dillon returns from fishing to find that the stage has been robbed of $50,000, and Mr. Clark's fiancée! Matt has to find the money and the girl, but does the girl really want to be found? After all, she is a “Boughten Bride”.

Brides in DisasterSlate Shannon and Sailor Duvall never tied the knot on Bold Venture, but the "Noble Institution" is often on the minds of real life couple Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. In “Death At the Wedding” Slade and Sailor are throwing a soirée for their newlywed guests, only they are not really newlyweds, they are insurance swindlers and murderers, with a spice of blackmail for good measure.

Paladin becomes a reluctant matchmaker when an Armenian dancing girl runs off with a passing cowboy. The girl's father hires Paladin to bring the couple back for a  wedding, but how to convince the reluctant groom on Have Gun, Will Travel's “Helen of Abjinian”.

“Until Death Do Us Part” is part of the marriage ceremony, probably most interesting part to the ghoulish host of The Inner Sanctum Mysteries. Joe and Nancy have only been married a few hours when they stop along the side of the road. A car pulls up to interrupt their necking by committing murder! Naturally, the killer realizes that he can now frame the honeymooners.

For romantic series, see: Curtain Time, Theater of Romance, Grand Marquee, Romance of Helen Trent, Romance, and Valentine's Day Collection. See also: It Pays to Be Married and The Upper Room (So You Want to Stay Married).

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 45 shows - total playtime 23 hours 53 minutes

All Star Western 470726 051 Sharpshootinggal
Avalon Time 391206 E049 Newlyweds On Their Honeymoon
Big City 000000 Honeymoon Divorce
Big Story 501206193 DictionaryTelephone Line Lead To Killer
BIMB 530801 176 Joyce Tyler Murder
Black Museum 25 Mandolin String
Black Museum 33 Post Card
Bold Venture 510716 17 Death At Wedding
Cabin B13 481212 22 Bride Vanishes
Calling All Cars 350604 E080 Innocent Bride
Calling All Cars 381124 E261 Rasping Voice
Calling All Cars 390127 E270 Bakers Bride
Calling All Detectives 490209 370
Calling All Detectives 490516 438
CALV 421005 299 I Was Married on Bataan
Casey 471009 206 Wedding Breakfast
Cbsrmt 740204 0030 Here Goes Bride Rr
Cbsrmt 740926 0153 Spectral Bride
Cbsrmt 741001 0155 Bride That Wasnt
Cbsrmt 741204 0182 Bride For Death Jl
Cbsrmt 750801 Onyx Eye
Cbsrmt 760729 E0502 Shotgun Wedding
Cbsrmt 770311 Till Death Do Us Part
Cbsrmt 770429 E0643 Wuthering Heights
Cbsrmt 780530 0842 Bittersweet Honeymoon
Cbsrmt 800114 E1050 Better Half
Cbsrmt 800618 In Name Of Love
Cbsrmt 820507 E1325 Wedding Present
Cisco Kid 550331 282 Pancho Escapes
Coty 440406 0323 Edward Carson
Coty 460411 0426 Neds Wife
Coty 481105 0571 Death On Trail
Coty 490117 0601 White Water
Coty 500322 0759 Fugitive Bride
Cric 530817 10 Incredible Trial Of Laura D. Fair
Crime & Peter Chambers 540518 07 La Grande Maizon 3rd
CW 391012 008 Wake Up And Die
Dr Christian 381220 035 Danny Gets Married
Dr Christian 450919 356 Our Daughter Barbara
Dr Sixgun 541007 06 Fred Garth Jailed For Murder
Dragnet 520207 139 Big Honeymoon
Escape 500221 111 Red Mark
Falcon 510527 38 Unwelcome Wife
FBI In Peace And War 530610 402 Traveling Man
Fg580518 16 Advice To Lovelorn

Volume 2: 45 shows - total playtime 18 hours 55 minutes

Front Page Drama 400316 0360 Bride Disappears
Frontier Town 490000 31 Sundown Valley
Gildersleeve 430613 086 Gildy Plans Honeymoon
Great Gildersleeve 430613 086 Gildy Plans Honeymoon
Guns 520712 ep012 Boughten Bride
Guns 530704 ep063 Dirt
Guns 540116 ep091 Bear
Guns 540830 ep124 Obie Tater
Guns 550219 ep149 Poor Pearl
Guns 550514 ep161 Robber Bridegroom
Guns 550903 ep177 Change Of Heart
Guns 561118 241 Brother Whelp
Guns 600522 424 Marryin Bertha
Hall Of Fantasy 470307 Death In Bayous
Harry Lime 520711 050 Honeymoon
Haunting Hour 490530 35 Pale Hands That Kill
Hearts In Harmony 460715 1381 Honeymoon Plans
Hercule Poirot 451130 41 Bride Wore Fright
HGWT 590104 e007 Helen Abjinian
HGWT 591101 e050 Wedding Day
HGWT 591227 e058 About Face
Hilltop House 530720 Hawaiian Honeymoon Plans
Hilltop House 530722
Hollywood Star Time 460602 22 Second Honeymoon
I L M 500202 04 Battle Of Century
I L M 521205 12 Bride Of Werewolf
Inner Sanctum 450424 225 Song Of Slasher
Inner Sanctum 450501 226 Girl And Gallows
Inner Sanctum 450619 232 Dead Mans Holiday
Inner Sanctum 451218 Undead
Inner Sanctum 460205 257 Skeleton Bay
Inner Sanctum 460423 268 Make Ready My Grave
Inner Sanctum 471027 342 Till Death Do Us Part
Inner Sanctum 480308 Magic Tile
Inner Sanctum 480726 381 Murder Takes Honeymoon
Inner Sanctum 490214 Birdsong For Murderer
Inner Sanctum 490321 414 Only Dead Die Twice
Inner Sanctum 490912 Vengeful Corpse
Inner Sanctum 490919 440 Honeymoon With Death
Its Crime Mr Collins Brown Paper Bag
Jeff Regan 481211 Gambler And His Lady
Let George Do It 520609 Violent Van Pattens
Lights Out 360617 Cat Wife
Lineup 510104 Case Of Frankie And Joyce
Lor 470125 Rileys Honeymoon

Volume 3: 45 shows - total playtime 21 hours 56 minutes

Lr 420413 0652 Broken Spur
Luke Slaughter 580316 04 Pages Progress
Lux 380516 176 Girl From Tenth Avenue
Lux 410414 303 Dust Be My Destiny
Lux 421005 364 Love Crazy
Lux 430412 391 Once Upon Honeymoon
Lux 440131 424 Random Harvest
Molle 470207 Bride Wore Black
Mr Keen 500119 Bride And Groom Murder Afrs
Mr Keen 500126 Telephone Book Murder
Mr Keen 500427 Woman Who Married Murderer
Mysterious Traveler 470105 085 New Years Nightmare
Nick Carter 431117 032 Substitute Bride
Nick Carter 460825 250 Extra Husbands
Nick Carter 480919 358 Case Of Homly Bride
Nick Harris 380708 Young Shoplifter Part 2
Nightbeat 500313 006 Am I My Brothers Keeper
Nightbeat 500430 Am I My Brothers Keeper
Nightbeat 501013 Einar Peerce AndFamily
Official Detective 561129 503 Tcot Murdered Bridegroom 25644
Order In Court 530312 08 Husband Found Dead
Order In Court 530319 09 Case Of Mrs Manning 2
Origin Of Superstition 1935 20 Throwing Shoes
Origin Of Superstition 1935 23 Something Old, Somethin
Origin Of Superstition 1935 33 Itching Palm
Origin Of Superstition 1935 34 Lost Wedding Ring
Philip Marlowe 500321 076 Deep Shadow
Philo Vance 491206 074 Birdcage Murder
Philo Vance 500124 081 Music Box Murder
Proudly We Hail 560304 387 Bridegroom Was Late
Quiet Please 471027 021 Dont Tell Me About Halloween
Quiet Please 490515 100 Little Morning
Rocky Jordan 481031 Bartered Bridegroom
Romance 451030 128 Dust Be My Destiny
Saint 501105 Kidnapped Daughter
Saint 510211 Missing Bridegroom
Sam Spade 480704 B093 Rushlight Diamond Caper
Screen Guild 400331 050 Allergic To Love
Screen Guild 401110 060 History Is Made At Night
Screen Guild 430726 154 Once Upon Honeymoon
SDP 490130 004 Mr And Mrs Smith
SDP 490522 020 Her Husbands Affair
Shadow Of Fu Manchu 390920 117 Wedding Present
Sherlock Holmes 471221 13 Adventure Of Christmas Bride
Sherlock Holmes 480201 19 TCOT Avenging Blade

Volume 4: 45 shows - total playtime 20 hours 40 minutes

Sherlock Holmes 590818 Noble Bachelor
Six Shooter 531206 12 Pressing Engagement
Six Shooter 540506 32 Anna Norquest
Skippy Hollywood Theatre 470502 386 Three On Honeymoon
Strange As It Seems 42 Man Who Had Green Hair
Suspense 420617 001 Burning Court
Suspense 420916 012 Kettler Method
Suspense 421201 020 Bride Vanishes 28104 29m17s
Suspense 421201 020 Bride Vanishes
Suspense 430427 039 Diary Of Sophronia Winters
Suspense 430629 048 Uncle Henrys Rosebush
Suspense 430909 057 Marry For Murder
Suspense 431109 065 Cabin B13
Suspense 440518 092 Donovans Brain, Part One
Suspense 440525 093 Donovans Brain, Part Two
Suspense 440601 094 Fugue in C-Minor
Suspense 440817 105 Diary Of Sophronia Winters
Suspense 450104 124 I Had an Alibi
Suspense 450301 132 My Wife Geraldine
Suspense 460905 209 You'll Never See Me Again
Suspense 461205 222 House In Cypress Canyon
Suspense 480819 303 Crisis
Suspense 480930 309 Man Who Wanted To Be Edward G Robinson
Suspense 491215 363 Flame Blue Glove
Suspense 500209 371 Butchers Wife
Suspense 500518 385 Angel Face
Suspense 500601 387 Case Of Nerves
Suspense 501116 403 On Country Road
Suspense 510503 427 When Bough Breaks
Suspense 511001 441 Case Study Of Murderer
Suspense 550120 581 Study Of Murderer
Suspense 560313 641 Groom Of Ladder
Suspense 570616 703 Trial By Jury
Suspense 590809 814 Everything Will Be Different
Suspense 591004 821 Room 203
Suspense 591115 827 Companion
T Man 500710 Martys Bride
Theater Five 650305 155 April Snowfall
Theater Five 650330 172 Bright House New House
This Is Your FBI 490128 200 Fugitive Bridegroom
This Is Your Fbi 490812 228 Larcenous Bride
This Is Your Fbi 500324 260 Honeymoon Homicide
This Is Your FBI 511109 345 Traveling Bride
This Is Your FBI 520718 381 Bridal Shakedown
Tiyfbi 471107 136 Gullible Groom

Volume 5: 33 shows - total playtime 14 hours 48 minutes

Tiyfbi 490128 200 Fugitive Bridegroom
Tiyfbi 501110 293 Backstage Shakedown
Unexpected 107 Cripple Marjorie Riordan
V&s 440927 Bridegroom Disappears
VSQ 480225 35 Winchester Rifle & Ambitious Groom
Weird Circle 450121 60 Spectre Bride
Weird Circle 450225 65 Mysterious Bride
Weird Circle e70 Goblet
Whistler 421129 029 Avarice
Whistler 430605 055 Shadow Of Mind
Whistler 430910 069 Tangled Web
Whistler 440925 123 Married To Murder
Whistler 441113 129 Beware Bridegroom
Whistler 450129 140 Murder On Paper
Whistler 471210 289 Wedding Gift
Whistler 471231 292 First Year
Whistler 480414 311 Till Death Do Us Part
Whistler 490904 382 Smart Girl
Whistler 491009 384 Rose For Pamela
Whistler 501112 441 Friendly Case Of Blackmail
Whistler 510107 449 Hit And Run
Whistler 510909 484 Guilty Conscience
Whistler 511216 498 Curiosity Killed Cat
Whistler 520217 507 Rose For Pamela
Whistler 520824 534 Final Papers
Whistler 540516 622 She Wanted Too Much
Wild Bill Hickock 19510729 018 Dangerous Wedding
Witchs Tale 350821 Bronze Venus
Witchs Tale 380329wedding Gift
X 1 550901 016 Shanghaied
X Minus One 561226 081 Honeymoon In Hell
Yfbi 500324 260 Honeymoon Homecide



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