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 Highway of Horrors

3 MP3 CDs - 118 episodes

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"Backseat Driver (starring Fibber McGee and Molly"
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Vintage Car Wreck

Inner SanctumThe road is long and lonely, disappearing over the horizon.  There are no lights, and horror creeps up from behind. Our anthology "Highway of Horrors" features episodes with car-related fright tales from Inner Sanctum, X Minus One, Big Town, Dragnet, Suspense, and more.

The Inner Sanctum "friends of the squeaky door" hear the story of "Til Death Do Us Part." In this episode, two newlyweds witness a murder and are chased by the gunman.  In "Hitchiking Corpse," a man driving west meets a mysterious, beautiful hitchhiker.  In "Beneficiary Death," a businessman finds that a hitchhiker's body, killed in a car accident, is identified as his.  In "You Could Die Laughing," a blackmailer confronts a man after a hit-and-run.

X Minus One episode "The Parade", written by George Lefferts, this episode presents a Martian who would like the services of an ad agency for a "suspense campaign."  A parade becomes the centerpiece of the campaign, June 1 becomes Martian Day, and away we go. In "The Roads Must Roll", a radio adaptation of a Heinlein story, portrays a future world in which people are transported on conveyor belts.

In Big Town "Death on the highways", an unknown driver causes a truck to crash into a school bus.

In police old time radio show Calling all Cars, three high school students bring their murder spree on the road. In "Corpse by the Road" a dead body is found after a botched robbery for a diamond ring. In "Hit and Run Driver" the victim has a red truck and a lot of unanswered questions. In Dragnet, Joe Friday and company are busy with hit and run killers and crazed drag racers.

In Dark Fantasy "Pennsylvania Turnpike", an elderly hitchhiker will only ride in a car when their is a redhead on board, but why?

Suspense has a number of Highway of Horrors old time radio shows and with Auto-Lite as their sponsor piping in on good highway safety and headlight usage. "Ride Down the Cajon" features a truck driver en route...with no breaks. In "Speed Trap", a drunk blonde is on a joyride with two cops on her tail. In "The Lonely Road" and man plans murder and his victim is his wife! Fibber McGee and Molly star in Suspense "Backseat Driver" where a mysterious man is waiting for them in the backseat of their car. "Report on the Jolly Deathriders" is a dramatization based on a true story.

We hope that you enjoy these spooky tales of freaky freeways, rocky roads, terror on the turnpikes, and horror on the highways filled with murderers, joyriders, and kidnapping.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 40 shows - total playtime 18 hours 10 minutes

Big Town 400326 Death Rides Highway
Big Town 490208 Death at Wheel
Black Mass Moonlit Road
Calling All Cars 350129 062 Necking Party Murder
Calling All Cars 350312 068 Thou Shalt Not Kill
Calling All Cars 350528 079 Youth Rides Rough
Calling All Cars 351218 108 Corpse By Road
Calling All Cars 370104 e163 Banks and Bribes
Calling All Cars 370317 173 Hit And Run Driver
Calling All Cars 370907 198 Tobaccoville Road
Calling All Cars 370921 200 The Bone Button
Calling All Cars 380414 229 The Roving Robbers
Calling All Detectives 480719 223 A Hit and Run Death
Casey 540113 Road Angel
CBS Radio Workshop 570317 59 Endless Road
CBS Radio Workshop 570901 83 Grief Drives A Black Sedan
Cisco Kid 530317 069 Night Stage
Cisco Kid 530903 118 Railroad War
Cisco Kid 550419 287 Stagecoach Race At Skeleton Bend
Clock 461229 Helping Hand
Clock 470209 Hitchhiker
Columbia Workshop 360808 104 Experiment Highway Incid
Creaking Door 33 Death On Road
Dark Fantasy 420320 18 Pennsylvania Turnpike
Dark Fantasy 490807 056 The Long Road
Defense Attorney 510914 0010 Client Jim Leonard
Dimension X 022 The Roads must Roll
Dr Sixgun 541128 14 Stage Holdup Several Shot
Dragnet 490714 e006 Red Light Bandit
Dragnet 500413 e044 Big Watch
Dragnet 500420 e045 Big Trial
Dragnet 500706 e056 Big Frame
Dragnet 510621 e106 Big Run
Dragnet 511108 e126 Big Hit and Run Killer
Dragnet 520703 e160 Big Trio
Fort Laramie 560415 12 Stage Coach Stop
Front Page Drama 391015 The Man Who Came Back
Green Hornet 480127 843 Hit And Run
Green Valley Line 1934 007 Treachery On Rails
Gunsmoke 540102 089 Stage Holdup

Volume 2: 40 shows - total playtime 18 hours 5 minutes

Heartbeat Theatre 600911 237 Panic & Gordon Hayes
Ila 480711 12 Hearse On Highway
Inner Sanctum 450109 Desert Death
Inner Sanctum 451016 Till Death Do Us Part
Inner Sanctum 460507 You Could Die Laughing
Inner Sanctum 460521 Detour To Terror Mason Adams
Inner Sanctum 490321 Only Dead Die Twice
Inner Sanctum 490418 Death Deal
Inner Sanctum 490606 Death On Highway Ted Osborne Alice Reinhart
Inner Sanctum 490718 Deadly Fare
Inner Sanctum 500123 Hitchhiking Corpse
Inner Sanctum 500417 Beneficiary Death
Inner Sanctum 520831 Strange Passenger
Inner Sanctum 520921 Corpse Nobody Loved
Its A Crime Mr Collins Lost Film
Let George Do It 491128 No Riders
LineUp 500803 Two Young Girls Killed By Hit And Run
Mercury Summer Theater 460621 The Hitch Hiker
Mercury Summer Theater 501006 Highway Of Terror
Nick Carter 470420 284 Lucrative Wrecks
Nick Carter 471221 319 Policy Makers
Night Surgeon Car Accident
Nightwatch 550120 e39 Smash, Turkey and Larry
Pat Novak 490521 015 Give Envelope to John St John
Radio City Playhouse 480814 A06 Hit And Run
Road To Danger 001 Adventure In Italy
Sam Spade 480104 One Hour Caper
Screen Directors Playhouse 491010 038 Criss Cross
Speed Gibson 400330 170 Car Crash
Superman 480326 1390 MysteryOfTheStolenCostume139013
Susp 420902 011 Hitchhiker
Susp 430126 026 Death Went Along For Ride
Susp 440106 073 One Way Ride To Nowhere Alan Ladd
Susp 440427 089 Death Went Along For Ride
Susp 440713 100 Beast Must Die
Susp 451004 161 Death On Highway 99
Susp 460321 185 Lonely Road
Susp 470206 231 End Of Road
Susp 470501 243 Lady In Distress
Susp 480916 307 Hitchhike Poker

Volume 3: 38 shows - total playtime 16 hours 19 minutes

Susp 490203 326 Backseat Driver
Susp 490901 348 Nightmare
Susp 491110 358 Murder of Aunt Delia
Susp 501116 403 On A Country Road
Susp 510827 436 Report On Jolly Death Riders
Susp 540713 560 Run Sheep Run
Susp 550419 594 Speed Trap
Susp 570217 686 Murder and Aunt Delia
Susp 571208 728 Speed Trap
Susp 580817 764 Bridge
Susp 581108 776 Two For Road
Susp 590118 786 Ride Down Cajon
Susp 590125 787 Four of a Kind
Susp 600131 838 End Of Road
Susp 620708 933 Sin Eater
Susp 620715 934 Snow On 66
Texas Rangers 500722 Apache Peak
Theater Five 640803 001 Hit & Run
Theater Five 641015 054 Good Samaritans
Thrills Highway Patrol 1938 #26 Auto Safety Check Auto Thief
TIYFBI 500901 283 The Musical StickUp
TIYFBI 511019 342 The Stranger
TIYFBI 520328 365 The Phantom Hitchhiker
Tonight At Nine Thirty 450330 13 Road To Decosel
True Detective 580106 Hitching Pyscho
Whistler 420822 E 015 Death Has A Thirst
Whistler 450709 E 164 Highway Of Escape
Whistler 460114 190 Hit And Run
Whistler 481128 338 Murder In Paradise
Whistler 481205 340 hired alibi
Whistler 500402 409 Lady With A Key
Whistler 510107 e452 Hit And Run
Whistler 531227 E 603 Lonley Highway
Witchs Tale 370212 Haunted Crossroads
X Minus One 550501 002 Parade
X Minus One 550908 017 Martian Death March
X Minus One 560104 032 Roads Must Roll
X Minus One 560417 047 Jaywalker



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