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 Five After the Hour

1 MP3 CD - 17 episodes

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"Child of Ignorance"
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In the early and mid 1940's, Chicago's CBS affiliate, WBBM, found they had a rising star in their writing and directing staff. Les Weinrott had taken on a few projects, but most notably Those Websters, a popular sitcom with a slightly jaded history.

Les Weinrott (center) with cast of Betty & BobThe Brewster Boy had been a successful family sitcom on NBC, and the delight of the sponsor, Quaker Oats. At least the sponsor was delighted until the writer/creators suffered accusations as Communist Sympathizers. Unwilling to let a good thing slip away, the ad agency running the show pulled most of the acting company (a young and somewhat naive Dick York chose to stick by the show's creators) and stole the concept, placing the whole thing in less controversial hands.

His work with Those Websters was successful and popular enough to earn Weinrott the opportunity to express his creativity fully with his own show. Five Minutes After The Hour was named for the practice of most stations to fill the first five minutes of each broadcast hour with news and advertising.The hour selected for Weinrott's creativity to be set loose was 11 pm, well after the family prime-time hours.

Caesar Petrillo , conductorLes Weinrott had nearly complete control over all aspects of Five After The Hour. His vision was not as macabre as many residents of the late night dial, but some of his themes were not quite family fare. They include a man who received plastic surgery so he could be Hitler's stand in, only to have his face mangled beyond recognition when Berlin fell. Another episode detailed a man who thought he was happy because everyone tells him that he is, but then an inner voice begins to analyze his life. Things become lighter in an episode where a garage mechanic's romance-starved girlfriend convinces him to enroll in poetry classes; soon he can not stop rhyming, which leads him to the halls of power.

Five After The Hour is extraordinarily well done radio drama. In addition to Weinrott's superb writing and direction, the show featured music directed by Caesar Petrillo. The company includes many of Chicago's best radio actors. This was a time when Chicago was a hub of the broadcast industry that rivaled New York and Hollywood.

Fans of tense radio anthologies like Suspense, Escape, Quiet, Please and Lights Out will enjoy Five After The Hour.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


17 shows - total playtime 6 hours 50 minutes

Five After the Hour 450516 Life and Times of Happy Man
Five After the Hour 450523 Man Without a Face
Five After the Hour 450606 Song of the River
Five After the Hour 450613 A Man Around the House
Five After the Hour 450620 Amid the Blaze of Noon
Five After the Hour 450627 Murder Has No Tongue
Five After the Hour 450704 Foxhole Conversation Piece
Five After the Hour 450711 Make Out With A Poem
Five After the Hour 450725 Course of True Love of Course
Five After the Hour 450801 Tickled Rib
Five After the Hour 450808 Child of Ignorance
Five After the Hour 450815 Day's Long Toil
Five After the Hour 450822 New Suit
Five After the Hour 450829 Primer for Prejudice
Five After the Hour 450905 There Was This Waltz
Five After the Hour 450912 Forty Writers
Five After the Hour 451017 Light Wife


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