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 Fathers Day Collection

1 MP3 CD - 65 episodes

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"Bringing Down Father"
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Comedy, Mystery, Western, Adventure, Drama, Fun and Games (1930s-1950s)

In addition to shows about Father’s Day, these fatherly programs include murder, angst, toe-stubbing, lawn-mowing, and all around good guys. Whether your fancy is western and adventure (stay tuned for Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel), comedy (laugh along with dad on Great Gildersleeve, Aldrich Family, Bob Hope and Jack Benny), or mystery (will dad die on Mystery is My Hobby?), it’s all here. There’s father-in-laws, forefathers, godfathers, expectant fathers, overbearing papas, and moneybags. They’re all here, and they’re all eager to celebrate Father’s Day with you. So light your pipe, grab the daily paper and put your legs up, dad, because this one is for you!

Also see Mother's Day Collection

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2014 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.


64 shows - total playtime 27 hours 27 minutes

A Date W Judy 440801 Fathers Birthday
Aldrich Family 521130 Henrys Father Is Sick
Aldrich Family Trouble Wth Kathleens Father
Amos Andy 290422 Ruby Father Sees Amos Talking Girl
Anderson Family Marys Father To Visit
Avalon Hour 391018 Expectant Father
Bob Hope Skit Fathers Day
Bold Venture 521122 Ruthie Ryans Father
Bright Star 521106 Hillside Becomes Mom & Dad
Cavalcade Of America 451015 Children This Is Your F
Cosmopolitan Playhouse Father Of Bride
Counterspy 500815 Foolish Father
Crimedoes Not Pay 500828 Fathers Boy
Destination Freedom 491009 066 Father To Son
Dragnet 550308 Big Father
Father Knows Best 481220 Audition Show
Father Knows Best 500511 Dad Plays Golf Tourn
Father Knows Best 500615 042 Fathers Day Trip
Father Knows Best 510614 085 Fathers Day Picnic
Front Page Drama 410711 Father Against Son
Frontier Town 520926 Chad Remingtons Father Murdred
Gg 420621 Fathers Day Chair
Gg 491012 The Expectant Father
Gg 540106 Gildy Meets Irenes Father
Goldberg 1000 Sylvia Needs A Father
Goldberg 106 x 411021 Dr Cater & Father Talk
Goldberg 1133 Fatherly Talk With Mr. Way
Guns 560311 Bringing Down Father
Guns 600207 Delias Father
Guns 610423 Father And Son
Hancocks Half Hour 561028 Sid James Dad
Have Gun wil Ttravel 590927 Like Father
Hgwt 600703 Dad Blamed Luck
Jack Benny 390618 1038 Fathers Day
Jack Benny 400616 1137 Fathers Day
Jerry Of The Circus 037 Richard Grayson Sees Father
Jerry Of The Circus 077 Tom Finds His Father
Langford 470626 Father To Give Away The Bride
Let George 480913 Father Who Had Nothing To Say
Life Of Riley 450304 060 Expectant Fathers
Life Of Riley 460615 117 A New Suit For Fathers Day
Life Of Riley 480207 187 Father And Son Banquet
Life Of Riley 480619 206 Fathers Daybathrobes
Life Of Riley 481119 220 Fatherinlaw Trouble
Life Of Riley 491104 252 The Expectant Father
Life Of Riley 510105 300 Pegs Father Visit
Life with the Lyons 511122 Its A Wise Father
Life with the Lyons 530313 How To Be Good Father
Life with the Lyons 540121 Fathers Day
Lone Ranger 460403 1284 Fathers Reward
Lone Ranger 480317 1590 Like Father Like Son
Lone Ranger 520123 2192 His Fathers Footsteps
Lux 500320 695 Father Was A Fullback
Magnificent Montague 510105 09 Montagues Father
Magnificent Montague 510616 32 Father Of Year
Marriage 540207 Bens Father 3 Week Visit
Marriage 540321 Emily Worships Her Father
Mystery Is My Hobby 17 Father & Son
Nightbeat 501228 The Expectant Father
Pepper Youngs Family 450810 Letter From Father
Quiz Kids 510121 553 Moses Fatherinlaw
Susp 590517 802 A Friend Of Daddys
Tarzan 321012 14 Tarzan Rescues Janes Father
Theat Of Rom 431101 029 Daddy Long Legs



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