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 DJ Madness

2 MP3 CDs - 99 episodes

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The first disc shaped records were produced in 1892 when Emile Berliner began producing the first gramophones. In 1906, Reginald Fesseden made the first audio radio transmission, playing a record of a contralto singer performing Hendel's Largo. Thus began Radio's long association with music.

Alan FreedAlthough music and radio were a natural combination, playing records on the air did not catch on right away, for a number of reasons. From the beginning of commercial broadcasting, the networks and most affiliates and independent stations kept an orchestra on staff to provide music on the air.

Early phonograph records were notoriously fragile, and recording artists were hesitant to allow their records to be played over the air, feeling that no one would want to buy their records if they could hear them on the air. The networks made it policy not to use recorded material unless it was absolutely necessary, and the FCC gave licensing preference to stations which promised to not play recordings during their first three years on the air.

American listeners had their ears glued to their radios during the mid-1930s, hoping to hear news of the Lindberg kidnapping. While his audience was awaiting the next development in the case, radio announcer Martin Block began playing records between comment, giving audiences the impression that he was broadcasting from a ballroom. The concept was a hit, and soon listeners were enjoying the nation's top dance bands on The Make Believe Ballroom. In describing the effort, commentator Walter Winchell combined the shape of the records, a disc, with slang for a machine operator, a jockey, coining the term disc jockey.

Wolfman JackDJ programs were a staple of the Armed Forces Radio Network. The popular variety programs, such as Mail Call, Command Performance, GI Journal and others were recorded in Hollywood and sent to the various theaters of the War on record discs. The local AFRN stations would also broadcast records as a cheap and easy way to provide the troops with a variety of different musical styles.

In the post War years, the big networks slowed their production of original radio programing in favor of television. This left local broadcasters with air time to fill, and records were an easy answer. Many disc jockeys were allowed to expose audiences to their personal taste in music, and this gave a growing youth culture their first taste of Rock and Roll.

Rock and Roll, youth, and DJ's with minimal supervision from station management was a combination built for rebellion. Young people were allowed the freedom to make their own listening choices while their parents monopolized the TV set, and DJ's were able to build a loyal fan-base. In some cases the DJ became a bigger hit than the station or even the music they played.

Allen Freed is called “the Father of Rock and Roll” for his role in popularizing music played by African American artists. Real Don SteeleBecause they worked on local stations, DJ's were often local celebrities.Some would travel as their reputations built, moving up from small town stations to bigger markets. Jack Armstrong and “The Real Don Steele” have left us with air checks from stations in several cities.

Some DJ's built a national reputation, or perhaps national notoriety, broadcasting their music and personalities from the “Border Blaster” stations in Mexico. Wolfman Jack began broadcasting Rock and Roll and using hipster slang, creating a persona that imitated Alan Freed's “Moondoggy”. The Wolfman's big break came in 1963, when he was hired to DJ for XERF-AM, a station powerful enough to be heard all across North America, and at night, as far as Europe and the Soviet Union.

This collection includes early DJ old time radio shows from the golden age of radio like Alan Freed, Bob Crane, Chet McDowell, Don Imus, George "Hound Dog" Lorenz, Jack Armstrong, Robert Morgan, The Greaserman, The Real Don Steele, William Roscoe, Wolfman Jack and many more.

See also: Airchecks from Great Radio Stations, Vintage Airchecks from Great Radio Stations, Alan Freed Rock n Roll Dance Party, and Alan Freed.

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: 61 shows - total playtime 14 hours 3 minutes

''Appeal To Every Taste''
''Great Scott Of The Morning''
''Her Old Dirty Ways''
''Knock Years Off Of Your Life'' Hair Weave Radio Ad
''The Black Pope''
AFVN DaNang - ''Your Brother'', 1969
Airchecks Top 40 1971
Airchecks Top 40 1972
Alan Freed ''The Moondog'', WJW, 1954
Alan Freed KDAY Los Angeles 6011
Alan Freed WINS 570125
Alan Freed WINS New York March 23, 1955
Alan Freed, WINS, 1955 (ends with intro to Treniers)
American Forces Vietnam, April 1969 (Dawn Buster with Pat Sajak)
Bob Crane KNX Los Angeles 600213
Bob Crane KNX Los Angeles 620309
Capital Radio London, Kenny Everett, 741112
Chet McDowell as ''Hotsy Totsy'' Segue
Chet McDowell Segue
Complete Disc Jockey Show
Composite Aircheck of St. Louis MO Stations 1954
Dewey Phillips, WHBQ Memphis, 1957
Dewey Phillips, WHBQ Memphis, December 1953
Dick Robinson WDRC Hartford 651021
Don Imus - The Black Fab Four
Don Imus, WNBC New York, 721111 (with Lily Tomlin)
Don Imus, WNBC New York, September 3, 1979 (Holy Smokes brand Cigarettes)
Frantic Ernie Durham WBBC 1958
Gary Owens, KEWB Oakland, 590929
Gary Owens, KFWB Los Angeles 620626
George ''Hound Dog'' Lorenz, WKBW Buffalo, 1958
George ''Hound Dog'' Lorenz, WKLB Buffalo 1960s
Great Scott of the Morning - Record Smasher
Harry Harrison WMCA 680921 (Excellent)
High School Dance Aircheck
Imus as Rev. Hargus Becomes A Jew 100888
Jack Armstrong (John Larsh), WAYS Charlotte N.C. October 1965
Jack Armstrong (John Larsh), WCOG Greensboro N.C. 1966
Jack Armstrong, CHUM, Toronto, 690213
Jack Armstrong, KFI, 1980
Jack Armstrong, WKYC Cleveland, 1967
Jack Armstrong, WPOP, Hartford CT, August 69
Jackson Armstrong, 13Q Pittsburgh, 1973
Jackson Armstrong, WIXY, Cleveland, 1966
Jamalaya (1985 Aircheck ending with Wolfman Jack)
Jocko Henderson - Rocket Ship Time
John Marsden & John Small - Paul Is Dead Broadcast (Remastered)
KBLA Dusty Musty
KFRC 1973 Composite
KHJ Boss Angeles - Gary Mack 660810 (Good)
KHJ LA - Charlie Tuna 690223 (Mentions Clay Shaw Trial)
KHJ Sales Presentation 1965
Mr. Rambo's Neighborhood (1985 Imus Aircheck)
Porky Chadwick - ''Pork The Torque''
Porky Chadwick Request segue for Porky Chadwick Night
Porky Chadwick
Radio Luxembourg 1963
Rick Allen (Rick Moranis) CFTR Toronto 1973
Robert W. Morgan KHJ - On the Move with The Monkees 1967
Robert W. Morgan KHJ - Robert W. Morgan & the Defense Department 1967
The Greaseman, WAPE, Jacksonville, 1979

Volume 2: 38 shows - total playtime 13 hours 29 minutes

The Greaseman, WAPE, Jacksonville, 1979-80
The Plucky Mr. Lucky Show
The Real Don Steele KEWB Oakland CA 6408
The Real Don Steele KHJ 670227 (Excellent!)
The Real Don Steele KHJ 670503 (Great too!)
The Real Don Steele KHJ 680209 (Has ''Denise, Denise''
The Real Don Steele KHJ 680302
The Real Don Steele KHJ 680329
The Real Don Steele KHJ 690402
The Real Don Steele KHJ 700321
The Real Don Steele KHJ 700617
The Real Don Steele KIMA Yakima 610312 (Excellent!)
The Real Don Steele KISN Portland OR - Emperor Real Don Steele The First - July 1964
The Real Don Steele KISN Portland OR 1964
The Real Don Steele KOIL Omaha Nebraska Fall 1962 Audition
Unknown - Aircheck mentioning St Augustine TX High School
Unknown DJ - ''Bad On, Bad On''
Unknown DJ - ''Music for The Sick & The Shut-in''
Vive de Gaulle, WMGM, New York, 1958
WAGO Muncie Indiana - David Letterman 690401
WBOK - ''Where Okie Dokey Comes From''
WBOK - Rabbit Contest & Magic Word Phone Call
WCFL Chicago - Dick Biondi 671003
WHAT DJ Aircheck
William Roscoe ''Rosko'' Mercer - Evergreen Show - KBLA Los Angeles - Intro - ''Roscoe With A Boss Tough Show''
William Roscoe ''Rosko'' Mercer - Evergreen Show - KBLA Los Angeles - with Scatting, PSA for Navy & Jimmy Reed
William Roscoe ''Rosko'' Mercer - KBLA - Reads Line on Station's 1st Day
WOL - Ad for ''The Nighthawk''
WOL - Listen to This Sound
WOL - Sign-off
WOL - Soul Finger Promo
WOL - Soul Finger Sign-off
Wolfman Jack interviewed by Bobby McAllister, KACY Oxnard 1970
Wolfman Jack on Robert W. Morgan's Last KHJ Show, 1970
Wolfman Jack with Mike Love, CHUM, 1975
Wolfman Jack with Robert W. Morgan, KHJ, 1970
Wolfman Jack, XERB, 700412
WTIX New Orleans - Bobby Reno 681226 (AWFUL ''I'll Be There'' cover, Apollo 8 transmissions, Ingram ad for Elvis Movie)



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