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 Childrens Show Bundle Pack

18 MP3 CDs - 877 episodes

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All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Many of our customers have reported immense joy in sharing the shows they remember as kid with their children and grandchildren. We want to encourage you to share the merriment and wonder of old time radio shows with the children of today.

Blue Beetle on the RadioHowdy Doody TimeSpeed GibsonTom Mix, star of the radio programAnne Airlines - One of the few aviation serials to have a female lead, Ann Burton, an Air Hostess for Interstate Airways and her pilot boyfriend Jack Bake. Gerald Mohr plays the copilot, Art Morrison, who is also a Secret Service Agent.

Blue Beetle - Dan Garrett joins the police after his father is gunned down by a mobster, but becomes frustrated with delays and paperwork, so assumes the secret identity of the Blue Beetle. He has a bulletproof costume and Vitamin X-2 which gives him super strength.

Buck Rogers - Buck has been trapped in a mine and exposed to radioactive gas. He thinks he was asleep for a few hours but really he wakes up in the year 2419AD! Buck catches on to the marvelous inventions and ways of the future, and has many adventures.

Captain Midnight - Captain Midnight was an Ace in WWI. He recruits his Secret Squadron to work for the government and foil bad guys.

Children Collection - OTRCAT.com's original Children's compilation with classic fairy tales, episodes of Columbia Broadcast, and other special treats.

Falstaffs Fables - Allen Reed from Fred Allenís Alley and Allen Reed Jr telling great fables and selling candy bars with lots of humor.

Fire Fighters - Stories of American Firefighters. There is usually a fire related mystery to be solved, and there is also lessons about fire safety and fire fighting equipment.

Howdy Doody Time - From the popular TV show, Howdy Doody Time had Western and Circus themes.

Jack Armstrong - The All-American Boy Jack and his young friends have adventures around the world, often flying with the Fairfield's Uncle in the Silver Albatross.

Land of the Lost - is a children's deep-sea adventure program about two children who travel "in that wonderful kingdom at the bottom of the sea." Lead by Red Lantern, the "wisest fish in the sea", Billy and Isabel discover lost objects on the ocean floor.

Lassie - From rescuing Timmy from a well to untying kidnapped victims, Lassie does it all.

Little Orphan Annie - Through hard work and a good attitude, Annie has adventures and makes the most of what life offers her.

Planet Man - Dantro fights evil on behalf of the League of Planets. He is assisted by the Earth people after he saves their rocket from crashing.

Smilin Jack - Aviator Smilin' Jack has adventures and fights crime from his airplane.

Sonny & Buddy - Sonny and buddy are normal American kids, sometimes they get lost, sometimes they get in trouble, but they always have adventures.

Speed Gibson - Speed is a "Typical American Boy" interested in shortwave radio, aviation, and the International Secret Police.

Tom Mix - Highly fictionalized adventures of cowboy Tom Mix, an original Silent Movie Cowboy.

Wormwood Forest - Animal Friends and Songs in the Wormwood Forest. The rhyming and fun take place in and around Dippy Dwarf's "Dwarf Waldorf Hotel."

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

Volume 1: Anne of the Airlines
24 shows - total playtime 5 hours 38 minutes

Anne of the Airlines 1930s e07
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e08
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e09
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e10
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e11
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e12
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e13
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e14
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e15
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e16
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e17
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e18
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e19
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e20
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e21
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e22
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e23
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e24
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e25
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e26
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e27
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e28
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e29
Anne of the Airlines 1930s e30

Volume 2: Blue Beetle
48-thirteen-minute episodes compiled as 24-twenty-five minute shows
total playtime 10 hours 18 minutes

Blue Beetle 400515 01-02 Origin - Smashing Spy Ring
Blue Beetle 400517 03-04 Sabatoge - Liquidation
Blue Beetle 400522 05-06 Murder For Profit
Blue Beetle 400524 07-08 Blasting Dynamite Gang
Blue Beetle 400529 09-10 Invisible Ghost
Blue Beetle 400531 11-12 Death Rides Horseback
Blue Beetle 400605 13-14 Death Strikes From The East
Blue Beetle 400607 15-16 Sea Serpent
Blue Beetle 400612 17-18 Frame Up
Blue Beetle 400614 19-20 Spirits Don't Talk
Blue Beetle 400619 21-22 Thoroughbreds Always Come Through
Blue Beetle 400621 23-24 Smashing The Arson Ring
Blue Beetle 400626 25-26 Rounding Up The Payroll Bandits
Blue Beetle 400703 27-28 Crime Incorportaed
Blue Beetle 400710 29-30 Saved By A Hair
Blue Beetle 400717 31-32 Finesse In Diamonds
Blue Beetle 400725 33-34 Sabotage Incorporated
Blue Beetle 400731 35-36 Smashing The Restaurant Racket
Blue Beetle 400807 37-38 Two Rackets In One
Blue Beetle 400814 39-40 Underworld Goes Underground
Blue Beetle 400821 41-42 Dancing Ghost Of Rocky Hill
Blue Beetle 400828 43-44 Whale Of Pirates Folly
Blue Beetle 400904 45-46 Asylum Of Doctor Drear
Blue Beetle 400911 47-48 Last Show Jewel Mystery

Volume 3: Buck Rogers
26 shows - total playtime 5 hours 21 minutes

buck 380404 Origin Story
buck 390405 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 01
buck 390407 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 02
buck 390409 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 03
buck 390412 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 04
buck 390414 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 05
buck 390416 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 06
buck 390419 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 07
buck 390421 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 08
buck 390423 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 09
buck 390426 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 10
buck 390428 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 11
buck 390430 Gyro Cosmic Relativator 12
buck 39xxxx Mechanical Mole 01
buck 39xxxx Mechanical Mole 02
buck 39xxxx Mechanical Mole 03
buck 39xxxx Mechanical Mole 04
buck 39xxxx Mechanical Mole 05
buck 39xxxx Mechanical Mole 06
buck 39xxxx Mechanical Mole 07
buck 39xxxx The Chase After Killer Kane 01
buck 39xxxx The Chase After Killer Kane 02
buck 39xxxx The Chase After Killer Kane 03
buck 39xxxx The Chase After Killer Kane 04
buck 39xxxx The Chase After Killer Kane 05
buck 470328 Last show

Volume 5: Captain Midnight
55 shows - total playtime 13 hours 14 minutes

Captain Midnight 391017 Episode01
Captain Midnight 391018 Episode02
Captain Midnight 391019 Episode03
Captain Midnight 391020 Episode04
Captain Midnight 391023 Episode05
Captain Midnight 391024 Episode06
Captain Midnight 391025 Episode07
Captain Midnight 391026 Episode08
Captain Midnight 391027 Episode09
Captain Midnight 391030 Episode10
Captain Midnight 391106 Episode15
Captain Midnight 391107 Episode16
Captain Midnight 391108 Episode17
Captain Midnight 391109 Episode18
Captain Midnight 391110 Episode19
Captain Midnight 391113 Episode20
Captain Midnight 391114 Episode21
Captain Midnight 391115 Episode22
Captain Midnight 391116 Episode23
Captain Midnight 391117 Episode24
Captain Midnight 391120 Episode25
Captain Midnight 391121 Episode26
Captain Midnight 391122 Episode27
Captain Midnight 391123 Episode28
Captain Midnight 391124 Episode29
Captain Midnight 391127 Episode30
Captain Midnight 391128 Episode31
Captain Midnight 391129 Episode32
Captain Midnight 391130 Episode33
Captain Midnight 391201 Episode34
Captain Midnight 391204 Episode35
Captain Midnight 391205 Episode36
Captain Midnight 391206 Episode37
Captain Midnight 391207 Episode38
Captain Midnight 391208 Episode39
Captain Midnight 391211 Episode40
Captain Midnight 391212 Episode41
Captain Midnight 391213 Episode42
Captain Midnight 391214 Episode43
Captain Midnight 391215 Episode44
Captain Midnight 391218 Episode45
Captain Midnight 391219 Episode46
Captain Midnight 391220 Episode47
Captain Midnight 391221 Episode48
Captain Midnight 391222 Episode49
Captain Midnight 391225 Episode50
Captain Midnight 400930 1st show
Captain Midnight 401001 2nd show
Captain Midnight 431009 Phillippines Fight On
Captain Midnight 480318 Jewels Queen Sheba
Captain Midnight 490110 Return of Ivan Shark
Captain Midnight Assignment Under the Sea
Captain Midnight Destruction of the Nazi Submarine B
Captain Midnight Flying Ruby
Captain Midnight Silver Dagger Strikes

Volume 6: Childrens Collection
73 shows - total playtime 15 hours 27 minutes

Chick Carter Boy Detective (2)
Chic Carter 430713 008 The Bubbling Pool
Chic Carter 44xxxx Fat Man On The Ferry

Columbia Workshop (4)
370928 058 Alice in Wonderland Part 1
371003 059 Alice in Wonderland Part 2
371223 070 Alice Through the Looking Glass Part 1
371230 071 Alice Through the Looking Glass Part 2

Fairy Tales Harold Peary - (7)
SFC Brave Little Tailor
SFC Cinderella
SFC Hansel and Gretel
SFC Jack and the Bean Stalk
SFC Puss in Boots
SFC Rumpelstiltskin
SFC Snow White and Rose Red

Fairy Tales-Earle Ross (7)
AFT Steadfast tin Soldier
AFT The Magic Tinder Box
GFT 3 Brothers
GFT 3 Feathers
GFT Bremen Town Musicians
GFT Docter know All
GFT Dragon and his Grandmother

Howdy Doody (2)
Howdy Doody 520816 Buffalo Bob Smith
Howdy Doody 540000 The Kipper Factory

Misc (5)
450508 Roy Rogers Legend of Pecos Bill
550322 Peter Pan
bing crosby alibaba and the 40 thieves
Daybreak at Calamity Farm Gilbert Girard and Company 1924
Lux Radio Theater 1950-12-25 0727 The Wizard Of Oz

Old Tales & New (14)
Old Tales New 000000 A Camel Named Cuddles 30 s
Old Tales New 000000 A Small Tribute
Old Tales New 000000 Pierre the Remarkable Prarie Dog
Old Tales New 000000 Strange Occurance in Toyland
Old Tales New 000000 The 3 Elephants Vacation
Old Tales New 000000 The Emporer s New Clothes
Old Tales New 000000 The Horse Who Loved Music
Old Tales New 000000 The Nightingale
Old Tales New 501002AYak At The County Fair
Old Tales New 501009Whitney The Neighborly Whale
Old Tales New 501016Three Billy Goats Gruff
Old Tales New 501218The Lost Puppy
Old Tales New 510108 Sleeping Beauty
Old Tales New Boy That Was Carried Away by a Bear

Rumpelstiltskin (4)
Rump 001
Rump 002
Rump 003
Rump 004

Sleepy Joe (24)
Sleepy Joe 01 Brer Fox and the Christmas Turkey
Sleepy Joe 02 Brer Rabbit Loses an Address
Sleepy Joe 03 The Time Brer Rabbit Was Picked Off
Sleepy Joe 04 Brer Rabbit s Surprise
Sleepy Joe 05 Brer Rabbit s Mistake
Sleepy Joe 06 Brer Rabbit s Goose
Sleepy Joe 07 The Building of the World
Sleepy Joe 08 Brer Fox and His Christmas Hate
Sleepy Joe 09 Brer Fox and the Carrot Trap
Sleepy Joe 10 The Unhappy Stable
Sleepy Joe 11 Brer Rabbit and Brer Bear The Big Snow
Sleepy Joe 12 Brer Snake s Christmas Gift
Sleepy Joe 129 Brer Fox and Brer Goat
Sleepy Joe 13 Jack in the Box
Sleepy Joe 130 Brer Fox s Toothache
Sleepy Joe 131 The Tattlin Snake
Sleepy Joe 132 Brer Fox in the Brier Patch
Sleepy Joe 14 How Brer Rabbit Lost His Tail
Sleepy Joe 15 Brer Beaver s Christmas Dinner
Sleepy Joe 16 Brer Fox and Brer Rabbit s Lesson
Sleepy Joe 17 Mr Rabbit s Christmas
Sleepy Joe 18 Brer Fox and the Christmas Packages
Sleepy Joe 19 Santa Claus Comes to the Brier Patch
Sleepy Joe 20 The Night Before Christmas

Stories from the thirties (3)
1930s Captain One Eye Disappears
1930s The Horse Who Had His Picture in the Paper
1930s The Missing Whistle

Volume 7: Falstaff's Fables
6 shows - total playtime 27 minutes

Falstaffs Fables 46 1950
Falstaffs Fables 47 Story of Pecos Percey
Falstaffs Fables 48 Pied Piper of Hamlin 1950
Falstaffs Fables 49 Why Turkey on Thanksgiving
Falstaffs Fables 50 Brave Little Taylor
Falstaffs Fables 51 Tale of The Engine and the Pullman Car

Volume 8: Firefighters
1 40 shows - total playtime 27 hours 41 minutes

001 Tim Collins' First Day
002 False Alarms
003 Is Jimmy Collins Turning in False Alarms
004 Jimmy Not Guilty Of False Alarms
005 Tim Doesn't Get His Appointment
006 Fire At Tim's House Put Out
007 Tim Gets Appointed to the Fire Department
008 Tim Tries to Save a Man
009 Tim is Trapped Fighting for Air
010 Chief Cody Orders Men to Rescue Tim
011 Tim and the Watchman Are Saved
012 How the Fire Started
013 Fire Traps Woman and Her Baby
014 Woman and Baby Saved
015 Tim Tries to Save Arsonist's Wife
016 Tim and the Woman Are Rescued
017 Man Confesses to Starting Fires
018 Tim Lectures at North Side School
019 School Fire
020 Tim Joins Engine Company 209
021 Searching for Fire on Ship Docks
022 Towboat Owner is Mad at ighters
023 Towboat Owner is at Fault
024 Chief Cody is in Trouble
025 Chief Cody Talks With Night Club Owner
026 Plans Made to Help Chief Cody
027 Chief Cody Threatens to Resign
028 Gang of Boys Setting Fires
029 Tim Undercover as Bum to Catch Boys
030 Tim Trapped, Puts Out Fire
031 Illusion Maker With Phosphorus
032 Chief Cody and Tim Attend a Demonstration
033 Everyone Escapes and Fire is Put Out
034 Fire Equipment Display
035 New Fire Fighting Tug Boat
036 Tim Assigned to Fire Fighting Tug Boat
037 Grain Ship Fire
038 Grain Ship Fire Put Out By Tug Boat
039 Tim Goes On Furlough
040 Volunteer Fire Department
041 Chief Cody & Tim Discuss Volunteer Fire Department
042 New Way to Haul Water
043 Forest Fire
044 Boys Trapped by Forest Fire
045 Tim and Children Safe from Fire in a Cave
046 Forest Fire Under Control
047 Forest Fire Out, Chief Cody Offered a Job
048 Tim Attends a Fire Fighting School
049 Tim & Crew Rescue a Cat
050 Jimmy Collins is Upset
051 Problems With Jimmy and Whitey
052 North Side Junion Fire Fighters
053 Jimmy and Whitey Are Friends Again
054 Unsafe Electric Cords Being Sold
055 Finding Unsafe Electrical Cords
056 Another Fire from Unsafe Electrical Cords
057 Unsafe Electrical Cord Salesman Caught
058 Fire Sightseers Causing Problems
059 False Alarms Being Turned In
060 False Alarms Continue
061 Chief Cody & Tim Try to Catch False Alarmers
062 Railroad Flats Discussed
063 Children Trapped in an Apartment Fire
064 Children Are Saved
065 Chief Cody Talks About Fire Fighting
066 Story of Fire Burning Whole City
067 Story is Completed of Fire Almost Destroying City
068 Tim Might be Promoted
069 Tim Wants Transfer to Rescue Squad
070 Tim Assigned to Fire Prevention Squad
071 Production of Fire Prevention Play Begins
072 Play Wasn't Properly Rehearsed
073 Chief Cody Saves the Play
074 Tim Transfers to the Rescue Squad
075 Tim's Having Problems With New Assignment
076 Tim Gets in a Boxing Match
077 Fire With Man Trapped in a Vault
078 Trying to Open Vault
079 Vault is Filling Up With Water
080 Man Rescued from the Vault
081 Tim Accepted by Fellow Rescue Squad Workers
082 Tim Assigned to go on a Fishing Trip
083 Tim Learns Diving
084 Printing Plates for Conterfeit Money Found
085 Chief Cody Turns Printing Plates Over to Police
086 A Fireman is Missing
087 Searching for Missing Fireman
088 Missing Fireman Found
089 Firemen Work on Drowning Victim
090 Fireman is Cleared of Any Connection to Printing Plates
091 Dealer Puts Gasoline in Apartment Oil Tank
092 Furnace Started, Firemen Evacutating Building
093 Firemen Search for Valve to Shut Furnace Off
094 Jimmy is in Crawl Space With Rusty Valve
095 Jimmy and Tim Get the Valve Shut Off
096 Jimmy and Trudy Collect Items for Charity Sale
097 Jimmy and Trudy Discover Fire at Wilcox Mansion
098 Jimmy and Trudy Suspected of Arson
099 Tim and Chief Cody Figure Out How Fire Started
100 Mrs Wilcox Informed How Fire Began
101 Barge Filled With Oil on Fire
102 Tug Boat Tries to Move the Barge
103 Barge Loose, Threatens Waterfront
104 Barge Moved Away from Pier
105 Barge Fire is Put Out
106 Once Again Collecting Items for Charity Sale
107 A Snuff Box is Missing
108 Mister Darby Locked in Vault
109 Mister Darby is Discovered Locked in Vault
110 Darby is Freed & Returns Snuff Box
111 Chief Cody Investigates Fires
112 Tim Begins Investigating Fires
113 Fires Beginning in Mattresses
114 Recalling Mattresses
115 Cotton Seeds Causing Mattress Fire Hazard
116 Chief Cody on Vacation
117 Jim and Jack Attempt a Rescue
118 Tim Begins Scaling Tall Building
119 Tim Reaches Trapped Woman and Jack
120 Tim Rescues Jack and the Woman
121 Chief Cody Returns, Monkey Problem Begins
122 Trying to Catch the Monkeys
123 Most of the Monkeys Have Been Captured
124 Snake Suggested to Catch Remaining Monkeys
125 Snake Works in Capturing Rest of the Monkeys
126 Tim's Friend Trapped by Fire
127 Tim's Friend Rescued, But Floor Might Collapse
128 The Floor Collapses on Tim
129 Tim is Alive, Taps on Pipes for Rescue
130 Firemen Rescue Tim With a Steam Shovel
131 Chief Cody and Tim Leave on Vacation
132 Fire in Baggage Area of Plane
133 Airfield Found, But Landing Lights Are Off
134 Tim Parachutes to Field, But Airport is Shut Down
135 Headlights on Autos Used to Light the Runway
136 Tim and Chief Cody on Vacation at Plum Valley
137 Fire Begins in the Town of Plum Valley
138 Plum Valley Newspaper is on Fire
139 Plum Valley Tries to Hire Full-Time Firemen
140 Plum Valley City Council Meeting

Volume 8: Howdy Doody
7 shows - total playtime 2 hours 10 minutes

Fruit Gum Co Pow Wow Bring Back Howdy Doody (excerpt)
Howdy Doody 520809 Segment
Howdy Doody 520816 Buffalo Bob Smith
Howdy Doody 540000 The Kipper Factory
Howdy Doody 5xxxxx Excerpts, Talkover
Howdy Doody Presents excerpts19481960
It's Howdy Doody Time (Theme)

Volume 9: Jack Armstrong, All American Boy
106 shows - total playtime 25 hours 34 minutes
Jack 000000 Ep001 Sspelicanafire
Jack 000000 Ep002 Jacktotakelinetopelican
Jack 000000 Ep003 Jackgetslinetopelican
Jack 000000 Ep004 Rescuesallpelicancrew
Jack 400927 Ep1515 Easter Island Adventure
Jack 400930 Ep1516 Uncle Jim's Office Is Ransacked
Jack 401001 Ep1517 Trailing Dirk To The Airport
Jack 401002 Ep1518 Plotting To Steal The Chart
Jack 401003 Ep1519 Dirk And Blackbeard Steal A Letter
Jack 401007 Ep1521 Flight To San Francisco
Jack 401008 Ep1522 Strange Visitor On The Schooner
Jack 401009 Ep1523 Mysterious Token From Prof Loring
Jack 401010 Ep1524 Jack And Billy Escape From The Police
Jack 401011 Ep1525 Betty Hears Footsteps
Jack 401014 Ep1526 Blackbeard Becomes An Ally
Jack 401017 Ep1529 Jack Is Swept Overboard
Jack 401018 Ep1530 Fire Breaks Out On The Spindrift
Jack 401028 Ep1536 Arriving In The Philippines
Jack 401029 Ep1537 Warning Of The Power Of The Ring
Jack 401104 Ep1541 Close To The Breakers
Jack 401105 Ep1542 Spindrift Rescued Yates Escapes
Jack 401108 Ep1545 Jack And Billy Trail Yates
Jack 401113 Ep1548 Hostile Moros Attack The Vintas
Jack 401114 Ep1549 Protected By The Magic Ring
Jack 401115 Ep1550 Hostile Moros Attack The Village
Jack 401118 Ep1551 Spindrift Arrives In Manila
Jack 401119 Ep1552 Suprise Visit To The Black Shark
Jack 401120 Ep1553 Suspicious Message From Uncle Jim
Jack 401121 Ep1554 Searching For Uncle Jim
Jack 401122 Ep1555 Uncle Jim Outsmarts Blackbeard
Jack 401125 Ep1556 Back To The Spindrift
Jack 401126 Ep1557 Dr Shupato Finds The Chart And Ring
Jack 401127 Ep1558 A Henchman Escapes With The Ring
Jack 401128 Ep1559 Jack And Billy Are Captured
Jack 401129 Ep1560 Jack And Billy Turn The Tables
Jack 401202 Ep1561 Pursued Into The Jungle
Jack 401203 Ep1562 Car Stalls In The Stream
Jack 401204 Ep1563 On To The Land Of The Headhunters
Jack 401205 Ep1564 Negritos With Poison Arrows Watch
Jack 401206 Ep1565 Car Is Blocked By Landslide
Jack 401209 Ep1566 Slide Sends Car Down Mountainside
Jack 401210 Ep1567 Blackbeard Is Climbing Down
Jack 401211 Ep1568 Jack Billy And Michelle Persue
Jack 401212 Ep1569 Into An Abandoned Mine
Jack 401213 Ep1570 Escaping Through Tunnels
Jack 401216 Ep1571 Jack Waylays Luzaro And Shupato
Jack 401217 Ep1572 Into Headhunter Country
Jack 401218 Ep1573 On The Trail Of Sgt Romero
Jack 401219 Ep1574 Surrounded By Headhunters
Jack 401220 Ep1575 Trapped In The Cave Of The Mummies
Jack 401223 Ep1576 A Stowaway On The Spindrift
Jack 401224 Ep1577 Escape From Manila Bay
Jack 401225 Ep1578 Stalked By The Black Shark
Jack 401226 Ep1579 Fighting Off The Typhoon To Escape
Jack 401227 Ep1580 The Spindrifts Sail Is Destroyed
Jack 401230 Ep1581 Safe Arrival In The Sulu Sea
Jack 401231 Ep1582 Preparing To Dive For The U 235
Jack 410101 Ep1583 Diving To Search For The Ship
Jack 410102 Ep1584 Trapped In The Captains Cabin
Jack 410103 Ep1585 Conclusion Escape With The Uranium
Jack 410106 Ep1586 A Clue To Prof Loring
Jack 410107 Ep1587 Spice Peddler Has An Unusual Watch
Jack 410108 Ep1588 Yates The Traitor Returns
Jack 410109 Ep1589 Yates Searches The Spindrift
Jack 410110 Ep1590 Michelle Is Kidnapped
Jack 410113 Ep1591 The Journey Up The Jungle Trail
Jack 410114 Ep1592 Tribesmen Converge
Jack 410115 Ep1593 Tribesmen Have Hostile Chief
Jack 410116 Ep1594 The Chief And The Talking Horse
Jack 410117 Ep1595 Who Is The Moro Peddler
Jack 410120 Ep1596 The Magic Horse Speaks Again
Jack 410121 Ep1597 Malua Leads The Search For Rifles
Jack 410122 Ep1598 Jack And Billy Decieve Persuers
Jack 410123 Ep1599 Attacked By The Tamarou
Jack 410124 Ep1600 A Flashlight In The Darkness
Jack 410127 Ep1601 Yates Captuers Betty And Billy
Jack 410128 Ep1602 Michelle Is Sent For Help
Jack 410129 Ep1603 Climbing Toward The Guarded Cave
Jack 410130 Ep1604 Leading The Moro Into A Trap
Jack 410131 Ep1605 A Sentry At The Entrance To Cave
Jack 410203 Ep1606 Into The Secret Tunnel
Jack 410204 Ep1607 Jack And Billy Meet A Stranger
Jack 410205 Ep1608 Finding Lt Rawlings In The Cave
Jack 410206 Ep1609 Trapped In The Cave By Karangs Men
Jack 410305 Ep1628 Up The River After Prof Loring
Jack 410306 Ep1629 Jack Rescues Whisper
Jack 410307 Ep1630 The Vinta Is Stopped By The Current
Jack 410310 Ep1631 A Hail Of Stones And Arrows
Jack 410311 Ep1632 Planning To Confront The Medicine Man
Jack 410312 Ep1633 Planning To Enter The Temple Of Kalana
Jack 410313 Ep1634 Entering The Temple Of Kalana
Jack 410314 Ep1635 The Medicine Man Finds The Radio
Jack 410317 Ep1636 Moro Messenger Brings Tidings
Jack 410318 Ep1637 Finding Prof Loring At Last
Jack 420420 Landofthesky
Jack 420421 The Cave Of The Glacier
Jack 420506 Stealing The Ruby
Jack 430807 Counterfeit Ration Stamps Are Stolen
Jack 440117 Headhuntersstartwar
Jack 440125 Amphibianfireoverjungle
Jack 440126 Spider'slairspotted
Jack 440127 Bettyandbillyinquicksand
Jack 440202 Diamondsinspider'splane
Jack 450000 Themutineers
Jack 470708 Theflyingsaucer
Jack 480311 Clear The Tracks
Volume 10: Land of the Lost
6 shows - total playtime 2 hours 50 minutes

Land Of The Lost 451028 Knights Of The Square Table
Land Of The Lost 451104 Mike Pike
Land Of The Lost 451223 Blue Pearl of Atlantis
Land Of The Lost 451230 Ralph Royster The Oyster
Land Of The Lost 470000 Lead Pencilvania
Land Of The Lost 471213 Prisoner of Tides

Volume 11: Lassie
8 shows - total playtime 1 hours 52 minutes

Lassie 480111 032 A Dog Named Tramp
Lassie 480118 033 Big Cat
Lassie 480918 068 Lost Dog
Lassie 491105 112 His Masters Eyes
Lassie 491112 113 I Learned Him
Lassie 491119 114 Reprieve
Lassie 491126 115 Chaplains Dog
Lassie 491217 118 Mule Train

Volume 12: Little Orphan Annie
30 shows - total playtime 7 hours 22 minutes

Annie 340000 Tin Box
Annie 351018 0917 Annie's Party
Annie 351021 0918 Jake Sick
Annie 351022 0919 To Work
Annie 351023 0920 Annie & Joe's Plan
Annie 360000 1018 Mr. Flint Is Selling Stock In the Toll Bridge
Annie 360000 1019 Mr. Flint Tries to Sell Stock to Jake Levy
Annie 360000 Auction Jed's Showboat
Annie 3600001020 Watching Bridge Being Built
Annie 3600001021 Second Grade Logs Used to Build Bridge
Annie 3600001026 Tony Is Arrested For Robbery
Annie 3600001027 Light In the Mysterious Deserted House
Annie 3600001038 Bill Corwin Has Disappeared
Annie 3600001039 Looking For Bill Corwin
Annie 3600001066 Bridge Is Destroyed
Annie 3600001067 Telegram For Mr. Silo
Annie 3600001068 Mr. Silo Prepares For Trip
Annie 3600001069 Annie and Joe Are Going to Mississippi
Annie 3606161164 Wright Brothers 33rd Anniversary
Annie 360617 1165 Who Shot Tom Baines' Dog
Annie 380000 1534 Building A Radio Transmitter
Annie 380000 1535 Daddy Warbucks Searches For Annie
Annie 380000 1536 Queen of the Island
Annie 380000 1537 Diamonds
Annie 380000 1538 Testing the Diamonds
Annie 380000 1539 Daddy Warbucks Hears Radio Signals
Annie 380000 1554 Temple in the Jungle
Annie 401120 follows mysterious lady
Annie 401000 Pearl Diver
Annie 401120 Annie Follows Mystery Lady

Volume 13: Planet Man
78 shows - total playtime 15 hours 22 minutes

Planet Man 001
Planet Man 002
Planet Man 003
Planet Man 004
Planet Man 005
Planet Man 006
Planet Man 007
Planet Man 008
Planet Man 009
Planet Man 010
Planet Man 011
Planet Man 012
Planet Man 013
Planet Man 014
Planet Man 015
Planet Man 016
Planet Man 017
Planet Man 018
Planet Man 019
Planet Man 020
Planet Man 021
Planet Man 022
Planet Man 023
Planet Man 024
Planet Man 025
Planet Man 026
Planet Man 027
Planet Man 028
Planet Man 029
Planet Man 030
Planet Man 031
Planet Man 032
Planet Man 033
Planet Man 034
Planet Man 035
Planet Man 036
Planet Man 037
Planet Man 038
Planet Man 039
Planet Man 040
Planet Man 041
Planet Man 042
Planet Man 043
Planet Man 044
Planet Man 045
Planet Man 046
Planet Man 047
Planet Man 048
Planet Man 049
Planet Man 050
Planet Man 051
Planet Man 052
Planet Man 053
Planet Man 054
Planet Man 055
Planet Man 056
Planet Man 057
Planet Man 058
Planet Man 059
Planet Man 060
Planet Man 061
Planet Man 062
Planet Man 063
Planet Man 064
Planet Man 065
Planet Man 066
Planet Man 067
Planet Man 068
Planet Man 069
Planet Man 070
Planet Man 071
Planet Man 072
Planet Man 073
Planet Man 074
Planet Man 075
Planet Man 076
Planet Man 077
Planet Man 078

Volume 14: Smilin Jack
4 shows - total playtime 1 hours 27 minutes

Smilin Jack 39xxxx Mad Dog
Smilin Jack 39xxxx Mad DogAlt
Smilin' Jack 1939
Smilin' Jack 391218 The Voice

Volume 15: Sonny & Buddy
46 shows - total playtime 9 hours 38 minutes

Sonny and Buddy 350106 ep001 Medicine Show
Sonny and Buddy 350113 ep002 Five Miles To Larado
Sonny and Buddy 350120 ep003 2,000 Bond
Sonny and Buddy 350127 ep004 Betty Kidnapped
Sonny and Buddy 350203 ep005 To Pay Ransom
Sonny and Buddy 350210 ep006 Face At The Window
Sonny and Buddy 350217 ep007 Crossing The Rio Grande
Sonny and Buddy 350224 ep008 Reaching The Other Side
Sonny and Buddy 350303 ep009 Treed
Sonny and Buddy 350310 ep010 Getting Away From Doc
Sonny and Buddy 351208 ep049 Suspects In Jim's Murder
Sonny and Buddy 351215 ep050 The Sheriff Is A Suspect
Sonny and Buddy 360119 ep055 Explosion
Sonny and Buddy 360126 ep056 All Are Against the Sheriff
Sonny and Buddy 360202 ep057 She Did It
Sonny and Buddy 360209 ep058 The Money Is Lost
Sonny and Buddy 360216 ep059 Chasing Checked Suit
Sonny and Buddy 360223 ep060 Money Recovered
Sonny and Buddy 360301 ep061 Mortgage Paid Off
Sonny and Buddy 360308 ep062 House Car Fire
Sonny and Buddy 360412 ep067 Sheriff Gets The Drop
Sonny and Buddy 360419 ep068 Cornered
Sonny and Buddy 360426 ep069 Full Of Rocks
Sonny and Buddy 360503 ep070 Suitcase With Treasure
Sonny and Buddy 360510 ep071 Betty Has Left
Sonny and Buddy 360517 ep072 Betty An Heiress
Sonny and Buddy 360524 ep073 Refurbished House Car
Sonny and Buddy 360531 ep074 Two Hats
Sonny and Buddy 360705 ep079 Betty Turned Out
Sonny and Buddy 360712 ep080 Buys Animals
Sonny and Buddy 360719 ep081 On The Way To Lumpkin
Sonny and Buddy 360726 ep082 Betty Found
Sonny and Buddy 360802 ep083 Lion Is Loose
Sonny and Buddy 360809 ep084 Lion Is Captured
Sonny and Buddy 360816 ep085 To Trust A Lawyer
Sonny and Buddy 360823 ep086 House Boat
Sonny and Buddy 360830 ep087 House Boat In Torrant
Sonny and Buddy 360906 ep088 Saved From The Water
Sonny and Buddy 360913 ep089 House Boat Gone
Sonny and Buddy 360920 ep090 Charcoal To The Rescue
Sonny and Buddy 360927 ep091 Message From Lawyer
Sonny and Buddy 361011 ep093 Catching Snake
Sonny and Buddy 361109 ep097 Papers Are Legal
Sonny and Buddy 361116 ep098 Stranded In The Desert
Sonny and Buddy 361123 ep099 In El Centro
Sonny and Buddy 361130 ep100 Back At The Ranch

Volume 16: Speed Gibson
178 shows - total playtime 38 hours 40 minutes


Volume 17: Tom Mix
26 shows - total playtime 6 hours 31 minutes

Tom Mix 390310 Janes Father
Tom Mix 410418 Hidden Mesa
Tom Mix 411201 Mystery Of Black Cat
Tom Mix 411208 Mystery Of Black Cat
Tom Mix 411215 Mystery Of Border Smugglers
Tom Mix 411216 Mystery Of Border Smugglers
Tom Mix 420101 Mystery Of Master Mind
Tom Mix 420201 Bay Of Whales
Tom Mix 440621 Vanishing Herd
Tom Mix 440623 Vanishing Herd End
Tom Mix 440630 Green Man
Tom Mix 450508 Secret Mission
Tom Mix 450810 Vanishing Village Pt1
Tom Mix 450813 Vanishing Village Pt2
Tom Mix 450814 Vanishing Village Pt3
Tom Mix 451030 Story Book Mystery
Tom Mix 460814 Mystery Of Flying City
Tom Mix 470422 Woman In Gray
Tom Mix 480000 Scarlet Scarecrow
Tom Mix 480427 Hurricane Horse Pt1
Tom Mix 480809 Hurricane Horse Pt2
Tom Mix 480810 Hurricane Horse Pt3
Tom Mix 480827 Hurricane Horse Pt4
Tom Mix 491216 Mystery Of Magic Mesa
Tom Mix 500623 Blowing Up Powder Factory
Tom Mix 500623 Straightshooters Final Episode

Volume 18: Wormwood Forest
16 recordings - total playtime 3 hours 54 minutes

Wormwood Forest 490108
Wormwood Forest 490115
Wormwood Forest 490122
Wormwood Forest 490129
Wormwood Forest 490205
Wormwood Forest 490212
Wormwood Forest 490219
Wormwood Forest 490226
Wormwood Forest 490312
Wormwood Forest 490319
Wormwood Forest 490326
Wormwood Forest 490402
Wormwood Forest 490409
Wormwood Forest 490416
Wormwood Forest 490423
Wormwood Forest 490430



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