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 Bulldog Drummond

1 MP3 CD - 36 episodes


"Claim Check Murders"
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Bulldog Drummond Ad
Crime Drama (1941 - 54)

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NYPD Old Time Radio ShowGiven the popularity of the American Hardboiled Detectives that began appearing in literature of the 1920s, it was inevitable that British readers would find their own two-fisted adventurer. Created by H. C. McNeile under the pseudonym "Sapper", Bulldog Drummond had been a wealthy officer serving his Majesty during WWI. After his experiences in the trenches, he found civilian life in London more than a little boring. His answer is to take up a life of crime fighting.

Drummond came along after Sherlock Holmes and Nyland-Smith of the Fu Manchu stories, but retains many of the aspects of the British upper-crust. "Drummond... has the appearance of an English gentleman: a man who fights hard, plays hard and lives clean..." Some of this attitude is seen in the modern incarnation of Ian Fleming's James Bond; in fact Fleming acknowledged the influence of Bulldog Drummond in creating his spy.

Ned Wever on Bulldog DrummondBulldog Drummond was in fact based largely on the exploits of NcNeile's friend Gerard Fairlie, who took up writing the Drummond stories after McNeile's death. The character was a natural adaptation to the silver screen, appearing in nearly two dozen films, and played twice by Ronald Colman.

Beginning in 1941, the Mutual Network moved the no-nonsense crime fighter to the States, apparently basing him in New York. He is still very British, and accompanied by his "Gentleman's Gentleman" Denny. Drummond and Denny regularly mix it up with underworld elements, but the writers never forget that WWII is never far from the audience's minds, even including atomic issues in some of the post war episodes.

Bulldog Drummond maybe a foreigner, but in his way he is every bit as much an American as another great Mutual foreigner, Superman. And just as much in the way of bad guys!

All text on OTRCAT.com are ©2015 OTRCAT INC - All Rights Reserved. Reproduction is prohibited.

37 shows - total playtime 16 hours 18 minutes

Bulldog Drummond 410926 First American Adventure
Bulldog Drummond 410928 14 Hijackers
Bulldog Drummond 420104 22 Death Rides A Racehorse
Bulldog Drummond 420111 029 A Study In Mink
Bulldog Drummond 420125 029 Circus
Bulldog Drummond 420601 041 Case of the Hare and the Hound
Bulldog Drummond 420608 042 Counterfeit War Stamps
Bulldog Drummond 420622 050 Blind Mans Bluff
Bulldog Drummond 420629 045 Case Of Gestapo Murder
Bulldog Drummond 420706 052 Flaming Arrow
Bulldog Drummond 430920 115 Axis Submarine
Bulldog Drummond 440110 125 Terror In Circus
Bulldog Drummond 440626 155 Nazi Sub
Bulldog Drummond 441120 170 Case of the Frightened Heiress
Bulldog Drummond 450319 187 Murder Visits Venus
Bulldog Drummond 450416 191 Case of the Double Death
Bulldog Drummond 450423 198 Dinner Of Death
Bulldog Drummond 450813 214 Help Wanted
Bulldog Drummond 450910 218 Murder In Death House
Bulldog Drummond 450917 213 Death On Diamond
Bulldog Drummond 450924 214 Escape Into Death
Bulldog Drummond 461014 275 Murder In Ring
Bulldog Drummond 470117 282 Claim Check Murders
Bulldog Drummond 471224 319 Case Of The Lonely Trail Book
Bulldog Drummond 480421 Ghost Town (aka-Devil Flats)
Bulldog Drummond 480428 337 Murder Has An Open Mind
Bulldog Drummond 480609 Death Uses Disappearing Ink
Bulldog Drummond 480616 Death In Deep
Bulldog Drummond 480714 The Deadly Stand
Bulldog Drummond 481201 367 Penny Arcade
Bulldog Drummond Deadly Stand In
Bulldog Drummond Death Loops The Loop
Bulldog Drummond Devil Flats
Bulldog Drummond Fiery Island
Bulldog Drummond Porcelain Ming Cat
Bulldog Drummond Ride In Moonlight
BulldogDrummond Death At The Races



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